Shades Of Gray: Chapter 1

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Previously: When she opened her eyes again no longer did she see the interior of the Hogwarts express or the countryside racing past. No now she saw a campground with fourteen different tents all a different color. The weird thing about this though was that the grass was purple and the sky a rainbow of all colors. The sun was the darkest of blacks but still gave off light and the clouds were an acid green. Victoria gave the tiniest of smiles; she was finally somewhere she fit in(even if only slightly). Her smile fell though when she a heard a small child like voice that was full of fear she her why she was there.

It was time to talk to the others.

Jamie, Katie, and Sally will be referred to as the Trio.

Chapter 1:

3rd Person POV:

Victoria smiled reassuringly at the young girl, one of the only people she actually cared for, and walked over to her, putting her arms around the bruised five-year-old. "Don't worry Jamie. It's nothing bad. Come on. Let's go talk to the others." Jamie smiled hesitantly up at Victoria, the fear that the older girl saw previously dissipating only slightly.

They both walked to the middle of the circle of tents quietly, Victoria not dropping her arm from around Jamie's shoulders. "Will you go get Katie, Rosalie, and Sally?" Jamie nodded and turned to walk towards the dark red tent that was nearest to them. Hearing the two young voices talking quietly inside Victoria smiled slightly, though her eyes stayed blank, and turned to go get the last nine girls.

She could only hope that no one would overreact to the news but she knew it wasn't likely.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~PAGE BREAK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It took not even five minutes to collect the other girls and meet in the middle of the circle of tents, which was rather surprising because almost half of them were teenagers that rebelled against all orders. When the last girl appeared Victoria called for quiet. As soon as they were all settled Victoria told them quickly about the Weasel's(Shadow's idea!) conversation. The fourteen girls were angry, as you might have guessed and enraged shouts were soon filling the once quiet clearing.

"Hey! Everyone!" When Victoria's shouting had no effect on the girls she shot a look at Jamie who nodded meekly in return. Instantly Victoria felt a wave of calm wash over the clearing and one by one the girls settled down. "Alright everyone listen up! I get that you're all pissed about what the Weasels said but we can't do anything yet." Victoria's speech was interrupted when the girls burst into angry yelling. She raised her hand put two fingers in her mouth and blew, creating a loud, shrill, whistling sound. "Hey! I wasn't done talking! If you all listened you'd have heard the 'yet'. We just have to wait until we're at school and the youngest male has annoyed enough people that we're not suspects, err well not the only suspects."

This was why Victoria was leader; she didn't have emotions to cloud her judgment(well that and the fact that she was the original personality but we won't get into that right now.)

The other girls agreed, however reluctantly.

Victoria let out a sigh and stepped down from the box she was stepping on(no one was sure where it had come from). "I'm tired. Who wants to go out and bug the other people for me?" She may have been emotionless but she wasn't a rock. She had a sense of humor, no matter how twisted it would seem to a normal person.

No one was really surprised when a girl who looked to be around fourteen stepped forward from the middle of the crowd. "I'll go." The girl who stepped forward had a rather high bell like voice and a petite body. Her eyes were an emerald green color that went well with her dark black, pin straight hair. She was not only the twin sister to Misty(another alter) she was also blind and had the ability to control the air and wind.

"Alright Shadow just don't cause too much trouble when you're out there," Victoria sighed(she seemed to be doing a lot of that lately). Shadow just rolled her sightless eyes and smiled happily, before bouncing over to the dark swirling vortex that had opened between the trees to show the interior of the Hogwarts express. With a backwards wave Shadow yelled, "Geronimooooo!" and jumped into the vortex, her voice echoing and swirling around the clearing before they both disappeared.

"Should we be worried about leaving her alone out there?" Victoria looked over to the owner of the voice and saw Valerie, a girl with brown eyes that had a thick purple ring around the outside and uncontrollable black hair. Victoria was silent as she thought of her answer. She could understand Valerie's concern, because even though Shadow was supposed to be smart and a strategist, she was still the twin sister of Misty, who was a trickster and a prankster(as a matter of fact that made it much worse when they were together - Misty would come up with amazing ideas and Shadow would plan out how to execute them). Victoria worded her answer carefully before speaking to the twelve girls who were left. "No. Shadow knows not to get into to much trouble…But maybe one of us should watch over her just incase. Any volunteers?"

