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Chapter 1

You are who you really are when you think no one is looking but for me, someone always is. Life is moments, experiences and there are many instances when you find yourself between a rock and a hard place. When your hand is forced to make a decision, to sink or swim. That's when you have to decide…

Blair Waldorf nervously walked up to the empty looking burlesque club Victrola where she was 'greeted' by two big burly bouncers.

"Mam, this is a private party." The one stated.

"No that's okay. I'm invited," she replied with her signature smirk in place. Straight from the office in her Stella McCartney purple high waisted skirt matched with a white blouse and her favourite red Manolos, she stepped inside and heard the loud thumping of the latest Rihanna song and nervously tugged on her skirt but there still seemed to be no sign of anyone. Of course it was dark so you know, that could partake to that. Her eyes began to adjust to the light so she waited for it and a few seconds later "SURPRISE!" was shouted at her from every direction with people jumping out of every which corner. She did love surprises and would've loved this one if it wasn't so blatantly obvious. Although she had her society smile out, her real won came out drawn out by her enthusiasm looking at just how many had actually come to celebrate with her. Out of the crowd stepped out a leggy, blonde in her short, white, one shoulder dress by Marchesa paired with gold Michael Kors stilettos. She would've been upset that the girl was stealing her thunder if she wasn't her best friend Serena Van der Woodsen in all her tanned, blue eyed glory. She was used to it already. "B!" She came leaping into her arms for a hug, momentarily blinding her with her blonde mane. "Happy birthday, I know you said you didn't want anything but 'quiet and intimate' but I couldn't resist, don't hate me! Are you surprised?" Blair sighed deeply while Serena nudged her waiting for a response. How could she be mad at her when she winced while giving her that 'I'm kinda not sorry I did it but still love you' face.

Her resolve wavered, "I am S! Thank you for all this but gimme a few minutes I need to use the ladies." She'd have to change and fast but luckily she came prepared with that flimsy excuse. Without waiting she practically ran (okay power walked, ladies never ran) into the bathroom and pulled out a Jason Wu black number with halter straps, a tight bodice and a willowy skirt. It was conservative enough yet still sexy; just as she pulled it down and over her head a knock came on the door. "Someone's in here," she shouted and shortly pulled a face since the person barged in anyway. "Humphrey?"

"Yea it's me." Her as much of a best friend as Serena, Dan Humphrey, walked right in never mind that it was the ladies room. He unconsciously checked her out before shaking his head to put that thought away. "So you okay with all this?"

She gave him a pointed look, "Well I do enjoy a party as much as the next girl but on my birthday, I would've liked there to have been a little less randoms. But it is my duty as the best friend to please Serena so let's get back out there Dannie boy chop chop!"

"Do we have to?" he whined giving her a puppy dog face.

"Yes we do. You're just here to avoid that heinous ratchet otherwise known as Whoreg-Georgina," she said, gesturing with her hands for him to follow, "I always knew she was psychotic but who knew she was so damn clingy but you did what you did so now she's your problem." Making a pit stop at the bar to get drinks, a gin martini for herself and a beer for him, they turned and almost immediately collided with Georgina. Speak of the devil. "Hey Blair! Happy Birthday!" she said in that annoyingly saccharine sweet voice, stepping forward to hug her. Then her gaze turned towards Dan giving him her version of a sexy look, "It's a little crowded here, do you wanna go somewhere intimate?" She gave him another one of her 'come hither' looks and Dan looked away, clearing his throat.

"It's Blair's birthday, so I wouldn't wanna leave her alone y'know. Common courtesy and all that" Blair smirked again, he was rambling, typical, but how she loved watching him squirm but she did decide to put him out of his misery just as the song changed to an Amy Winehouse number. "I do believe you owe the birthday girl a dance, come on Brooklyn." She said pulling his arm, giving Georgina a glare on her way to the dance floor. After a few songs she decided to do her rounds and thank everyone for coming out, ever the perfect host. She thought she had greeted everyone but she was wrong just as a smooth voice she'd recognise from anywhere said from behind her,

"You enjoying yourself Birthday Girl?" She turned around to come face to face with Chuck Bass. His own signature smirk in place, his dark features dressed in a navy blue suit, Armani of course, with a crisp rose pink shirt open collared nursing a glass of scotch. Huh? She thought to herself, no bowtie or skinny tie or ascot well that was a change from his usual pastel coloured demeanour (save for the pink shirt). She shook her head, "No of course! It's great, I'm loving this!" She gave him her society smile and tried to look like she was having the time of her life. "Mmhmm, you forget that I know you Waldorf," he mused giving her quick once over from head to toe that stirred up something in her she didn't want to recognise.

