The villain's ultimate plan

Sugar Rush

"They what?!" King Candy exclaimed in disbelief after two of his henchmen told him that Ralph, Felix and Caulhon had escape to the outside world.

"I believe so, sir." Wynchel replied.

"Take me to the 'New York' so I can.." King Candy suddenly glitched into Turbo as Wynchel and Duncan realized that their king is actually a virus racer called Turbo which everyone in Game Central Station should be warned.

"Destroy them." Turbo sadistically cackled as he ran to his car and drive the way out from Sugar Rush to Game Central Station, entering the exit sign transporting to somewhere. Not even the Surge Protector can stop him.

Litwak's arcade store

"This is useless! We can't just sit all day doing nothing except waiting for her to bring us back to our game!" Ralph got up from sitting next to Sugar Rush, looking at a picture of Vanellope racing on the left side of the game console, after loosing his patience.

"Hold on. I just finished making a machine that scans an object right through the computer or an arcade game. I hope it works. The last time I invent a really bad one was a self-destruct bomb when Kady accidentally threw it during our mission." Camellia explained while holding a hand mirror sized scanner with a screen, buttons and antenna attached to it. Also, a wire that is connected at the back of the Fix-It Felix Jr. game console and a cable from an Apple MacBook is attached to the scanner.

"Let's try.. This one." She grabbed a half bitten green 'granny smith' apple on the counter as she scans the whole fruit, typing a location on the MacBook, pressing 'Scan' and it disappears.

"Where did it go?" Felix asked, feeling amazed at the work of Camellia's latest invention.

"Check at your game now." she assured. Felix approach to his game, taking out the 'Out of Order' sign and looked at the apple appearing in the screen.

"It works!" He exclaimed in happiness.

"You, use that thing so I can be in Heroes Duty." Caulhon ordered.

"But I'm not su-"

"Do it, brainy!" Camellia sighed after the blonde sergeant interrupted her protest. She unplugged the wire of the Fix-It Felix Jr. game console and plugged it into Heroes Duty.

"But... We're supposed to find-"

"You're on your own. Work your machine!" The brunette scans Caulhon, typing the name of the game console in her laptop and press scan as the sergeant disappears.

"Tamora, wait!" Felix protested but his crush (who left him again after saying that she's a dynamite girl which brung back memories of her and her husband who end up getting eaten up by a Cy Bug) already went back to her own game.

"I'm still here. Let her do her own work. Thanks for showing us your new tool." Ralph thanked Camellia who nodded back.

"Come on. We have to go find Vanellope."


"RAPHAEL!" The three people had woken up from Leo's yelling.

"You brought a stranger to a lair and both of you slept with her?" He questioned, feeling his temper rising.

"It's only one night, I swear." Raph protested while Vanellope rubbed her eyes and Rafaela threw a pillow at Donnie thinking that he was her co-worker, Camellia.

"I'm not a mornin' person so stop wakin' me up, boss!" Rafaela muttered, shutting herself to sleep again.

"Mikey, you go entertain Vanellope, Donnie, bring the girl to April's Apartment while I will have to deal with Raph again." Leo ordered and let out a sigh.

"I hope the penguins will know about Leatherhead's step brother."

Central Park zoo

The penguins opened the manhole cover, Private was the first one to go down because Skipper orders with to, Rico was next, then Kowalski and finally their leader who was the last one to jump. Since Leatherhead had told them from the previous mission, his step brother will help for the next one.

"Roger!" Skipper called while looking around the sewers. Nothing respond.

"Come out." Private ordered but still not even a single sound from the American alligator.

"Your step brother has a message for you." Immediately, the excited Roger came out from the sewer river causing the little penguin jumped a little.

"Leatherhead? As in my step brother?" He asked, a smile appeared in his face.

"Yeah that one. He wanted to give you this message that he has gone to Dimension X, he loves you (not in a homo way) and about the Kraangs." That's when Roger started to freak out. Unlike his step brother after someone mentions the K word he lost control, grab someone's face and shack him like a rag doll, Roger was very calm but he started to scream and ran in circles while grabbing Kowalski by the face, shaking him.

"Oh come on! Don't tell me you two have a lot in common and liked to grab a nerd's face and shack him like a toy!" Kowalski yelled.

"Roger, please calm down." Private confronted but the alligator couldn't stop panicking.

"What exactly happened to you two when you saw the Kraang?" Skipper suggested as Roger stop screaming and let go of Kowalski's face.