No one came forward immediately but after a few minutes a girl with eyes the color of rain and cotton candy blue hair walked forward. "I'll do it."

"Thanks Alicia. I owe you one," was all Victoria said before turning and walking to the only pale white tent in the clearing. Alicia rolled her eyes before turning towards the forest where there was now a large flat screen TV with a cotton candy blue couch in front of it where the swirling vortex had once been. She sat down in the couch and stared at the screen which showed what Shadow was seeing in the real world. So far all she was doing was sitting in her cabin on the train looking at an advanced potions book that was charmed to read to her. Alicia couldn't help but wonder, not for the first time, how she saw what Shadow was doing if the other girl was blind. None of them knew and it would likely remain a mystery for a long time to come.

Slowly one by one all of the girls that were left turned and walked towards their respective tents - except for one. She moved to stand behind Alicia who gave no notice of the little girl. Neither moved, Alicia content to ignore the red-eyed gaze drilling holes into the back of her skull and Katie content to stare until she was acknowledged. The clearing slowly fell into a heavy silence, with the only sounds being movement from inside the tents and a cool breeze blowing through the clearing.(And isn't that a strange thought? A breeze blowing through your head.)

After five minutes of the tense silence Alicia finally broke the quiet with an agitated sigh. "Alright Katie, what do you want?" She turned in the couch and stared at the younger girl, trying not to shiver as the deep blood red eyes with a cat like pupil stared at her glinting with - was that amusement? 'No, no it couldn't be; Katie doesn't feel amusement,' Alicia tried to reassure herself, but kept thinking, 'Unless she's about to torture someone.' That didn't really bother Alicia however; as long as she didn't have to watch she was fine with anything her alters did. That didn't mean that Katie's stare didn't creep her out though.

Katie didn't reply, just cocked her head to the right, making her eyes appear wide and innocent. She stayed silent and just stared at Alicia, long enough for the older girl to start squirming uncomfortably. Finally Katie spoke, just as Alicia was starting to break into a sweat. "Alicia," when she spoke her voice was quiet and made her sound like a normal little girl. It sent shivers down Alicia's spine; that was the thing she hated the most about Katie(she didn't hate Katie herself, just the way she acted sometimes) she could make herself sound so innocent when she was the exact opposite. "When do I get to go outside?"

'At least this is a question I can answer,' Alicia thought closing her eyes, relief pouring from her in waves(so much so that she almost felt bad for Jamie who was an empath) before looking Katie in the eyes again. "I don't know. Why don't you go ask Victoria?" Katie smiled happily before nodding and turning to bounce away. Alicia sighed in relief, turning back around on the couch and slumping, willing her heart to slow down. She could understand why Katie wanted to go outside(meaning be the personality controlling their body) but also knew why it was kept from her Jamie and Alexis the most. The three were mentally unstable(more so that all the rest) though Katie was by far the worst.

There were fourteen girls in all: Victoria, Shadow, Valerie, Jade, Alicia, Kodie, Aurora, Misty, Alexis, Rosalie, Megan, Sally, Jamie and Katie. Victoria was the main personality, the "original" so she was in charge of everyone else, though most of the time they didn't listen, but what else could you expect from a bunch of teens, pre-teens and five year olds? They all listened when it really mattered though; when something was dangerous for all of them, like having to decide when to let Alexis take control of their body(and that was only because she was suicidal - they used to let her out all the time when, she was only self harming as long as she didn't go too far. Their reasoning was that they could - mostly - go out whenever they wanted, so why shouldn't she be able to too?) Anyway because Victoria was the main personality she didn't have any emotions, she was just blank; it was like when the others were created they stole the emotions from her. Victoria sometimes wondered if she should be angry at them for stealing her emotions or grateful but she always decided that she simply couldn't be bothered enough to truly care.

