Selenas POV:

Hi there my name is Selena Gomez and I'm 16 years old. I'm an ordinary teenager who goes to school like Normal apart from one thing my life was planned out before the minute I was born it started like this...

I had just arrived home from school and my mum was upstairs she had just came down

No ones POV:

Mum: Selena I really need to talk to you and it's really important

Selena: uhm... Okay what is it

Mum: well the thing is selena when I fell pregnant with you I was really young 15 actually and when I told your dad he was really angry and blamed the pregnancy all on me and my mum kicked me out... I was all alone...

Selena: wow mum how come you never told any of this to me before and why now?

Mum: well the thing is I need to tell you this now because after I found out about being pregnant I was desperate for money so I borrowed some from my money lender and I had no way to lend him back so he said that the way I could pay him back was to promise my daughters hand in marriage to his son when she turned 16...

okay so I know it is short and it has nothing to do with the category but I hope you like sit and they will get longer but this was only an introduction so please review! :) :) :) :) :)