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Touko stared at the sparkling ocean from the bright, white beach despite the graying skies. The weather was cooler than what she was used to in Unova, where pollution made things slightly warmer. She rubbed her arms against the new outfit she wore: a flowing beige long-sleeved shirt with a darker mid-thigh length jean shorts that had its trademark distressed design. Touko still wore her black and pink boots, bag, and hat. Although, her hair was currently cascading down her back in an attempt to keep warm.

Turning around, she walked towards her anxious Reshiram, patting its muzzle gently, "Do you think he'll be here? On one of these islands?" Reshiram pressed into her hand in an attempt to comfort the forlorn woman.

"It's been two years since he left, and a year and a half of me searching for him…," she casted her eyes downwards, remembering her departure of her friends and mother. Cheren was of course thoroughly pissed, not understanding why the new champion and hero was so fixated on someone who wanted to ruin the order of the world. Bianca smiled softly and hugged Touko, encouraging her to do what was best of the heart and her mom just did the same and said, "You are mature enough to make your own decisions in life, Touko. Do what you need to do."

Touko sighed at the memory while reaching out to catch the newly falling snow, "I just don't' know if he's out in the wild seeking his purpose or in the towns and cities trying to understand people." She clenched her fist in frustration and kicked the nearest rock into the rippling ocean, "It wouldn't have killed him to have an Xtransceiver or something…"

Embarrassed at her sudden temperament in front of her Pokémon, she looked back at the confused Reshiram, the snow melting around the being before it could touch the ground. "Sorry, it's just disheartening. But I know I… we… will find him eventually. I just need to put more effort into it starting now." Smiling happily at her renewed determination, Touko motioned for Reshiram to lower itself so she can jump on its fluffy back. She adjusted her hat before giving any orders.

"Reshiram, use Fly!" The majestic Pokémon took off the ground easily while falling snow didn't dare to approach the fiery warmth, "We'll start from town one then up for any clues, to Pallet Town!" Reshiram gave a slight roar as it tore through the skies at incredible speeds.

"N, you idiot. It really would have been faster if you just had something to talk to you with…" she murmured.

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I am so sorry if this story is bad and full of errors, every time I think of something to write or how to continue it, it's always right before I go to bed or being way past tired (currently 2:48 a.m). I hope you liked it so far, and I hope I update at some point in the near future. Think of this as a prologue to the rest of the story as not much has been revealed and I am contemplating whether or not to include N's side on this.


When does this take place? - I am going to have the story take place a month after the events of Black and White 2 (well...Black 2 to be specific in this case).

Why the outfit change? - Her normal outfit can not be the most comfortable thing in the world for travelling across continents and the fact it's set in Winter, or the beginnings of winter I should say. I just gave something that feels not too out of place to Kanto or the other regions for that matter because Unova feels more closer to modern society of today while the others feel more traditional.

Ages? - I am going to just base it off what the manga presumed (14 years old two years ago) so now she is 16. I looked up N's age and the Pokemon wikia said he is 18 now in the two year time skip.

Other Pokemon? - Definitely. What Pokemon will Touko carry? I'm probably going to base it around what I had during my play through to be honest, and most likely keep the nicknames as well.

I hope this helps with any confusion out there!

~Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!~