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NoDrogs created Kasy and Sheki, I've changed their origin and added their younger sister.

Tell Me About the Lemurs, George, Tell Me about the Lemurs

I felt like Doctor Crime had just confirmed this was a trap, but time travel can be confusing - even for an old hand at it like me. There are never two options - I mean, if you have less than twenty-seven you can consider yourself lucky. "Time out" I yelled and held my hands in a 'T' position.

The grunts stepped back, they were perfectly willing to take a break from their job description of me pounding the snot out of them. "Think I have time for a cig?" I heard one whisper to the goon next to him.

"Not on the boss's time," his buddy reminded him.

I called over to Doctor Crime, "You know her?"

It was his turn to look puzzled. "Of course... Don't you? I thought the two of you were related."

"I've never seen you before in my life," Cat told him.

"Ah, well that explains Jane's question. I've met an older you several times even if this is your first meeting with... If it is your first meeting with me, may I ask if Lenny is with you?"

"Lenny?" Cat asked, bewildered.

"Oh great," I thought, "are we going to end up with time squad or something? Who's Lenny?" Maybe I'd get lucky and Lenny was some hunky boyfriend Cat was going to have - which would hopefully reduce the competition for Francis.

Cat got a little too close to Crime and he grabbed her. Another rookie mistake from Cat. Doctor C is not a nice person, he is usually polite, but that shouldn't confused with being a nice person. I was moderately worried. Crime isn't much of a fighter – I'd say about Junior level – but Cat isn't that good. I knew Cat couldn't get killed. First, Doctor Crime had already met Cat+. Second Doctor Crime had learned that time travel and murder is a really, really, REALLY bad combination. But while I knew Cat couldn't get killed she could get hurt, and I'd be the one who got blamed for her acting dumb.

At the moment, however, I had my hands full. There were still five conscious flunkies and one of them was Iron jaw. Iron Jaw isn't his name, it's what I call him after I busted a knuckle on him that time. Do mooks have names? Do they go home to Mrs. Mook at the end of the day for a supper of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans? Does she ask how the day went and listen to stories about getting knocked on your ass and firing a hundred and twenty-seven rounds at a hero at point-blank range and missing every time? While I was ruminating on the home lives of cannon fodder I managed to put two more of them down.

Most of Crime's goons are your regulation three-hit men, but Iron Jaw never went down with less than five. In the name of preserving my knuckles I tried to introduce my heel to his physiognomy, forgetting for a minute that I was dealing with Iron Jaw two-point-oh – at least in terms of my own experience. I was painfully reminded of that fact as the back of my head made its own introduction with Mr. Floor after he flipped me.

One of the remaining mooks tried to jump me while I was down. Only one of us got up – and it wasn't him.

That left me, Iron Jaw and another flunkie on our feet, dancing at the hop. I risked a glance at the rookie. She was doing better than expected. With any luck I'd have both these guys down before Crime ordered me to stop or he'd break her arm.

"Can you look over in Cat's direction again?" Junior's voice asked in my ear.

"I'm a little busy right now," I reminded him.

"Huh?" Iron Jaw asked.

"Throat mike," I explained

"Oh," he grunted.

A foot to the stomach left the other goon sitting on the floor trying to catch his breath. It was nice some things weren't going to change when fighting the Crime gang.

My best guess was that IJ might have two more years of fighting me than I had fighting him. I was feeling pretty good about what my own fighting level would be in two years, but a little worried about whether the current version of me was up to facing the version of him I was facing today.

A loud scream distracted us and we stepped away from each other to check out the action. I figured Crime had managed to overpower Cat and get her arm twisted behind her back.

But it wasn't Cat who was screaming. I don't know if lemur teeth in your ankle are really that painful, or if it was the surprise, but at the moment I don't think Doctor Crime was prepared for a rational analysis of the question. He let go of Cat and started hopping around on one leg, the other leg raised in the air as he vigorously kicked it around trying to dislodge the lemur.

The lemur, meanwhile, had wrapped his furry little arms and legs around Crime's leg and seemed just as determined to keep his teeth in their current location as Doctor Crime was to dissuade him from his goal.

Crime was using curse words I'd only heard once or twice before from Kasy and I figured Cat had never heard before in her sheltered life.