"Thank you!" He mumbled, wiping his face with his flippers in disgust.

"When both Leatherhead and I were babies" Roger began his flashback.

"Two boys found us in the pet shop as one boy who's a punk rock rebellion type of kid brought Leatherhead to his new home, another one who's quite a pacifist like me brought mine. When my owner showed me his parents, they agreed to keep me as long as I didn't do something bad.

After that, he called his friend who's Leatherhead's owner, stating that his parents allow him to keep me unfortunately for the other guy, he never told his parents so they have to keep a secret between them and us. By us, I mean Leatherhead and I. But one day, his owner's parents discovered him and flushed the baby alligator down the toilet into the sewers.

The owner was extremely upset with them. Mine broke down crying so I had to do the right thing, flush myself down the toilet-"

"Can we skip the history part and start explaining how the two of you meet the Kraangs?" Skipper interrupted, feeling bored after a very long story of Roger and Leatherhead.

"I was going to. After I flush myself to the toilet, both of us were in the sewers. We talked a bit until the scary creepy brain-like aliens called the Kraang found Leatherhead and took him back to their home dimension (leaving me all alone in the sewers but he told me that he will be back so I stayed), where they performed mutagen experiments on him. They changed him into an intelligent but monstrous mutant.

After he broke free, he escaped back to his own dimension in New York and stole the power cell, The Kraang got mad as chased and hunted him to get the power cell back, and eventually cornered him in the sewers under New York City. We reunited again, I ask him what happened to him and he answer me that he got mutated by the Kraangs as he starts to explain who they are.

While the Kraangs found us, Leatherhead refused to surrender the power cell and defeated many of the Kraang-droids in battle, but was subdued by electrocution. That was only six months ago." Roger ended his explanation. Just before the penguins could say anything, Marlene appeared behind their backs.

"Guys! April's here." She announced.

"She wanted to bring you to the turtles' lair." This brought up the penguin's attention.

"Can I come?" Roger pleaded.

"No." Skipper refused.


"Not even a chance."

"Can I at least meet Leatherhead's new friends? Please! I'll do anything." Finally, the leader penguin let out a sigh.


New York

"Yes! I did it.. What's this?" King Candy looked at the Foot Clan headquarters as he hears sounds of arguing and yelling in that building. He wasn't sure if he wanted to enter or drive somewhere else. But he decided to listen to the conversations.

"Those turtles shall pay for what they've done."

"And those pen-gyu-ins from the last mission with Parker. I heard that they and those turtles that you speak of join forces and fought... Rats and Aliens." Turtles, penguins, 'Parker', rats and aliens? Those two voices are villiains?

"That must be it." King Candy thought, knocking the door until...

"I want candy,

I want candy (you know what I want)

I want candy (let's go)" He got really embarrassed that he should've changed the alarm in his car. Even the villains heard it too.

"I could've changed it to Sugar Rush." He face palmed, walking towards his car, switched off the alarm and went back to knock the door but one of the Foot Clan opened it for him. King Candy was surprised when he entered the building seeing an army of ninjas stood beside and several pictures about Orku Saki's history.

"Xever, Bradford." Shredder called his two mutated henchmen.

"I'm sorry sir! That's my daughter in law." Baxter apologized, getting up from his seat, picking up the phone and walked out while King Candy saw him.

"And who is that?" He glanced at the dolphin who's staring at him.

"Hello everyone! I'm-"

"This is a secret meeting for us villains on-"

"I'm also a villain." The king interrupted Shredder who cut him off before.

"If you really are a villain, why are you look so... well dressed and good?" Blowhole asked.

"Oh my god! Francis, you can't just ask people why they're well dressed and good." Fishface groaned.

"Fine, show us. Prove that you can be bad too." The dolphin challenged. King Candy nodded in agreement as he glitched into Turbo while everyone was surprised at it.

"Interesting, join us! To plan a revenge on those turtles and... flightless birds." All of them did an evil laugh except for Karai who wasn't in a mood right now. In fact, she's the only girl who attended this secret meeting.

"I'm back!" Baxter came back as everyone looked at him.

"Did I miss that debate again with them?" He pointed at both Blowhole and Fishface while shook their heads in disagreement.

Author's note: I made a Mean Girls reference in this chapter. Guess which part is it? And also I'm truly sorry for not updating this story for how many weeks or months. I lost inspiration while writing it until I read a TMNT fanfic called TMNT Miwa Chronicles on this site which is really good. You should check it! Also, rate and review!