Hey guys, I am so overwhelmed by all of your reviews. I am honored (bows) by your support. For your loyalty I am continuing the story, but it is so big I am breaking it into another story. (I hope that is ok) Anyway without further ado, the epilogue of Darkness! (Reaper and the story are all I own)


The darkness seemed to crush him, seemed to reach into his very mind and shred his sanity. Reaper screamed as the voices of trapped souls begged him to release them. He writhed in pain as his strained against the chains that suspended him from the stone ceiling. His voice echoed off the walls, "Please just let me go! I have to give them rest!" he arched his back as the chains lit up with electricity; his wails pierced the air as the currents raced through his veins.

"Oh, Reaper." a figure spoke quietly as it entered the room.

The chains went dark with a wave of the figures hand. Reaper hung gasping; he stared at the cloaked figure

"Please, just let me rest." blood ran down his face and into his eyes

The figure removed the hood to reveal a woman with bright emerald eyes. "You know the old saying 'Don't flirt with Death', you should have listened." she walked over to her captive, she ran her fingers on his cheek, "You failed me Reaper," her voice was seductive.

"Please give me another chance Death! I swear I will bring you his soul this time." Reaper begged her

She trailed her long finger nails down his face, leaving long red lines, "I could give you another chance Reaper. You were my favorite Soul Taker I have ever had."

Reaper fell heavily to the stone floor, "I will not fail you Death."

Death smiled, her black hair waving slightly as she turned, her white skin seeming to absorb the flames from the candles, "I know Reaper." she grabbed him by the neck, "You will not get the chance."

Reaper's eyes widened as Death slammed her hand enter his chest, he screamed as his soul was ripped from his body. His corpse began to thrash on the floor as his body began to die.

"I will miss you Reaper, but there are always candidates for my Taker." she leaned down and kissed his paling cheek. She rose and turned without another glance, gripping the struggling soul in her grasp.

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