Have you ever wondered how that famous picture of Emma and Mary Margaret was taken? If you read this story, you'll read my version of it ;)

The plot takes place after Mary Margaret got home from jail, after episode 18. I plan it to be three chapters at most, and hope that you'll like it!

Emma entered the small apartment in slow motion, she dropped her bag on the table, went straight to the couch and collapsed onto it. She was dead tired. Mary Margaret sat in silence on the other corner of the couch and as the blonde glanced at her she noticed that she had fallen asleep while reading something. A book. Emma snuck closer and read the title.

Anna Karenina. Ugh, that's light reading for her…?

While she wanted to get up and into bed as soon as possible, she heard the other woman squirm and turned to her instead. "Good morning, sleeping beauty. I thought I was tired, but yikes." She smiled at her with a funny expression. "Sorry to break the news, but you look terrible."

Mary Margaret rubbed her eyes and finally seemed to be fully woken up. "Damn, is it already 11 o'clock? I'm so sorry, Emma. I know I promised I would make dinner, but…" She yawned. "I didn't have a restful night during my time in jail. Now, I think I'm trying to make up for the lost time…" The brunette tried to suppress the urge to yawn again.

Emma gave her a reassuring look. "It's okay. I just got home a minute ago, anyway." She sighed. "I didn't know being a sheriff involved so much paperwork. Your case, for instance. I swear I've signed a hundred papers in the last two da-" Emma cut off the end of her sentence and glanced at her friend with worry.

Mary Margaret smiled. "Oh, c'mon! I'm fine! You don't have to avoid the subject because of me! What happened, happened." She accentuated her words with a nod. "I'm home now. I'm fine. Everything's fine."

Emma smiled palely and added a quiet comment. "It depends on your definition of being fine…"

Her friend didn't hear this, but gazed in front of her, like something was on her mind. "It's strange, though." She said after a longer pause. "I've been home all day, mostly sleeping but… I know it's my first day since I got acquitted, but I thought I had missed this place more. I mean, I had. But it's like… it didn't feel like home, you know?" Mary Margaret looked at Emma pensively.

The blonde waited for more, but silence fell on the room, so she asked. "Why the past tense?"

Mary Margaret gave her a puzzled look, so she made her meaning perfectly plain. "You said you didn't feel home. You do now?"

But she shook her head. "I don't know… I suppose so, yes. It's hard to tell."

Emma stroked her friend's arm. "It just takes time, that's all. One or two weeks and you won't even remember this whole madness happened."

Her warm expression made Mary Margaret smile, though she wasn't sure her friend was right. But she said, "Probably, yeah."

Emma got up with a sigh. "Anyway! My well-deserved rest awaits me! I'm going to my comfortable, warm bed so long as I can. It's been a long day and I have a feeling tomorrow will be just as bad… or worse…" She let out a sound of frustration and waved at Mary Margaret. " 'Night. Sleep well."

"You too. And Emma?"

The blonde turned back with a questioning look. The brunette smiled wearily. "It's good to be back home."

Emma mirrored her smile. "It's good to have you back here."

She went upstairs and Mary Margaret realized that now, like this, this place really did feel like home.