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Naruto looked over the city of Driftveil, taking in all of the sites that it had to offer. He looked over at the human boy, N. The green haired teen seemed to be lost in thought.

"'Hey, what's the matter,"' Naruto spoke through Telepathy. It startled the others a bit, but snapped the boy out of his thoughts.

N looked around before he looked at Naruto, Kyuubi next to the Growlithe look-a-like. "Oh, nothing," N said honestly. "I was just thinking over what you've told us." Naruto nodded, remembering that he had told the Plasma Grunts and N about the recent events. "It is just so... Farfetch'd (see what I did there?... I'm lame) to even believe, and yet I get this feeling of trust out of you." Naruto blushed as he rubbed the back of his head.

"I get that 99% of the time," he grinned. Kyuubi sighed.

"No offense, but how long till we get to wherever we're going," the Fire-Fighting type asked. N smiled before pointing at the house conveniently in front of them.

"We've actually been here for the past 10 minutes," N explained with a smile. Kyuubi's face turned white while Naruto laughed at his friend. The duo entered the building, dragging the Combusken in as well, to be greeted by people and hurt Pokemon. The people were tending to the hurt and some little kids were playing with some of the young.

Naruto's face went sad at the sight, as did N's. "This place has been turned into a safe haven for hurt Pokemon who've been treated badly or have been abandoned by their trainers," N explained as a tear trailed down his cheek. Naruto began walking around as N continued his explanation. "We take care of them until they get better and are more trustworthy of humans again." Several Mincchino ran around the green haired teen. "It's really sad and heartbreaking to see, that humans can just abandon their friends, their partners so easily..." N trailed off at that, almost looking like he wanted to scream. Naruto glanced around sadly, looking at a Stoutland looking like it didn't want to live anymore. He grew angry at the sight he was seeing. Was this what it was like when a Pokemon is in the hand of the wrong type of trainer? He felt like Flamethrowering the nearest thing to him. N must've saw his facial expression, since he started to scratch his head. "Don't worry. We help them as much as we can; it's their job to take that help and be better." Naruto sighed, before looking at the Stoutland once more. He walked over to it and tried to chat with it.

The gang:

"Ah, finally," our favorite Raven haired trainer shouted as he reached Driftveil City soil. "Driftveil City. Our next Gym badge is just around the corner!" Pikachu agreed with several sparks. Iris and Cilan grinned at the two as the hyped up energy was passed along.

"Well Ash, first well have to have lunch first," Cilan said, the other two nodding as their stomachs gurgled. The trio of humans sweat dropped before laughing. Snivy looked on in amusement, before her nose caught onto a familiar scent.

'Naruto,' she thought. She was shaken out of her thoughts by the Electric Mouse Pokemon.

"Hey, you alright Snivy," Pikachu asked his friend, whom nodded as she checked her egg. Snivy smiled at it before nodding again at Pikachu and following the leaving humans.

The group looked around for the Poke-Center, missing Naruto, Kyuubi, N, and the Stoutland. They finally found and entered the building, looking for the nurse, before finding her in the usual spot: the desk. They were about to walk up to her, when a familiar voice and figure appeared.

"Oh my lovely Nurse Joy, the city of Driftveil has done nothing to dull your beauty," a voice Ash knew all to well said, as a brown skinned man with an orange shirt, green vest and brown pants held Nurse Joy's hand, the Nurse actually looking flustered. "Let's us brighten the city up with our natural SHI-!" The figure was cut off by a purple glowing hand hitting his back, before a blue and white frog started to drag him off. Ash sweatdropped while the other two had shocked looks on their faces. Pikachu sighed and Snivy...

"If he gets near my kid, I'll throttle him," Snivy said, a green aura forming over he body. Pikachu chuckled before following his trainer.

"BROCK," Ash shouted a greeting towards his old friend. Brock looked up from the ground and grinned as he saw his favorite traveling companion.

"Ash," the breeder greeted back.

With Naruto:

Naruto laughed as he, Kyuubi, and the Stoutland, now named Garuga, ran around the beach, chasing one another in a small game of tag. It had been hard getting the Normal type to open up, but Naruto's natural charm struck again.

"This is fun, isn't it Garuga-Kun," Naruto asked, going back to his dialect. The dog nodded as he grinned.

"Aye, t'is be the best time I 'ver had in a long while," Garuga said as his smile diminished a little. Naruto frowned as did Kyuubi, before the duo grinned and dog piled the Normal type. N watched in the background as the two started to tickle the giant dog into laughter, the sounds of barking and chirping echoing in the warm sunny day.

