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"Image is so different to reality" - The Kooks, Rosie.

She didn't look like much.

Frizzy ginger hair, tucked into a messy braid slung over her right shoulder, which also happened to be hung down by the strap of her large, almost overflowing haversack. She had short stubby nails on her fingers - so unlike her cousin Dominique's long, manicured, burgundy death-claws - that almost always held one book or another. Large horn-rimmed glasses hid her bright blue eyes, and freckles donned the majority of her face.

I watched her from where I sat, as she approached the Gryffindor table, greeted by enthusiastic waves.

This was when she would change.

Her face lit up on the sight of her best friends and family, a beam so bright spreading across her face it seemed to illuminate everyone around her. She dropped her haversack with a sigh of relief, rubbing a permanent sore spot on her shoulder. She would laugh at something someone had said, throwing her head back and slapping the nearest person on the back.

This was when she became real, not just a shadow studying in a deserted corner of the library or taking notes furiously in class.

I glanced at my own pale hands, easily big enough to engulf the cup of black tea in my hands that had turned cold. Looking at her, sitting across the hall from me, it hit me that she, despite being the most "invisible" Weasley at Hogwarts – what with her being the shyest of her cousins, never dating, and not being involved in quidditch at all – was far more real than I was, sitting here, alone, despite my impressive repertoire for being a ladies man, and the three quidditch cups I had on my belt.

I had nothing – no one, more precisely – to ground me to reality, not like she did, anyway.

Image was incredibly far off from reality, I decided. She didn't look like much, but she was so much more than I was.

I put away the cup of cold tea and made my way out of the hall, not forgetting to catch Rose Weasley's eye as I left, as I always did.

Still, we never spoke. I was nothing but a shadowy image in the back of her mind, despite what others saw.

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