AN: I had this idea at 3 in the morning. Go figure.


Pippin was bored.

This wasn't altogether uncommon, as Pippin had little patience for calm and tranquility. In any other situation, he would stir up excitement by stealing mushrooms from neighbors' gardens, or challenging Merry to a burping contest, but one does not participate in such uncivilized activities in Rivendell. Even Pippin knew that. He wandered aimlessly around the valley, trying to appreciate its serene beauty, but the fact remained that there was absolutely nothing to do.

After several hours, Pippin came to a small, remote clearing. He was surprised to discover that it contained a playground, complete with a swingset, seesaw, and carousel. The carousel, especially, captured his interest: it stood several feet off the ground, and although its bright paint had faded, was magnificent in Pippin's eyes. It seemed to be practically begging for someone to ride it. Pippin began to climb onto it, but at the last minute, remembered something Elrond had said to him earlier that day:

"Feel free to explore wherever you wish, but be careful. There is an old playground among the trees, and as it has not been used in over one thousand years, is unsafe. Do not try and ride the carousel, as it may break and never stop spinning."

Pippin felt his brief burst of excitement vanish as he recalled Elrond's warning, but his excitement soon returned when he was struck with a brilliant idea. He hurried back to Elrond's house, grabbing two backpacks and a yard of rope on the way, and met up with Merry. After explaining that he had found an enormous blackberry thicket, he led his unsuspecting friend to the old playground.

"Pippin," Merry began as he tightened his backpack's straps. "I don't see any-"

"They're hidden," Pippin fibbed. He pointed to the carousel. "We have to climb onto that first."

Merry frowned suspiciously, but didn't question Pippin's statement. Pippin was delighted that his plan was proceeding so smoothly. As they clambered onto the carousel, Pippin discreetly tied his rope onto Merry's backpack. He tied the other end onto one of the carousel's wooden horses.

"Pippin," Merry sighed. "There aren't any black– hey, what are you doing?" Merry saw what Pippin was up to and realized that he had been tricked. "Let me off!"

"Nope!" Pippin jumped off, and did the exact thing that Elrond had advised him not to do – he gave the carousel a push.

Merry yelled out in anger as the carousel began spinning faster and faster. He tried to get off, but the rope prevented him from doing so. "Help!" he cried. "Pippin, stop this thing!" The younger hobbit only laughed. "Pip, I'm going to – AAAHHHHH!" Merry tripped and rolled off the edge, but instead of falling, he continued spinning around the carousel at a sickening pace, attached by the rope like a weight attached to a ceiling fan. His screams intensified as Pippin went into hysterics.

"What in the name of Mordor is happening here?" Aragorn, Gandalf, Elrond, and a bunch of Elves burst into the clearing, alarmed by Merry's yells of terror. Their alarm turned to confusion as they took in the scene. "Pippin, what did you do?"

"It's-" Pippin gasped, breathless with laughter. "It's a Merry-go-round!"


AN: As I'm sure you can tell, this was written purely for the punchline. If this made you smile, chuckle, or even facepalm, then I have succeeded in my purpose! All types of feedback are welcomed, even flames – I feel like I deserve a couple of flames for that pun :P. Thanks for reading!