CHAPTER 1. Organized CHAOS

"Really John, I could have come in to see you for this. No need to make a house call." Greg grumbled sitting back in his chair.

"Yes, well I gave you a chance, you promised to come in a week ago."

"I've been busy-"

"That's why I'm here. Decided to make an office call on my way home. Now pull this sleeve back." Doctor Watson ordered the irritable silver haired DI in a tone that he reserved for fussy children. This earned him a cold unappreciative glare, still the DI did as he was told, and Doctor Watson tried to keep a straight face.

"Oh, Detective inspector, I bet if you're good the doctor will give you a lolly." Sargent Donovan giggled, leaning against the door frame of the DI's office. Detective Inspector redirected his icy glare in her direction, she giggled pretending not to notice.

"You're next Sergeant." John through over his shoulder in warning.

"Wait-" Donovan started to protest stiffening now, uncrossing her arms from her chest, putting them up as if to defend herself.

"No, buts. You two, remember last years flu season, I think half the department came down with it. Best stay ahead of it this time, besides it's just one little poke." John had already injected the clear substance without the DI's notice. "See all done." He put a small plaster over the spot. "Sergeant." John smiled, as he deposited the syringe in a sharps container he kept in his bag, and disposing of his nitrile gloves.

"Oh-" Before the caramel skinned Sargent could continue to object Lestrade's phone cut off any other conversation.

"Looks like you're saved for now Sally. Three more bodies found. In the warehouse district this time. It's another murder, looks the same as last week, three victims no murder weapon shot execution style. Doctor since you're already here, better save yourself a trip and cab fair. I think this one might interest your flatmate."


Sherlock glanced at the text from Lestrade a smile creased his lips, a new case, good he was starting to get bored. The consulting detective was about to text John once he had climbed into the cab, but his flatmate beat him to it.

"Riding with Greg to the scene meet you there."-JW

Sherlock continued to grin, John must have ambushed the DI, he'd already forced a flu shot on Mrs. Hudson and Sherlock, both relented immediately. There was no arguing with the Doctor, and the dark haired detective wondered if Mycroft had been subjected to similar treatment. Mycroft had always been a bit of a baby when it came to needles.

Sherlock's musings were interrupted as the cab came to an abrupt stop, jolting him forward, had he not been wearing a seat belt he'd of tumbled out of his seat. Confused Sherlock froze, the sounds of sirens and the smell of smoke registered immediately, sending a bolt of adrenaline straight through him his whole body tense with alarm.

"Cant get no closer sir."The cabbie turned to face his pale passenger.

Sherlock scrambled out of the cab throwing money at the cabbie, running now towards the cluster of squad cars, his mobile in hand.

"You've reached the voice mail of Doctor-" Sherlock ended the call, he tried Lestrade still nothing. Then came the panic, it shot through his veins like ice, his heart threatened to explode out of his chest cavity and the noises around him almost canceled out by the roar of blood thundering in his own ears.

"Excuse me sir you can't go in there! No one is allowed past the tape!" Sherlock wasn't listening to the the tall PC, instead he focused on taking everything in, several emergency vehicles a fire truck and the sound of gunfire past the burning buildings, the dark smoke heavy and thick. He was trying to move beyond the yellow tape, needing to find John, and Lestrade, once he knew they were safe he could get to the bottom of the disaster. "Look! No one is able to get through! Cant you see!" The PC pointed at the wall of debris, blocking the vehicles, emergency workers had made a small gap big enough only to allow for one police officer at a time, and they were cautiously climbing through, to pull out the wounded. Sherlock could see other PC's struggling to get clear, an assortment of wounds, ranging from lacerations, broken bones, burns and gun shot wounds. On the other side of that wall of rubble, someone was targeting the wounded and injured officers.

"Sherlock!" Sally called hurrying over to the consulting detective, her eyes were red rimed and Sherlock could see her knees where bleeding, scraped, she'd been pushed into the gravel, someone had covered her body with their own. Her coat was covered in dirt except the back, as was her hair, someone shorter than Sherlock, short and stocky, his attention snapped away from these musings to her hands, shaking and stained red.

"Where are they? What's happened?" Another loud explosion made the ground beneath them tremble; two more PC's were ordering them back further.

There were paramedics waiting for several firemen trying desperately to remove large pieces of what once had been the wall of a building from the road way in hopes of widening the small opening.

"Lestrade is on the way to the hospital, the Doctor-" she took a breath, steadying her voice. "The Doctor wouldn't leave, after he made sure Lestrade was carried out he stayed to try and help the injured. Then there was another explosion more shooting, it's like a war zone in there. One minute we were standing around three bodies then the world just exploded around us." He couldn't concentrate on her words, John was in there, behind that wall of twisted metal, glass and turned over squad cars.

Sherlock wanted to press forward but Sally held him back "You cant-it's too chaotic. We barely got out, someone is shooting, picking us off like fish in a barrel."

Chaos, Sherlock thought to himself, utter chaos. And John was in there somewhere amongst it, fighting to get people out.