Joe: wow Demi uhm I don't know what to do I love you we have a life together and everything but this is my future my career I'm talking about!

Demi: so what's it going to be? I've been there for you though thick and thin joe so what are you going to do?

*with Selena*


I've been really upset since nick left and I don't want It affecting the baby and I need my nice back but he did cheat on me-god!

I just can't do this -

Selena: OWWW! * clutches her stomach and falls to the floor and grabs her phone*

Nick: sel what wrong why are you phoning me I thought you hated me?

Selena: OWW!

Nick: sel! What wrong! What happened!

Selena: get your ass over here now jonas I think I'm in labour!

Nick: what! * hangs up*

* back with Demi and joe*

Joe: I'm sorry Demi I'm going to Stanford.

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