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"Oh Nami-san, you have made me so happy!" exclaimed Sanji as he led a not so happy Nami down the stairs and over to the swing beside it, on the lawn-deck. Zoro watched from his supposed napping session against the railing and snorted over the swords he was hugging to his chest. The cook had talked the navigator into letting him push her on the swing.

"Great, Sanji-kun," she muttered unenthusiastically. The cook helped her on to the little swing and skipped around to the back. Then held his hands out, freezing for a moment, knowing they'd touch her back, her long hair at any second.

"Sanji-kun," Nami said, snapping him out of his thoughts.

"Yes, my sweet?"

"You have to step back so I can swing, you know?" she said with boredom, wanting to get back to her interrupted drawing in the library.

"Hai, Nami-san!" The cook obediently stepped back to give the navigator space. Nami grimaced and with a sigh moved herself backwards with her feet, dropped her butt to the wooden seat, released her feet from the ground and had a reasonably good swing forward. The first time she swung back to Sanji, she expected to feel his greedy hands on her back, but nothing, so Nami threw her legs forward continuing her motion. Again she came back and reached him, but still nothing. With her back still to him, the navigator couldn't see the throbbing heart and the tongue dangling from the cook's mouth at that moment.

Zoro snickered. The witch needed some pushing and he'd be happy to help out. Nami continued to swing. Maybe Sanji would snap out of it soon... then she saw him. The green haired swordsman was coming over — without his swords. Nami eyed him suspiciously, her breathing heavy with her movements. He was obviously up to something. She felt really stupid, but she wasn't going to stop just because he was witnessing this embarrassing moment. Zoro reached her and without saying a word went up behind her. Nami couldn't see him either, now.

Zoro gave Sanji one shove. "Out of the way, love-idiot," he said in a cocky tone. "Can't even give her a push on a freakin' swing," he mumbled.

Nami scoffed. Who did he think he was, and what did he think he was doing? She wouldn't let him put his hands on her! "Don't... you... touch me!" she managed to yell.

Sanji, who had landed on the grass in a sitting position, suddenly came to life with Nami's warning words. "Marimo!" he also yelled. "No!"

Zoro ignored both protests with a wicked grin and when Nami's back reached him, he gave a generous push and she felt a tingle go through her as warm, rough hands deliciously forced her high up into the air. The navigator couldn't help but giggle like a little girl. Zoro watched her with a smirk, satisfied with the result of his strength. He noticed the way her long orange hair blew in the wind. Then he had a shoe shoved in his cheek. "Back away, marimo, unless you want a painful ass kicking," the cook threatened.

- Upper deck -

"Yeah, you see, Long-nose, that's how it is in the jungle," Franky was saying to Usopp as they strolled on the upper deck and came to rest at the railing overlooking the tree with the swing. Franky was explaining the mating laws of the jungle to the youth and frowned as he saw movement below. Usopp frowned as well.

"Whenever there's a female, you'll find a male who's trying to claim her..." Franky said, lifting his shades from his eyes to get a better view below. He saw the swordsman of all people giving the bratty-girl a push on the swing, and it was a notably good effort. "Usually, even though he has the female," he continued. "There probably will be another alpha male who'll try to claim her for himself." Franky only now noticed Sanji rising from the ground, where he'd been sitting, and roughly planting the soul of his shoe against Zoro's cheek.

"And what usually happens then... or should I even ask?" Usopp asked seeing Zoro grab Sanji's threatening leg.

"Well, that of course depends on who the strongest of the two is – " Franky said with certainty. Zoro shoved Sanji's leg away, but the cook swiftly touched the ground with that foot and shifted his weight to kick Zoro with his other leg. " – or who the fastest is," Franky added. Sanji missed as Zoro was fast enough for him and ducked out of his way. The swordsman grabbed Sanji's shirt collar and the cook immediately grabbed Zoro's throat as well. "Or I guess, sometimes there'll be some sort of stand-off, if they can't beat each other." Franky said, frowning at the lame tugging and choking happening now.

