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The first thing he noticed was the darkness, slowly his blue eyes adjusted and realization dawned on him. He was imprisoned, captive. The young boy began to thrash wildly against the black chains that held his ankles and wrists to the blackened wall. He cried out, hoping that one of the other Guardians would hear him. All that he heard was silence. After struggling for what seemed like hours, the distraught winter spirit let his body slump, held up only by the cruel chains.

"You are so entertaining Jack."

The captive boy felt the hair on his neck prickle at the voice, his eyes widened with fear as Pitch, King of Nightmares materialized in front of him. "St..Stay away from me!" Jack cursed himself for stuttering.

Pitch only laughed, "Oh Jack, you really hurt my feelings." Pitch placed his hand on his heart, "And after everything I went through to get you here."

Jack glared at him, "When the other Guardians find you…"

Pitch grabbed him by his chin forcing the boys blue eyes to stare into his golden ones, "They will do nothing Jack. They don't care about you. They despise you, they are glad to be rid of you. You did your job and now they don't need you anymore."

Jack shook his head free of Pitch's grasp, "You... You're wrong! They would never abandon me!"

"Then where are they?" Pitch's voice faded into the darkness as he slipped into the shadows.

Jack's head slumped to his chest, "They wouldn't leave me." his voice whispered to the empty air. "Would they?" He closed his eyes tight, frozen tears slipping down his pale cheeks.

Back at the North Pole

"We have to find him North!" a frantic fairy was flitting around the room

"Tooth calm down. We will find him I promise, and as soon as Bunnymund wakes up we will find out exactly what happened."

Tooth stared at the large man, who was trying to mask his own fear to reassure her, "Who could have taken him North? They had to be powerful if Bunnymund couldn't stop them."

North sighed, "I agree Tooth, Bunny never would have let Jack go without a fight. All the more reason to wait for more information on who we are dealing with."

Tooth nodded and was about answer when a tinkling sound filled the air. Both Guardians turned to see their fellow Guardian, Sandman.

"Any news Sandy?" North asked the little man.

The Keeper of Dreams nodded and a picture of Bunnymund awake formed over his head.

"It's about time." Tooth said as she flew out of the room and into the room that had been set up for the Guardian of Hope. She slowed slightly as she came into the room and saw her friend. The Yetis had bandaged his head and his right arm was in a sling. The expression on his face was one of anger and sadness. She slowed and landed lightly beside him. "How are you feeling?"

Bunnymund's eyes lowered, "I couldn't protect him Tooth. I'm supposed to protect children and I couldn't..." he clenched his paws into fists, "He trusted me and I couldn't protect him."

Tooth placed her hand on his clenched paw, "I'm sure you did your best Bunny. I know it might be painful, but can you tell us what happened?"

Sandy and North came in at that moment, Tooth nodded to them as the other two Guardians grabbed chairs and sat beside their friend. Sandy gave him an encouraging nod.

Bunnymund sighed, "It started when Jack snuck into my Warren…."

(Flashback pov)

"Jack you bloody trouble maker!" Bunnymund shook his paw at the fleeing figure.

"What's wrong Bunny? You don't like the cold?" Jack's laugh floated around the Warren which he had just filled with snow.

"You know good and well that I don't!" The flustered older Guardian yelled as he chased the still laughing youngster through the Warren tunnels.

"Aww come on Kangaroo I thought you needed a bit of fun."

Bunnymund saw red and picked up speed, "When I catch you…" Bunny was caught off guard as he rounded the corner and Jack was staring intensely at the forest that the tunnel had opened up into. Immediately Bunny's instincts kicked in, he scanned the air.

"Bunny, something's wrong. The forest is scared." Jacks voice was barely a whisper

Bunnymund stared at the winter spirit, shocked that he was so in tune with nature. Of course, he shouldn't have been surprised, seeing as Jack had spent his entire life in the forest. He carefully walked past the boy, his boomerangs poised to strike. "Just stay close mate."

"What do you…?" Jake was cut short as a Fearling in the shape of a wolf leaped from the shadows and slammed into him.

