Nick: sweetie wake up its christmas morning

Selena: uh... What... Oh yeah! Oh my gosh it's christmas!

Nick: come down I've made you breakfast and there's presents...

Selena: coming! * runs downstairs and looks around* aww this is so sweet you made me a cooked breakfast!

Nick: and...* passes her a present*

Selena: * opens it up* oh my gosh you got me a diamond bracelet I love It! And this is for you* passes him a small box*

Nick: oh you didn't have to get me anything

Selena: why not?

Nick: I already got you and a beautiful child* placed hand on her stomach* I love you

Selena: aww your so sweet now open your present!

Nick: okay *opens present* you got me a designer watch* Selena you didn't have to but thanks! wait look up

Selena: *looks up* mistletoe... * kisses him deeply*

Nick:merry christmas this is just one out of many more to come with my beautiful angel

Selena: aww your just so darn cute!



Selena: I'll get it!

Nick: okay

Selena*answers door* oh hi dem and joe you coming in! *giggles*

Demi: merry christmas!

Joe: yeah what she said and I hope you don't mind but I brought my girlfriend Miley along with me for dinner as well?

Selena: yeah that's fine

Miley: well it's nice to meet you and thanks a lot for letting me stay

Selena: oh it's no trouble come on everyone come on in!

Nick: hi nice to meet you Miley

Miley: yeah I've heard a lot about you

Nick: well thanks! *laughs*

Demi: present time! *giggles*

*they all exchange presents*


Demi: well I think I'm going to go now I promised i would go visit my mum today

Selena: okay well I'll walk you out

Demi: well bye everyone!

Nick, joe and Miley: bye!


Demi: ugh! I hate Miley!

Selena: what! Why! I thought she was quite nice she even asked me if I wanted to go shopping with her tomorrow to get some things for the baby and just in general

Demi: what! Promise me you won't go! You know I like joe!

Selena: fine I promise

Demi: thanks well I'm going to go now bye*walks away*


Selena: well Demi left

Miley: oh sel are we still on for tomorrow?

Selena: uhm... Yeah I'll see you tomorrow