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Chapter 2: Something Unforgettable

I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairytale

I'm not the one you sweep off her feet

lead her up the stairwell…

Taylor Swift-White Horse

Memories are these divine things we pull out of our minds as we stumble across something that reminds us of a moment in the past. With time, they grow fuzzier and you forget things. The details of someone's face, names of once favourite things, some being forgotten altogether, almost as if they never happened. Some memories, few, are thought of with such clarity it's like you're right there and can remember exactly how it felt…

Blair sighed, stirred from her sleep, stretching every limb. God, she hadn't slept that well in ages. A smile spread over her features and immediately dropped as her leg collided with something hard and solid. There was a man in her bed. A man that she recognised and hadn't seen that much of, ever, save for one (too many) dreams that she had because this was bad. Really, astronomically bad, her breathing accelerated and she began to hyperventilate just as the man in her bed stirred out of sleep as well. His eyes crinkled, shifting and adjusting to the light and then he looked at her and-

"BLAIR!" Serena's voice broke through her train of thought and she immediately shot out of bed but unfortunately, or not depending on how you look at it and from whose perspective, so did he. They both looked at the answering machine that was silent for a second before Serena carried on again. "Come on B, I know you're there! What the hell happened last night? I've called you like 15 times, Chuck didn't come home and…" At that they both froze, "…I think he might have cheated on me or something, probably not! I don't know? Just pick up the damn phone!" Blair blushed beet red and they both had the guiltiest expressions on their faces, deliberately avoiding eye contact.

"Oh my god! What did we just do? How could we have? Why did you even have to lean in and even-, you know what this is really awkward could you put your clothes back on?!" Blair faced the other way to let him change.

"Blair, look I know that was happened last night and I'll admit some of this morning was initiated by me but-"

"Please don't."

"Blair! Pick up the phone!"

"Chuck you have to go." She finally turned to look at him and then looked away again, turning her back from him, reaching for the phone," I can't do this to her, neither of us can do this to her. Please just go."

Chuck sighed and left her apartment but not before turning and giving her that same look he did last night, while Blair picked up the phone without seeing him, putting on the fakest smile even though Serena couldn't see her.

"Hi S! Sorry I was asleep."

"It's okay, what happened to you anyways?"

"I was out cold, what's going on?"

"Do you know what happened to Chuck last night?"

"Uh," she scrambled her brain trying to think of something, "he went out with Nate they went to some sports bar and then I lost track of them."

"Oh, well I guess that's not that bad, I'll just have to see if his little sports bar story works out. I'll call you later. Love you."

"Love you too."

They came back to her even though she didn't want them to. She was gazing at one of her old textbooks and it was like she was there all over again. Double checking that she had everything she needed and was prepared because Blair Waldorf was always prepared. This was her first day of law school and it had to be perfect. Checking that she had enough legal pad and pens she smiled at her desk, content. Eyes focused on the front of the lecture theatre and folding her arms nervously she accidentally pushed all four of her pens on the ground. Shit! Trying to find a way to get her leg underneath the chair below her, way below her, she tried to be subtle moving her legs around in different directions to drag at least one of them back to her with her foot. Huffing in annoyance she felt someone's presence next her and that's when she saw him. Her breathe caught in her throat as their eyes met. He had these beautifully caramel coloured eyes and these bow lips that were turned up into a smirk. Charcoal grey suit and a white shirt with brown Italian loafers, he gave her a look with this amused facial expression. For the first time in her life she had nothing to say, she just sat there, gapping at him. Naturally the only seat open would be the one on her right which is why he was standing next to her in the first place. He took his seat and silently looked at all her pens scattered on the floor then placed one of his pens on her desk. The lecturer began in a loud booming voice, "A legal education means you will learn to speak in a new language…"She looked at him helplessly, "Thank you but… what about you?" she said whispering to not draw attention to them.

"Don't worry about it, I'll just listen," he said leaning in too giving her a reassuring smile. With that, he turned his attention back to the front. After 50 minutes people began packing their belongings and stood to leave. Blair practically threw her belongings into her tote and caught him just as he was about to walk out the door. "Hey!" He stopped and turned to look at her and she couldn't help but think about how dangerously good looking he was with his sharp features and a jawline that was responsible for turning many women's heads.

"I just wanted to say thank you for the pen," she said handing it back to him. She took it and when their fingers touched for a second, she felt it, something, but immediately she dismissed it. "Anytime…"he lifted an eyebrow waiting for her to give her name.