"Jack!" with a flick of his wrist Bunnymund shattered the Fearling. "You ok kid?"

Jack wiped the black sand from his hoodie, "Yeah, but you know that this means Pitch is back right?"

"That Fearling was alone, usually Pitch creates multiple Fearlings. I think that was just a straggler from the battle we fought against him."

"You sure Bunny?" Jack asked as he leaned on his staff, "I thought his Fearlings were shaped like horses?"

Bunnymund rubbed his chin, "You have a point Jack. We should go tell Nor..." A laugh filled the forest, cutting him off. Immediately Jack had his staff in his hand, pointing in all directions.

"You Guardians write me off so easily. You should have learned by now that you will never defeat me. You are only delaying the inevitable." The sinister voice sent shivers down Jacks spine.

"Why don't you show your ugly face so I can show you exactly what I think about you?" the pooka gripped his boomerangs tightly.

"Tsk, tsk. Bunny you should really learn to control that temper of yours. See, I'm only here for the boy."

Jack's eyes widened and he moved closer to Bunnymund.

Pitch continued, "You caused me a lot of trouble Jack. You ruined my glorious moment!" Pitch's voice had taken a manic tone, "You took my one chance away and I intend to make you pay!"

"Not while I'm here!" Bunnymund searched the shadows for any sign of the Bringer of Nightmares.

"Oh come on, you don't even like him. Why don't you just save yourself the trouble and just hand him over to me?"

Bunnymund could feel Jack tense beside him, 'Jack thinks I would do that to him?' Bunnymund wasn't sure if he was more angry at Pitch for suggesting it or at himself for not telling Jack that he really did think of him as a friend. He turned and looked the winter spirit, "Don't worry Jack, I won't let him touch you."

"You promise?" Jack's voice was pleading.

"I promise."

Pitch's laugh filled the air again, "Have it your way. Oh, did I mention my new friend?"

Before either Guardian could react a cloaked figure appeared beside them. In a swift motion the new comer had slammed Bunnymund to the ground and flung Jack into the nearest tree.

"Jack!" the pooka cried as he jumped to his feet. Before he could come to the boy's aid the cloaked figure grabbed him and slammed a fist into his face. Bunny rubbed his throbbing jaw, "Now you've done it mate!"

"Give me your best shot." the cloaked figure motioned with a gloved hand

Bunnymund shivered as the dark voice sent shivers down his spine. He quickly masked his fear, "All right mate you want me you'll get me!" He grabbed his boomerang and flung it at the man.

With a quick flip the cloaked man caught the boomerang with ease. "That the best you got?"

"I'm just getting warmed up."

"Well I'm bored with you."

"I'll show you bored!" The Easter Guardian roared as he rushed his attacker, to his surprise the man before him simply grabbed his raised fist.

"Like I said bored." He then proceeded to crush the Guardians arm.

Bunnymund's eyes widened as pain exploded in his body, he fell to his knees clutching his arm. He glared up at the cloaked man.

"Face it Guardian, you will never beat me."

A pained cry brought his attention to Jack. The boy was on the ground with Pitch's foot on his back. The sight brought a growl from the pooka.

"Good you still have a bit of fight in you."

"More than a bit mate." before his foe could react the pooka was on his feet delivering a spin kick to the man's face. The cloaked man fell, as he did Bunnymund jumped quickly and raced to Jack's aid. Just as he raised his boomerang to throw he was hit in the side. The pooka slammed headfirst into a tree, he lost conscious.

(End Flashback pov)

"And after that I don't remember anything else, until I woke up here."

"It wasn't your fault Bunny. You did your best." Tooth said as she placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"Do you know who you were fighting? We need to know, he seems to be even more powerful than Pitch." North asked.

Bunnymund shook his head, "I just know that he dodged everything I threw at him and he kicked my tail."

"We will ask MIM he will know what's going on." North grabbed a mug of hot chocolate and handed it to the pooka. Who accepted it with a grateful smile.

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