Selena: why have you been acting so weird lately

Nick: oh... What... Nothing

Selena: nick what's wrong

Nick: look do you know last week at the scan when you left and I stayed behind to ask her something

Selena: uhm.. Yeah

Nick: I asked her the sex of the baby

Selena: WHAT! Nicholas Jonas how could you I asked you not too and I knew that I didn't want to know you knew that! We were going to keep it a surprise!

Nick: look Selena I know but half that baby is mine and I'm the father I deserve to know

Selena: ugh... Maybe your right

Nick: thank you * kisses her* so now that I know do you want to know

Selena: uhm... No of course now...

Nick: you want to know don't you

Selena: maybe

Nick: fine ill tell you

Selena: OMG! Yay ill finally know then we can start buying clothes and decorating the nursery and we can tell our friends and-

Nick: we're having a boy

Selena: what! Wow are you sure?

Nick: yeah she told me she even showed me the form because I didn't believe her

Selena: *starts crying*

Nick: what's wrong!?

Selena: nothing's wrong I'm just really happy!

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