"Blair Waldorf."

"Blair," he said her name slowly like he was testing the way it sounded before he stretched out his hand.

"I'm Chuck Bass." They shook hands again and this time they both felt it. Awkwardly dropping each other's hands they both turned to leave.

"See you tomorrow."

"Okay." And with that they both walked off with smiles on their faces.

You're no good for me oh baby you're no good for me

Blair snapped out of her memory and picked up her ringing cellphone.

"Hey S! What's up?" She asked with an extra cheery tone to her voice.

"It's not S, it's me."

"Oh." Well that she wasn't expecting.

"What do you want Chuck?"

"To talk about last night, look I know-"

"Where's Serena?"

"What? She's getting food. Blair, just, we need to talk." She was starting to panic, she couldn't do this to her best friend.

"Look, let's just pretend it never happened okay." She said letting out a sigh.

"You can't expect me to just-"

"Chuck who are you talking to?" Serena asked him.

"Oh, just Blair." He said, desperately trying not to give anything away, hoping she didn't hear anything.

"Oh! Gimme the phone." Before he could even respond she took the phone from him and started talking. Blair was clutching her phone tightly, praying that Serena hadn't heard anything.

"Hey B! Sorry I forgot to call you back but it looks like Chuck's story worked out, he was with Nate last night and passed out."

"Oh that's great!" she said, trying not to sound too enthusiastic about this new turn of events but Serena carried on, chatting away in a way that only Serena does. What Blair didn't know is that Serena was walking further away from Chuck to say the next part. "But then he got all weird and guilty looking when he got back and started talking about how he wanted to tell me something."

"Oh? What did he say?" Blair's whole face dropped. This was getting messier by the second.

"I don't know, whatever. Okay I gotta go." Chuck walked behind her before she hung up and reminded her, "Don't forget to wish her a happy birthday."

"Yeah yeah," she said to him, now walking back into the restaurant with one arm wrapped around him and the other holding her phone to her ear, "Happy Birthday B, kiss kiss."

"Thanks. Can I just talk to Chuck quic-" with that she heard the dial tone. Crap!

The next day Blair woke up feeling more than a little uneasy about the predicament she had found herself in. Pulling on a Michael Kors, white 50s style shift dress with a headband on for old time's sake and wearing them with a pair of grey Jimmy Choos and a Hermes bag. She took a stroll leisurely to the bakery and mentally prepared herself for meeting with Serena today. Cake testing was the wedding duty of the day and fortunately for her, Chuck couldn't make it so she filled in for him. She couldn't help her thoughts straying to him. They had made such a mess things but under all that, the other night was just perfect and hey she did finally have birthday sex. Enough! She shook her head, forcing herself to stop this, she didn't have much time to think about it. After half an hour, Blair was just about ready to have some cake. They had discussed possible flavours and designs, how many tiers and all that before relenting, the baker gave a brief explanation of the four cakes as he placed each sample in front of them.

"Chocolate Red velvet with vanilla icing cake,"

"Lemon cake with white chocolate icing and piped pearls,"

"Chocolate cake with Fleur de Sel caramel filling or"

"The pink damask cake, a vanilla cake with pink fondant icing with gold swiss dots."

Blair looked at the impeccably made cakes, considering whether or not she wanted to devour them, whether she was even strong enough to. Serena caught her look, "Oh honey it's okay, no one is gonna care what you look like." With that Serena left to talk to the baker about her choice.

Blair had this strained facial expression that she was glad Serena hadn't seen. How tempting it had been to just polish off the rest of cake samples but her experience with bulimia just made her feel ashamed. She hadn't gone off the wagon in a long time, almost 6 years now. Without even realising it, she remembered the last time, the trigger and how it felt finding control in the porcelain bowl.

Her and Chuck were in the library, killing themselves laughing.

"Ok, okay, we have to get this right! Our exam is tomorrow! Okay so we've already gone through criminal law and how criminal offenses can be broken down into two general categories, malum in se: a dangerous crime, or malum prohibitum: a regulatory infraction." Blair said, feeling confident that she knew at least that section of the work.

"Duty of breach is the only thing we haven't revised yet."

"Come on Chuck, we know this. Duty of breach is causation."

"And?" Chuck said, raising an eyebrow amused.

"And?" Blair raised her perfectly shaped eyebrow, "What do you mean 'and?' am I forgetting something?"

