It's the first day back at school

Selena: have you go everything lunch, books

Nick: yes MUM

Selena : I just like to care right you better go ill see you later *kisses him*

Nick: yeah honey bye

Selena: bye


Demi:*kissing joe*

Nick: *walks up* get a room

Joe: *laughs* how's sel

Nick: good i don't know how she is going to survive a while day without me though!

Demi: haha very funny

Joe: what do you have first I have study hall

Demi: chemistry

Nick: maths

Joe: right okay well I'll see you later then

Nick and demi: bye


Demi: have you seen nick yet I couldn't find him at break and now lunch

Joe: well he went off with Vanessa from him spanish class at lunch

Demi: wait do you think he could be...

Joe: no no no I know nick he would never cheat on sel

Demi: can we at least check up on him

Joe: ugh fine *stands up*

Demi: stop there he is

Joe: oh yeah see there just talking, wait!

Demi: Oh my god!

Joe: what is he doing? NICK!

Nick: *looks up* shit run!

Demi: run!

*with nick, joe and demi*

Joe: do you want to explain what was happening at lunch today?!

Nick: uhm nothing

Demi: we saw you kiss Vanessa!

Nick: what no I didn't

Joe: don't deny it we saw you! What are you doing your married and about to become a father!

Nick: I know look I didn't mean to you can't tell sel about this it will kill her

Demi: why shouldn't I she deserves to know!

Nick: cos I'm not going to kiss her again and it meant nothing and sel means the world to me please don't!

Joe: ugh fine!

Demi: but promise you won't do it again!

Nick: promise.