"So Bass, who's you're friend?" she asked ignoring what had just happened when she noticed the dirty blonde Abercrombie looking guy dressed in jeans and a blue button up that was so simple yet seemed to make him look well, like that. He was standing next to Chuck and staring at her like he knew something she didn't.

"Oh right, I forgot Blair this is my childhood friend Nathaniel Archibald, Nathaniel this is Blair Waldorf. He's like my Serena." Chuck introduced them; smirking at the look Nathaniel gave him before shaking Blair's hand politely.

"Call me Nate," he said giving Chuck a pointed look. All Blair did was laugh at his obvious discomfort from being called by his full first name and for Chuck's obvious mistake. Just as they were about to make idle small talk their attention was brought onto the stage where Serena took the mic and started to speak, "Okay so we all know why we're here right? It's to celebrate Blair 30th birthday but as soon as I get you all know how I'm getting married in 61 days? Well Chuck, baby, that was not my first marriage," the whole audience oooed. A slideshow then appeared on the screen to a picture of Blair and Serena from when they were about 10 years old. "Back when we were 10 Blair and I became soul mates." Everyone awwed, "the best of friends, we had sleepovers, we played dress up, we watched 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' every Sunday with croissants, we planned our weddings! We did everything together-even when we got to Constance and met Dan." A picture of the 3 of them dressed to the nines with Dan in between them popped up. "We still did everything together," Serena continued, "including taking Dan to prom and going to Columbia. Even when I got accepted to Cambridge I declined knowing that I could never leave my Blair behind. So I stayed, I pursued fashion and film while Blair pursued law. We barely saw each other but when we did it was like nothing had changed. I love this amazing girl! I love her even more for introducing me to my fiancé Chuck, love you." The slideshow progressed showing multiple pictures of Blair with Serena and then a few changed to Serena with Chuck which was a little strange considering whose birthday it was. "With that said, we all know why we've here-to celebrate the birth of this beautiful, smart, funny girl. Happy Birthday B." Serena finished with a smile. Everyone cheered and Blair revelled in the attention she so rarely got smiling back at everyone that looked at her. As the clock struck 23h59, Serena came down from the stage and a huge two tier cake was bought out. Vanilla with chocolate fudge frosting, her favourite, with candles lit on top. Everyone crowded and waited for Blair to make a wish and blow out the candles. Eyes closed and whispering to herself she blew out the candles and everyone cheered again, now wishing her birthday wishes on the actual day.


After a few hours, the party began to die down and the crowd began to thin out, even Serena, who was pulled down from dancing Coyote Ugly style on a table by Chuck earlier-she did always party the hardest. Blair looked around at the basically empty club and turned to face Dan. "Let's get out of here." With that they both turned and walked arms linked to the door. Dan tried and failed miserably to hail a cab for about 5 minutes until finally a limo came rolling up with Chuck walking out of it.

"What's wrong?" Blair asked, wondering why he'd come back.

"Serena left her handbag somewhere in the club and asked me to come back and get it."

"Are you kidding me? That's a $2 000 beautiful Chanel handbag! I'll help you look. Dan I don't know how long it'll take so you can take the limo and I'll meet you for lunch tomorrow?" Dan nodded his head in response, giving her a one armed hug and decided to head home.

Back inside Blair and Chuck decided to do a sweep of the place. Chuck sighed in irritation for the umpteenth time before sighing again in relief when Blair shouted, "Finally!" spotting it underneath the table Serena was dancing on top of an hour prior and stretching to retrieve it. "Well I found it so we can go." She said as they both walked to the entrance, stepping outside again.

"So how about you give me an honest answer this time," Chuck seemed to say, after minutes of silence, "did you have a good time tonight?"