Then, the one thing no one noticed was about to happen, happened. Nami wasn't on the swing any more and her angry fists hit the fighting pair — hard. They went down, both defeated. "Or," Franky added with raised eyebrows. "Sometimes an outside source will attack while the fighting is happening."

"And then what will happen, if they both survive?" Usopp asked, seeing the swordsman and the cook rise from the ground, rubbing the newly grown bumps on their heads. "Will they both just walk away with their tails between their legs?"

"Well, Long-nose, sometimes one of them might spot another female and decide to... pursue her, instead." The blue-haired cyborg's words slowed down as his lip started to quiver. The level of his voice had dropped to a dangerous growl and his dark shades were lowered over his eyes again.

"Robin-chwan!" They watched Sanji sprint across the grass to the on-coming dark-haired female.

"And what about the first male?" Usopp asked.

- Lawn-deck -

"Idiot," Nami said, folding her arms and glaring dangerously into the swordsman's equally threatening eye. "Couldn't you just leave well enough alone?" she asked and turned her back to him, walking to the railing. Zoro groaned, still rubbing his head and followed her. Nami stopped by the railing, next to his swords. "You don't have to behave like a jealous idiot when Sanji's around," she said in a lowered voice even though they were clearly out of earshot from the other crew members.

"I wasn't jealous," he said with a growl, stopping on the other side of his swords.

"I don't know, that sure looked like jealousy," she said, resting her back against the railing, her face turned away to hide her disappointment.

"He was just failing miserably with you again," Zoro added, grabbing the railing with his hands and looking at the ocean. "Idiot can never save you... and now he can't even push you on a swing," he turned his head away, embarrassed at his rambling.

"At least he wanted to spend time with me," she mentioned, her eyes straying to the swords lying on the grass between them. "He always makes time to be around me," she added and then spotted Usopp and Franky on the upper-deck, looking like two observers. Nami frowned.

"Too much time," Zoro added, eye still on the ocean.

"What's wrong with that?" Nami asked, looking down at her sandalled feet. "It's not like I belong to anyone."

Zoro's body seemed about to turn in her direction, but his hands remained where they were, gripping the railing. Then Sanji happily passed them on his way to the stairs. "Nami-san, I'll be starting dinner now, but I'll be back later with some drinks, my sweet," he coo'd before looking at Zoro. "Got a problem with that, Marimo?" he hissed and left them. Zoro ignored him.

"Sanji-kun can do whatever I say he can," Nami added and waited. Zoro said nothing so she started to walk to the galley. She made it past the swords and was about to pass him as well, but suddenly, Zoro turned from the railing and grabbed her right arm.

A stunned Nami immediately shot a glance up at the observers, but it didn't look like they were watching. She then moved closer to Zoro to make their contact less obvious. Eyeing him disapprovingly, "Kindly let go of me," she ordered.

Zoro looked into her obstinate brown eyes. He didn't really have a plan. He just didn't want her to walk away.

- Upper deck -

"Well, Long-nose," Franky added after he was sure Sanji had left Robin's side. "The other male has to keep trying. He already has some claim to the female." Franky knew the bratty girl was suspicious of him, so with a side glance, he had noticed Zoro grab her arm. Then she had moved closer to the swordsman, looking rather sneaky and the two were now standing very closely to each other as they were trying to look casual. "But it takes a little more insistence from the male before she will agree to his advances. He has to be... persistent." Franky said. Returning his attention to the raven-head, Franky realised she was watching him. Robin gave him a naughty little wave over the book she was reading at the little table on the grass. Franky grinned, eyeing her through his dark shades.

"Okay," Usopp responded, oblivious to the flirting happening. "But how long does it take?" he asked seriously.

Franky moved around him to stand on his other side and rested his hands on the railing again. Making his interest clear to the flirtatious woman. "Not long," he said, more to himself than the sniper. Robin rose from her seat and also made her way to the galley, glancing at Franky with a smile as she moved.