There wasn't many people surprisingly, especially since this seems like the perfect weather for the beach. N closed his eyes and spread his arms wide, relishing in the warm sun. That was until he was suddenly toppled over, and he felt fur and feathers on him. He opened his eyes and grunted as the three Pokemon were grinning on top of him. The group started to lay has the three Pokemon got off of him, the biggest of the three laying down next to the green haired teen.

Naruto looked at the sky, thinking about his family. They would probably be here in the next day or two and he'll have a hard time confronting them. He was brought out of his thoughts by the pull of a red glove.

"GAH," Naruto yelled out, causing the other three to look up in surprise.

(Cue TR Motto)

The Multi-type and his companion sighed at the fact that it was the usual trio, N and Garuga however, looked utterly confused.

"Um who are you people," N asked, getting the trio to face fault, and the Howlen and Combusken to laugh.

Jessie gained a tick mark on her face before she yelled out at the green trainer. "We are Team Rocket, the greatest organization that steals powerful Pokemon for our cause," Jessie informed the now boiling trainer.

"You steal other peoples friends," N calmly said in rage. "For your own selfish reasons." Naruto saw N's eyes turn a forest green, before several Pokemon came out, all of them looking unhappy at the trio. Garuga looked murderous, as he glared and bared his fangs at the ones trying to get his new friend.

"FLAMETHOWER," Kyuubi yelled as he burned the mechanical arms with white fire rather than the usual red. Naruto landed on his feet before hopping away from their machine, which he noticed looked like a Rhydon.

"Why you insolent little-," whatever James was about to say was cut off by metal snake like Pokemon hitting the machine.

"All right Steelix, nice work," a male voice spoke, causing everyone to turn towards the direction. Naruto and Kyuubi gasped as their eyes widened when they saw the gang. Naruto went pale though when he saw Snivy's face. Ouch!

Naruto shook his head (he was already in trouble, no use gawking like an idiot) as he turned back to TR. Kyuubi smirked as he to prepared for the battle.

"SWOOBAT, COME OUT AND USE PSYCHIC," Jessie shouted as a winged bat with a heart for a nose came out and eyes immediately glowing. Kyuubi was picked up and throw towards the group, though he managed to straighten out and fire off a Flamethrower.

Naruto glared at the trio before opening his mouth. A red orb of flaming energy began to accumulate in front of him as his form began to change to his Komoblaze Forme. The attack he was doing caused N to gasp as it was the signature move of Reshiram: Fusion Flare. Naruto was about to fire the attack, before-

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," a familiar voice said, causing Naruto to cancel the attack. He and Kyuubi looked in the direction of the voice, only for Naruto's blood to freeze and Kyuubi to start growling.

"HELP," Snivy shouted as she was in a vine as well as the egg. The vine was the work of...

"Maractus," Naruto said in a low tone. He was slowly gaining energy subconsciously via his anger. " what are you doing here?" He could vaguely see that Ash and the others were asleep, probably due to a Sleep Powder. Maractus laughed as TR walked behind the cactus Pokemon.

"Isn't it obvious," Maractus said cockily. He began to laugh uncontrollably. "I'm here for my revenge, as well as to take what's rightfully mine." He grinned as he brought the egg up to him. "And considering that your unborn child is here with mama..." Naruto zoned out there when he heard that.

'W-W-What,' the multi type thought to himself. 'I... I'm a father?' He zoned back though, when the grass had raised the egg high in the air.

"I guess the best way to get back at you more, is to crack this egg," Maractus said triumphantly as he prepared to smash the egg. Snivy was in tears and Kyuubi looked disgusted at the Cactus. Naruto however...

(Play Naruto OST- Blind Animal)

Uncontrolled amounts of Killing Intent roared off of Naruto in waves as the familiar chakra of the Kyuubi bubbled around him. He opened his once closed eyes to show that they were slit. The KI managed to wake up the others as they saw Naruto roar in anger.

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA," Naruto yelled in rage, getting Maractus to let go off Snivy and the egg, in which Snivy caught it despite the slight fear she felt from seeing Naruto like this. Kyuubi snapped out of his stupor and jumped to Snivy, grabbed her and jumped back to Ash. He put the grass snake down before turning to Naruto.

"Naruto," Kyuubi said in a calm voice. Naruto twitched his ears, which was enough for Kyuubi. "Don't hold back, but don't lose yourself to my power, not until I can help you control it." Naruto barely gave a nod as he disappeared into a blur and appeared in front of Maractus, whom had snapped out of his stupor.

"GAH," the grass type shouted as he was punched by one of Feral Naruto's paws. He flew back into Team Rocket, before a Flamethrower hit the team. An explosion occurred and the group was sent flying off so fast, they didn't get to say their blasting away phrase.

