Selena: oh I'm so excited we've got another scan today!

Nick: I know and we can find out the sex of the baby?

Selena: but nick I don't want to know I want the first baby to be a surprise

Nick: first? As in we will be having more?

Selena: *glares*

Nick: I'm just kidding I always want a family with you * kisses her* but I really want to know the sex

Selena: I'm not finding out and neither are you! *kisses him*

Nick: ugh fine! Come on let's go the appointment is at 10:15 am and it's 10:00 am right now we should go come on ill help you to the car

Selena: okay thanks!


Doctor: so how have you been getting on? Symptoms?

Selena: just the usual hormones and morning sickness

Nick: tell me about it * laughs*

Doctor: well that's good and do you want to find out the sex of the baby?

Nick: well...

Selena: no nick! As long as the baby is healthy

Nick: as long as SHE is healthy?

Doctor: seriously?

Nick: he?

Doctor: if the mother doesn't want to no them I'm sorry I can't tell you

Nick: fine come on Selena let's go?

Selena: okay

* Selena leaves but nick stays behind*

Nick: please could you tell me I won't tell her but I am a part of this baby as well

Doctor: ugh! Fine the sex of the baby is...

sorry it's so short but I hope you enjoyed it!