- Lawn-deck -

Zoro slid his hand down Nami's arm and to her wrist when Robin passed them, to make his grip on her less obvious. There was also something more intimate about holding on to her that way. Nami waited as Robin climbed the stairs and glanced up at Franky and Usopp to make sure they weren't watching. Zoro was silently watching her. The navigator's lips were parted as she made sure no one noticed her and Zoro's close contact, but her mind was solely focused on his hand holding her wrist and on how close to her he was standing. Zoro's eye flowed over her face, her orange hair. He didn't get to look at her from such a close distance very often. She'd always been beautiful, but in the two years they were separated, she had matured into a woman. No longer a spunky, loud mouthed girl, but a determined woman, whom he had noticed since their reunion, had been returning his glances. The only problem was, neither he nor the orange head was willing to take the first step.

He still saw her as a loud-mouthed witch and she still called him an idiot, but something had changed. They had more patience with each other and even found each other amusing.

"I don't know what you're holding on to me for," she said in a low voice, even though no one was close enough to hear.

"Do you want me to let go?" he asked in an equally low voice. He was standing so close to her that Nami could feel the heat coming from his slightly exposed chest.

"Why are you even asking?" she asked, answering his question with a question. "You should want to let go." Zoro had nothing else to say. His thumb lightly began to stroke her wrist. Nami's face took on a blank stare. "You shouldn't want to do that either," she managed to say through quivering breath. Then Zoro lifted his other hand to her naked lower back. Nami gasped a little and glimpsed again at the observers.

- Upper-deck -

Franky wasn't facing the lawn deck any more. His shaded eyes were too focused on the hatch leading to the galley. Usopp on the other hand was still thinking deeply about the jungle animals. "Okay, but how will the male know he can 'make his move'?" the youth asked. The hatch opened and the raven head climbed on to the upper-deck. Franky immediately pushed himself off the railing. Robin made eye contact with the cyborg and took a few steps backwards, keeping his attention on her. "Believe me, Long-nose," he muttered. "He'll know." Franky's body moved forward as if Robin was pulling him towards her with an invisible connection as she continued stepping backwards. Finally she turned and walked to the library, turning her face to the side to keep the connection going.

"Well, that doesn't tell me anything," Usopp eventually said and looked to his right, but there was no cyborg standing next to him any more. "Franky?" he said and turned from the railing. The cyborg was gone and Usopp assumed he had left through the open hatch of the galley. "'He'll know,'" the sniper repeated Franky's words and snorted. "But how?" he mumbled making his way through the open hatch to go to his factory.

- Lawn-deck -

Nami saw the last of the observers disappear from the railing. The navigator and the swordsman were now alone. Zoro's hand was still on her back his thumb still stroking her wrist. Nami was losing herself to his touch. Her eyes drifted up one more time to be sure no one was around before she turned her body into Zoro's chest, swiftly grabbing on to his yukata as he released her wrist. Zoro's other hand remained where it was, sliding over her waist as she turned. She looked him in the eye, her lips pressed together, her fists firmly gripping the cloth over his chest. Zoro's eye flowed over her familiar face, which had never been this close to his before. He shifted his other hand on to her waist as well, returning her silent stare and her hold on him. Nami slowly ran her teeth over her bottom lip. "I'm not making the first move," she said.

Zoro smiled vaguely. "I thought you liked to be in charge," he said softly.

"Not now," she said, her eyes drifting to his lips.

Zoro's glance drifted to her lips as well as he lowered his head, bringing his lips to hers. Nami watched his face reach hers, felt his lips eventually touch hers. She released her grip on his robe and gently touched his jaw with her fingertips accepting his kiss. Their lips melted together in a patient gentle kiss and Nami slipped her hands over his cheeks, holding his face in place. Zoro leaned his head to the right and pulled her closer, his hands sliding on to her back, pulling her into his chest. Nami felt the fabric from his robe on her naked skin as well as his rough, yet gentle hands on her back.