"Don't hurt Pretty Baby!" Cat shrieked and grabbed something to lambaste Crime. I don't know what she grabbed – it probably hadn't been invented yet… I mean, it had obviously been invented when we were, but it hadn't been invented when I was… I digressed again, didn't I?

Anyway, I tried to shout, "Don't hit-" but Cat hit him before I could tell her not to. Frankly, I think she would have hit him even I'd manage to get the sentence finished.

Crime winked out of time, along with his henchmen, and the transport began to wheeze as it chugged to life. "Get away from his BuTT," I shouted.

I'm pretty sure Cat and the lemur had already figured that out as they scrambled toward me.

"What happened?" Cat asked.

Before I could answer the lemur jumped up into Cat's arms and she gave it a hug. It gave me an evil lemur grin like it thought it was something special or something.

"Crime's got a couple defaults. One of them is if you knock him out. He and his gang just go back to their safety place."

With a soft whoosh the BuTT vanished. Cat looked around the mess, "What were they trying to do?"

"Steal stuff, obviously. Maybe you can patent it before it's invented. Maybe you can use it for other crimes. But it's hard to get arrested for stolen goods when they won't even be stolen for another eight or nine years. What's your guess?"

"I don't-" Cat started.

"I was asking Junior," I explained to her.

"I think you summed it—" Junior started.

I couldn't hear him because Cat was talking, "Sorry, I couldn't tell you were—"

I put up a hand to quiet her, "He was trying to tell me I was right about my guess."

"Well I can't hear him," she told me in a snippy voice.

"Why don't you bounce back," Junior suggested.

"That's a good idea," I sighed.

"What's a good idea?" Cat asked.

"Let's go back," I told her.

"That's a good idea," Cat agreed.

As soon as we were back in Junior's room Cat went on the offensive. "You have give me a receiver for my ear next time I go on a mission with Jane," she told him.

"You aren't going on any more missions with me," I told her.

"Yes I am, Doctor Crime told me so."

"He said he'd seen you before - he didn't say you were on missions."

"When else would he have seen me?"

"Junior," I protested, "tell her she's not going on more missions."

Guys are hopeless. He just shrugged, "I just visit the future, I don't predict it."

"I want a receiver," Cat said firmly. "And you need to tell me more about this equipment."

"You didn't want to wait, remember," Junior reminded her.

"I wanted to go on a mission."

"We went into a trap," I countered.

"We stopped Doctor Crime," Cat said happily to Junior.

"She conked him out before I could grab a biometric mask for you to examine," I reported glumly.

"And I was very brave," Cat said proudly.

"You were very stupid," I argued.

"I was brave, wasn't I?" Cat asked with a little tremor in her voice.

"Yeah," I sighed. "You were brave." Frankly I felt like the stupid out-weighed the brave, but I'm not sure what kind of a scale you can use to measure that. I wondered if Junior could design one.

Cat squealed with delight when I said she was brave, threw her arms around me and gave me a hug.

The hug went on for too long. I mean, maybe I'm imagining things. I was a little frustrated with Cat at that moment so I really didn't need a hug. And it might be that she usually gives longer hugs than I am used to receiving. But that hug went on WAY too long in my mind, and she was squeezing me tighter than she needed to. I was telling myself for the third time it was all in my imagination when the lemur came to my rescue by tugging on Cat's pants for attention.

"Oh, don't be jealous," she cooed and stepped away from me. She opened her arms and the lemur jumped up for its own hug. "Who else was brave? Who else was the bravest lemur in the whole world?" She was rubbing noses with the beast. "You are. You are the bravest little lemur in the whole world. Aren't you, aren't you wonderful?"

She kissed it on the nose. I was afraid the fur bag was going to die from ecstasy. I hoped she planned to disinfect her lips when she got home.

"You're doing some nasty things to my gag reflex," I warned.

"Don't be jealous," Cat told me. "But wasn't Lenny wonderful?"

"Lenny? I thought you called the lemur 'Pretty Baby'."

"That's his nickname. I think he's more of a Lenny. Don't you think he's a Lenny?"

"Lenny the lemur? That's as dumb as 'Pretty Baby." "Uh, sure," I told her. "If you say he's Lenny he's Lenny."

-The End-