All of the alters were unique in their own way but they were more like each other than they realized…well other than Katie, Jamie and Sally. They didn't really count because they were "created" years before any other alter showed up so it was normal for them to be so different, never mind the fact that the other alters were all at least six years older than them.

Not even Victoria remembered how or why they appeared, or they knew, they just didn't know specifics. The trio were the only ones who remembered, but they wouldn't talk about it. It didn't matter what the others said or did; they would not speak of it. The others could only wonder what could be bad enough to cause Victoria's mind to split.

*******With Shadow*******

Shadow was bored. Her book, which was charmed to read to her, was interesting but the voice that it was read in made it impossible to concentrate. It was a male monotone that just droned on and on and on. With a sigh she snapped her book closed. Already she could tell, if she didn't find a way to modify the spell and change the voice, she would go insane.

She groaned and slammed her head on the book. They were only first years! No way would she be able to modify the spell herself. Maybe she could get a teacher to help…

Shadow stayed like that, with her head on her book for close to five minutes until she heard her compartment door open.

"Oh sorry, I didn't know someone was in here." It was a young boy's voice, probably a first or second year if Shadow had too guess.

"It's alright. You want to stay?" she replied.

"Sure, if it doesn't bother you," he replied. Shadow rolled her eyes; if it bothered her, she wouldn't have asked him if he wanted to stay.

"It's fine. What's your name?" She could hear him moving around the compartment, trying to put his trunk away. He couldn't lift it so she helped him a little with her ability to control the wind. That was another reason she was grateful for the ability to control the wind; it helped her to 'see' by feeling the air currents changing when people moved.

"Malfoy. Draco Malfoy," he replied. "Nice too meet you." She could tell when he held his hand out for her to shake and hesitantly she reached out to(just because control over the wind helped her tell where things were didn't stop the fact that she was blind). She felt him place his hand in hers and she could feel the confusion rolling off of him even without being an empath.

"Um...If you don't mind me asking...What happened to you? And why are you on the train to Hogwarts? You don't look any older than nine!" Draco said trying to sound confident but Shadow could hear his nerves in the way his voice wavered slightly. She attempted to smile reassuringly at him.

"I just recently turned eleven. The reason I'm so small...well my relatives don't care for me too much." She didn't really care that her relatives hated her; she had never met them and she didn't particularly care to either. It wasn't a problem for her or any of her alters that her family didn't care, that's why they had each other; however, from the way the boy sucked in a sharp breath he thought it was a big deal.

"You-you mean they hit you?" he asked. When she simply nodded his head he added, "That's illegal! Never mind in the muggle world, in the Wizarding World it's punishable by the Kiss!"

Now she was confused. "What's the kiss?"

"You're a muggle born?" he asked. It didn't seem to be a problem; he merely sounded curious but she narrowed her eyes anyway.

"No, muggle raised...Is that a problem for you?" She didn't like prejudice.

"No! Not at all! I was merely curious...You seem like you know a lot," he replied and she could hear the nerves slip back into his voice.

She smiled again. "I study a lot. Now what were you saying about a kiss?"

"Oh um, in the wizarding prison, Azkaban, there's these things called Dementors. I've never seen one, not many have, but they guard the prison and whenever they're around you, I've heard that it pretty much sucks the happiness out of you, shows you your worst memories and stuff. The Kiss is when they lift their hoods and, where their mouth should be, there's this gaping hole that sucks your soul out of you. It takes a lot too get the Kiss sentenced to someone but child abuse gets you an automatic Kiss."

"You seem to know a lot about this." Shadow carefully filed the information about the Kiss away in her mind. It would be good to know for future references.

"My father, he works in the Ministry. Most people think he's evil, or wants all muggles dead but truthfully he only wants them completely unaware of our existence."

"That is a good idea. As you can see muggles don't always take kindly to our existence, especially when their family has magic and they don't."

"I know! But there's Wizards out there, like Dumbledore and the Weasley's- " Draco stared but was cut off as their compartment door opened and someone stepped in.

"What are you saying about my family Malfoy?" It was the youngest male Weasley, Ron if Shadow remembered correctly. The one who planned to 'woo' her and steal all her money.

She smirked. This will be fun.

To Be Continued!

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