"Or you can completely obliterate them godmode style," Kyuubi said as he shrugged. Naruto stood still for a second, before the aura dissipated. He turned to the group, and saw N and Garuga walking up to him.

"It's time fer ya ta go huh lad," Garuga said, his voice holding a depressed tone. The lad really did grow on him, him and Kyuubi. He was answered by a body tackling him to the floor. He looked up to see Naruto, still in Komoblaze Forme, grinning like a loon as his eyes held a mischievous look in them.

"Not yet ya scurvy pirate," Naruto joked as he brought his left front paw up. Garuga was confused on what he was doing until he had the sudden urge to laugh uncontrollably. He gave in and saw that Naruto was tickling him.

"GAHAHAHAHAHAHA," Garuga laughed. "S-S-Stop it lad! I'm to ticklish!" Naruto grinned before complying. He jumped off of the Normal type and ran away as the dog was chasing him around. Kyuubi joined in after a few seconds.

Ash and the others walked up to N. "Hey, we never did get to introduce ourselves," Ash said. N looked at them warily before nodding. "My name is Ash. Ash Ketchum. This is my first Pokemon and best buddy, Pikachu." The yellow rodent 'cha'd when Ash began petting him. Iris came up next.

"My name is Iris," Iris introduced herself, before Axew popped out of her hair. "And this is my first Pokemon Axew." Axew waved shyly before going back into Iris's hair. Cilan walked up.

"And I'm Cilan, pleasure to meet you," Cilan said as he gave a respectful bow. Brock was the final one.

"Name's Brock, Brock Slate," he introduced. N nodded.

"My name is N," N introduced himself. "Am I correct when I say that Naruto and Kyuubi are one of your Pokemon?" Ash nodded as he pointed to himself.

"Yeah, they're the newest members of our family," Ash said as he grinned. N's eyes widened slightly.

"Family," N asked. Ash nodded as he gained a faraway look in his eyes.

"Yeah, I see all of my friends and Pokemon as my family," Ash said as he came back down to Earth. N nodded, smiling as he did so. He then turned to where TR were blasted off to.

Snivy had watched as Naruto, Kyuubi, and the Stoutland played with one another. She then saw Naruto walk up to her, a guilty look on his face. She wanted to, she truly did, but she just could not get mad at what he did. When he close enough to her, he began to speak, but was interrupted by Snivy locking lips with him. She pulled back and spoke, her tone gentle.

"Don't," she began. "I know why you ran off. You just wanted to protect us. At least tell me directly next time, ok?" Naruto looked dumbfounded, before shaking himself and nodded. He then curled around her as he changed back into his Standard Forme. She laid against his fur as she held the egg. He looked transfixed on it. He then had a shit eating grin.

"I'm actually becoming a father," he said, as if he were in a trance. He gave a soft smile before he laid his head down, soft snoring being heard a few seconds later. Snivy giggled a bit before she too laid her head down, making sure the egg was kept between it parents. She too fell asleep.

Garuga and Kyuubi watched this with smiles on their faces moreso on Garuga's. Naruto truly had an extraordinary ability to change people or Pokemon's moods to be as bright and happy as his. Garuga made up a decision. He walked up to Ash who was looking at the two Pokemon sleeping. N was next to him, looking up at the sky. Ash's friends were also looking at the two sleeping Pokemon. Ash and N turned to the Stoutland when he walked up.

"N," the Pokemon softly said, a bit nervous on what could happen. After all, it was N and his group that helped him recover, he didn't want to feel like he was abandoning them. "Can ya translate something fer me to the guppy?" N nodded, already used to the dogs way of speaking. Garuga took a deep breathe. "Can ya ask him if I coul' join 'im on his journey?" N looked at the Pokemon with a questioning look, before seeing the dogs eyes. N smiled softly.

"Of course I can," the green head said. "Don't worry, I'm not gonna get angry." Garuga sighed in relief. N then spoke to Ash. "Garuga here wants to join your group Ash." Ash looked wide-eyed at that, before he grinned. "It would seem that Naruto has made a big impression on him. must warn you though. His previous trainer was an abusive one, so he may not trust you completely for a while. Also, he's not exactly fit for battle yet." Ash looked at the normal type in sadness before he hugged the Dog Pokemon.

"Don't worry, I won't treat you that way," Ash said as he hugged the Pokemon. He then grabbed a Pokeball. "Are you sure you want to do this? You can back out whenever you want..." Garuga looked conflicted. He wanted to go to stay by Naruto's side as his friend, but at the same time his instincts were telling him to stay away from humans. He sighed before touching the Pokeball. The orb opened and absorbed the normal type, before a ping was heard, signifying the capture. Ash let the normal type out and grinned again. "Welcome to the family, Garuga."


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