"I had an amazingly…okay time tonight."

"Well, we can still salvage that Waldorf, Arthur's still on the way back from Brooklyn and there's a bar a block away!"

"Are you sure? You really don't have to do this Bass."

"I want to. Come on Blair it's your birthday, one drink?"

"Fine, it better not be some dive bar," she said, scruntching her face in distaste at the thought.


Before they knew it they found themselves at a bar Blair couldn't care to remember the name of, three drinks in. She watched as Chuck brought her another drink from the bar and couldn't help but notice the woman by the bar leering at him, trying to grab his attention by crossing and uncrossing her legs making her dress ride up more. He seemed so oblivious to it, studying the bottles on display behind the bar. He snapped out of it, grabbed another round from the bartender and walked back to the table, his usual swagger in place. He set down two beers, an uncharacteristic drink for both of them and took his place opposite her at the booth.

"Wow," she marvelled, drawing out the word," you really have no idea the affect you have on women do you?"

"What ever are you talking about?" Chuck asked feigning innocence even though his knowing smirk told her otherwise.

Blair rolled her eyes, shaking her head in response and decided to change the topic. "Remember law school?"

"Of course I do. You were so carefree and funny then."

"Ha! I was funny-am funny! Oh shut up you're the one who used his name as his pick up line!" She said with laughter in her voice.

"Hey, I am Chuck Bass." With that Blair burst into unrestrained laughter after a while she stopped and looked at him before saying, "You ever think that maybe you could've been something different?"

"A CEO," he answered immediately, she gave him a look of confusion before he continued," I always thought I'd be the CEO of some huge business one day but of course, what I want didn't matter to my father so I did the whole law thing instead." Blair gave him a look of understanding, nodding and was about to respond but she saw that that same girl from the bar was still staring at them or Chuck rather trying to get his attention while glaring at her.

"God, she just can't understand it," now he gave her a look of confusion," the bar girl who wants some 'Chuck Bass'," she said smirking at him," she can't even imagine why you'd be here with someone who looks like me. I mean you're both hot and hot people should be with hot people."

Chuck had had enough of her self-deprecating rant, "Excuse me!" The girl at the bar looked up in surprised, smiling in anticipation and Blair gave him a look to say 'what-the-hell-are-you-doing?' "I think you're making my girlfriend here uncomfortable."

"Chuck stop! Oh my God!" Blair said laughing and cursing at herself as she felt her cheeks flame up in crimson from embarrassment yet silently enjoying the look of disgust on the bar girl's face. "Now I remember why I had the hugest crush on you in law school."

"You didn't." Chuck smiling that rare smile of his, thinking she was bluffing.

She laughed, "Of course I did!" Assuming it had been obvious to him. Chuck's smile dropped and his eyes bore into hers for what seemed like forever, trying to decipher if she was lying. Blair couldn't take it anymore so she looked away.

"We should go." She said trying to cut through the tension. They both abruptly stood up and walked out and she blew out a breath she didn't know she was even holding as soon as they got outside. She didn't think it could get any more awkward…

Well, she was wrong, she thought to herself as they slide into Chuck's limo. Chuck gave Arthur instruction of where to go then looked out the window to avoid her gaze. There was nothing but the sounds of the city that never slept and the hum of the vehicle's movement. Inside, Blair was panicking, she thought he knew. How could he not have known? She gave him all the signals and now what the hell was she supposed to do. He had looked at her as if she'd grown a third head or something. "I shouldn't have said that," she began to ramble out loud nervously, "I thought you know but clearly you didn't and now I feel like an idiot and this is really awkward and you're looking at me lik-"she was cut off by Chuck pressing his lips against hers. He cupped her face, deepening the kiss with an intensity she had honestly had never felt before in her life. As zips came down and buttons were undone, the rest of her sentence and all rational thought left both their minds.

You are who you really are when you think no one is looking but for me, someone always is. There is an exception, like in the darkness, where no one can see you unless they know that there's something to find. So when you find yourself between a rock and a hard place. When your hand is forced to make a decision, to sink or swim. That's when you have to decide if the impulse, the lack of hesitation was a good thing or if you just royally f*cked up!

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