- Crow's nest -

"Hoohoohoo!" Luffy exclaimed suddenly.

"What's wrong, Luffy?" Chopper asked from the bench in the crow's nest.

Luffy chuckled as he kept looking through the telescope, very amused by what he was seeing. "They're kissing!" he said mischievously.

"Who?" Chopper asked, confused. "Let me see." The little reindeer jumped off the seat and trotted over to Luffy. "Let me see, let me see," he begged.

Luffy pulled himself from the telescope and lifted the little doctor up so he could have a look as well.

Chopper gasped then started to giggle as he blushed.

"Wait, wait," Luffy said in a lower voice as if he didn't want anyone else to hear. He lowered Chopper back on to his little hooves.

- Lawn-deck -

Nami and Zoro both became more aggressive with their mouths and their hands, demanding satisfaction for all the times they had denied themselves the pleasure of such an embrace by holding back their true feelings. Tongues were used now to deepen their union and...

"Oi, Zoro! Oi, Nami!" Luffy's voice suddenly blared over the speakers of the crow's nest in a very manly voice.

The dazed couple jumped apart and looked up at the crow's nest, then around them but saw they were still alone outside. When checking if no one else was around, Nami had forgotten that Luffy and Chopper were up in the crow's nest, sharing watch duty.

"This is your captain speaking! Heeheeheeheehee," Luffy added and broke down, giggling.

"Luffy!" Zoro said with a growl and swiped his arm in the air to show the captain to stop.

"Oi Zoro, I don't know what that means," Luffy continued.

"Idiot!" Zoro said through clenched teeth.

Nami raised her fist at the crow's nest. "If I get my hands on you, you little creep!" she said in her own dangerous growl.

"Nami, I don't know what you're trying to do, but you can't hit me from there," Luffy added in his serious tone. Nami gasped and made to move forward to find any way to get her fist to his head, but Zoro grabbed her waist to restrain her.

"Hold it, Nami," he said, comfortably keeping her back. "Forget him. We have to get out of here." Zoro grabbed his swords and her hand and ran for the women's-quarters.

"Oi guys, where are you going? I can't see you from here!" Luffy said as they reached the foremast and rushed up the stairs. Nami just managed to open the door of the women's-quarters before she and Zoro bundled themselves into the room. The door slammed closed just as Sanji came out of the galley to hear what Luffy was mumbling over the speakers. So did Usopp, all the way from his factory and finally, Franky and Robin from the library.

"Should teach you for playing kissy-face when you think no one is watching," Luffy was adding, not aware that the swordsman and the navigator were gone.

Franky and Robin froze.

"You should ask me first if you can kiss and hug! Heeheehee." Luffy broke down again.

Franky's eyebrows creased into a scary frown and he rushed over to the railing. "Hey, Strawhat, I won't have a little snot-nosed kid telling me whether I can kiss someone or not!" he yelled flailing his large fist in the air. "Even if you are the captain!"

Robin chuckled, standing in the doorway to the library. Sanji and Usopp looked up from the second floor at the angry cyborg above them. "Kiss who?" Sanji asked, shocked.

- Crow's nest -

Luffy went to get the binoculars to search better for the fleeing couple. Once he had it, he began his search through the large windows, and then spotted Franky flailing his hand angrily and yelling something while looking directly at the crow's nest. "Uh-oh," he muttered.

"What is it?" Chopper asked.

"Franky looks angry," Luffy said, watching the cyborg intently.

"Maybe he didn't like that you played with the microphone," Chopper said nervously.

Luffy dropped the binoculars on to the bench.

- Upper-deck -

"Oi, Franky," Luffy's voice blasted through the speakers again in his manly tone.

The four crew members were still outside.

"I don't know what you're upset about, but I am the captain, and I don't think it's right if you try to beat me up!"

"Little snot-nosed ..." Franky leapt over the railing and landed next to Sanji on the second floor with a heavy thud. "You can't tell me if I can kiss her or not!" he yelled and leapt over the galley balcony as well, landing on the lawn deck.

