Nick: so what s there left to do now that the nursery is all set up?

Selena: well we've still to buy clothes ! Duh nick!

Nick: oh yeah well why don't we make a day of it we could go out for shopping and dinner?

Selena: oh that would be so romantic okay then what time?

Nick: uhm what about 2 ish ?

Selena: okay then


Nick: so where should we go first how about-

Selena: * drags him by the arm to the first of many shops*

Nick: okay then...

Selena: Ohhh I love this one * picks up a baby blue baby grow *

Nick: ill go get a trolley

Selena: okay * picks up another*

Nick : *walks off to get a trolley and when he comes back Selena throws 15 baby outfits in the trolley*

Selena: there's just so many choices!

Nick : I know but don't you maybe think this enough for now?

Selena: uhm okay maybe just one more *throws in 5 more* okay so we still need nappies, bottles, food-

Nick: are you sure we have enough money ?

Selena: of course we do I've been saving for months for this!

Nick: really I never knew that!

Selena: well I want my child to have a good childhood *mutters* unlike mine...

Nick: what did you say?

Selena: nothing..

Nick: what! I heard what you said what happened to your childhood

Selena: look can we not discuss this now we'll talk about it at dinner

Nick: ugh fine lets just get the rest of the stuff

Selena: great...

Shop assistant: and that comes to a total of $493

Nick: what that much!

Selena: it's fine * pays her and walk off with so many bags*

Nick: right do you want to go to dinner now?

Selena: yeah I'm starving! * stomach growls* well I'm feeding for 2 now * laughs*


Nick: so can we talk about it now?

Selena: look it's not that big a deal I shouldn't of said anything

Nick: well you spoke now so what's up?

Selena: when I was little my dad used to visit sometimes and he was really nice to me and my mum most of the time but one day my dad was looking after me as my mum had to work

So it was just me and my dad and when I used to do something wrong he used to * tears up*

Nick: what sel? What did he do!

Selena: he used to ... Hit me... It started off with a smack then it turned into a punch then a push down the stairs I was scared to tell my mum Incase he turned on her so I kept it to myself

Nick: what! You should of said something! Where is this guy now! What else happened!

Selena: well my mum thought he was a good parent so he used to look after me a lot and I always tried to get out of it but it never worked so I used to get badly bruised

Nick: I just can't believe this! How did no one find out?

Selena: I used to hide the bruises with makeup or I used to say I fell at school

Nick: come on let's just go home and talk

Selena: okay * nick comes round and comforts her and outs her arm around her


Nick: so is that what happened

Selena: uhm yeah...

Nick: well we are giving this child everything! Look I'm goings to nip out for a bit for a walk ill be back soon * leaves*

Selena: bye* bursts our crying*


Nick: * walks in *. Sel! Where are you? Are you crying? *finds her on the stairs* what's wrong?

Selena: he used to rape me... *sobs*