"Yes you are Ms Wardolf," Chuck said scrunching up a ball of paper and throwing it at her playfully, "You forgot about damages."

"Damages! Crap I'm not going to remember this tomorrow."

"You will," Chuck said confidently, "just use a mnemonic: DBCD." He said while writing the letters out on a piece of paper.

Blair looked at the paper before bursting out "Deliver by Christmas Day."

Chuck smirked giving her a look, "Don't blame Cameron Diaz." With that Blair burst out laughing at his ridiculous, continuing silently after she received another round of shushes from the other students in the library. She laughed so hard that there were tears in her eyes, one even falling down her cheek. Chuck just continued to look at her amused.

"This isn't even that funny is it?" she said, her laughter, finally stopping.

"No, not really," he replied giving her an odd look and leaning forward to wipe her tear. Her breath hitched and then he said softly, quietly, "How about, when we ace the exam, I buy us celebratory dinner?" and Blair just smiled.

Blair had been theoretically been waiting for this moment for the past 5 days but technically, she had been waiting for it ever since they met. A date with notorious Chuck Bass! They had both passed their finals and now it was time for that dinner date. After stressing the whole day, she finally started to get ready two hours before, dressing meticulously in a deep green Elie Saab wrap dress paired with gold, Nicholas Kirkwood platform heels. Her hair was in tight curls and her make-up was flawless with her signature blood red lips. She walked into Gramercy Tavern and spotted him immediately just from the way he was dressed, matching her in his black Hugo Boss suit and a pocket square and bowtie the same colour as her dress with a white shirt. The restaurant was perfect, not too intimate with this relaxed vibe and amazing menu but Blair barely registered any of that all she saw was Chuck. He had this rare smile on his face as she walked to him and they sat across from each other, both checking each other out in a subtle way.

They had each other's full attention keeping eye contact and unconsciously leaning towards each other until shifting back when the waiter distracted them, asking for orders at various points throughout the night. Conversation flowed and they laughed and it was perfect. They spoke about everything from passing their finals with flying colours to plans for the summer. They were in the middle of a debate about the Middle East when Serena came through the door. Dressed in a Chanel LBD she looked as effortlessly stunning as ever. She walked straight towards us, ordering her drink on the way. Within a few minutes introductions were made and she had a Pimms cocktail in front of her.

"So, you're Chuck."

"I am, you must be Serena."

"That I am" Blair just sat there anxiously hoping her two favourite people excluding Dan could get along. They chatted for a few minutes with Serena giving her all these looks and mouthing things like 'he's so gorgeous' when Chuck's attention was elsewhere. Blair tried not to be embarrassed but she couldn't help it and Serena saw that and being Serena tried to help with the best of intentions but ended up making it worse.

"Let's play a game," she looked at both of them, "ask Blair out on a real date instead of whatever this is". He looked like a deer caught in the headlights, so painfully uncomfortable with the idea that Blair decided to spare herself the disappointment of Chuck skirting his way out of it so she decided to help him instead.

"Serena, stop! We're just friends." Chuck looked at her with this unreadable expression on his face and with that excuse Serena smirked trying to put him in a corner.

"Fine, then ask me out." She said, defiantly staring him down.

"Are you always this obnoxious?"

"Yes." With that they both fell into this little bubble and forgot all about her. She watched them for a few moments as they were focused on each other, flirting when finally she decided she couldn't take it anymore.

"I think I'm gonna head out." Surprisingly that's what got Chuck's attention and he looked at Blair again. "Do you want me to walk you out?"

"No, it's fine. You guys stay, have a good time" with that she smiled her polite society smile, turned and walked away, holding back her tears. When she got back home, she pulled open the fridge, face still full of tears and ate everything in sight. She just kept eating and eating, cutlery and the need for hunger long gone from her mind because she just wanted control, to know the outcome of something in her life. Before she knew it she was staring at the water in the toilet bowl, wondering if she was really going to do this again. She thought of all her sessions with Dr. Sherman and all the hard work she had put in to fight this but the she thought of Serena…and Chuck and she didn't even have to shove her finger down her throat. Her stomach churned on its own, she got on her knees and purged, hugging the porcelain bowl for another hour before crying herself to sleep.

Some memories, few, are thought of with such clarity it's like you're right there and can remember exactly how it felt. Nostalgia drowning the heart while yesterday slips through your fingers.

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