"Who, the hell, are you talking about, you blue-haired metal-head!" Sanji demanded over the railing, but Franky was running across the lawn.

"Oi... Franky... can't we make peace?!" the captain asked, his voice not as manly now.

"I'll show you peace," Franky muttered, reaching the ropes of the foremast and digging his large hands into them. Just then Luffy appeared on the ladder of the crow's nest, holding his hat on his head.

"Oi, Fanky!" he called down. The cyborg looked up and into the captain's grinning face. "No guns, Franky!" he said and chuckled.

"I know that, Strawhat! I don't need guns to pound you into the dust!"

Luffy laughed and stretched his arm to the main mast on the upper-deck. He looked at Franky with raised brows and a cocky look and then both took off at the same time for the back of the ship. Luffy, of course getting there first and taunting the poor cyborg.

- Women's-quarters -

Through a porthole, Nami was spying on the going's on outside. "Now Franky looks like he's going after Luffy," she commented.

Zoro was looking at his surroundings. He was in the women's-quarters. It was frilly and neat and smelled of perfume and soap. He looked at the two single beds and noticed the book-shelf above the one bed. He knew that meant the other bed was Nami's. "Dammit, what is going on out there?" Nami said, folding her arms, completely confused. "What's Franky so mad about?"

Zoro removed his swords and placed them against Robin's bed. He then sat himself down on Nami's soft bed, propping the puffy pillow up and resting the back of his head against his hands. He watched the orange-haired woman who was finally his, distracted by the scenery outside the porthole she was looking through. His eye drifted closed.

Nami huffed. She didn't know what on earth was happening outside, but it did seem she and Zoro were in the clear. Then she heard snoring. The navigator turned around and found the swordsman resting against her pillow, his hands behind his head, fast asleep. She stared, actually amused, but she then pursed her lips when she noticed he still had his boots on. She shook her head and walked over to him. Nami was ready to try to remove the moron's boots, but then looked at him — Zoro — sleeping on her bed. A small smile crept on to her face.

She moved between the two beds and gently sat down next to him, facing him. They were together now. For the first time, she and the swordsman were more than crew mates or friends. She lifted her hands to his three earrings and lightly touched them with her fingertips, causing them to fall against each other as they fell from her fingers and dangled from his ear once again. Zoro's snoring was so loud, she doubted he would hear that. During their reunion, Nami had realised just how much she had missed the lazy moron when she saw him again for the first time. She'd missed his endless napping, his grumpy personality and their arguments. Life had been boring during that two years without having him to pick on, or to be picked on by him. She'd missed the comfort of having him nearby.

She looked at his green hair. That green colour, she so very rarely saw on any other human, before or since him. The navigator raised her hand to his hair. She lightly stroked it with her fingertips. It wasn't as soft as her hair, but maybe that was because it was short. It felt wonderful though, knowing it was his hair. Nami grinned, shaking her head again. She couldn't believe she actually liked the rude swordsman and that he was there, snoring on her bed. Ignoring everything that might be happening outside, she stood up. Nami turned and sat down next to him. She unfastened her sandals and lifted her legs on to the bed, all the while watching him. Zoro occupied most of the bed, but she found just enough room to snuggle up against him.

Nami rested her orange head on his shoulder, watching his face for any sign of consciousness but also because she liked having her face so close to his. She placed her hand on to his chest, just missing the area where it was exposed. Nami closed her eyes with a smile. Then she felt movement and her eyes opened again to find Zoro's hands leaving his head. He slid his body down slightly without opening his eye and wrapped one arm around her back. His other hand took her hand which rested on clothed part of his chest and shifted it to lay on the exposed part of his chest, keeping it there. Nami spread her palm over his warm skin, stroking it with her thumb, her fingertips and snuggling closer to his strong body. Zoro pulled her tighter against him and rested his cheek against her soft hair. The two drifted off to a light sleep as they heard Luffy laughing in the distance as he leapt all over the boat, escaping Franky's wrath with ease.


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