PoV Courtney

We stood in silence as we waited for Norman to get back from the witches grave. The wind was crazy, going every which way and shaking the leaves off of trees. I moved closer to my parents as we watched. My dad put a hand on my shoulder. The dead judge guy whimpered, as if he could hear what was going on in there. It made me tremble, thinking of what was happening.

Suddenly, the ground trembled, and there was a soft rumbling sound. Then, there was a giant BOOM!

"Norman!" my mom yelled. "No, Norman…" Tears streamed down her cheeks.

The clouds swirled even more, and there was a brilliant yellow light coming from the middle of the forest. My dad wrapped his arms around mom, and I stood, watching the clouds, not willing to think he was gone. The clouds' faces weren't just angry anymore. They were scared, and hurt, and sad. I waited for the faces to go away. And the eventually did.

The last face was a little girl.

She smiled, closed her eyes, and vanished.

The clouds stopped swirling slowly, and the Zombie judge next to us began to glow. He started to fall apart, but under that, he looked normal, like he did before he died. He looked down at me, and he looked sad, but relieved. I waved a little, to say goodbye. He smiled a tiny smile, and vanished, just like the clouds.

I turned to the forest, and the trees looked normal again. I stepped into the forest, and suddenly, I was running. Mom and dad were behind me.

"Norman!?" I called. "Norman!"

We found him, looking asleep, against an old tree. He opened his eyes and got up, then placed a hand on the tree and smiled. Mom caught him in a hug, and babbled motherly things.

"Mom, stop," Norman said. "You're embarrassing me."

"Oh, honey," mom said, kissing his cheek, "that's my job."

I smiled at my brother.

Norman, my little brother.

Never thought I'd be proud to say it.

But I am.