Frog TOAD!


Chapter One: Princess Finds Frog (TOAD!)

Jiraiya POV

My foot-flipper steps splashed as I hopped as fast as I could away from the snarling, cursing woman chasing me.

Now I really regretted pissing off that girl. WHo knew she was great with a Transformation technique? Certainly not poor old me when I peeped on her in the hot springs. . . She had gotten me with a weird version of a Transformation technique, leaving me in the shape I was in now. She had also proceeded to beat the crap out of me while I was unable to defend myself. I had barely escaped with my life as is. Tsunade-hime wouldn't have done that. Even when I had gotten her that really dumb present, all she had done was smack me across Konoha... Not turn me smaller than her and try to kill me. I hopped quickly along, trying my damndest to dodge further jutsus the woman was throwing at me. Her voice was melodious even when she was screaming a war cry, and her body was nothing to sneeze at. Although, neither Witch Girl's body nor her personality could compare with Hime. Tsunade had really filled out over the years. And, if her bra size was any indication, her breasts were still growing... Even in my current form, my nose bled just a bit thinking about Tsunade.

I dodged another freezing jutsu, just barely. Damn. Stop getting distracted with your mind in the gutter. Tsunade will help me out of this mess. She'd know how to undo this stupid jutsu. Tsunade knew things like that.

I also had a worrisome feeling that Tsunade was really my only hope in this crazy crazy fruitloop day...

That was my last thought before I fell over the waterfall.

Tsunade's POV

I was walking along the path near a stream. This lead to my favorite pond, a nice place to practice kata without a certain annoying white haired pervert constantly interrupting me being his stupid self, I reflected as I walked. I got to the pond, a place with a clear clean pool of water and a small waterfall cascading over a wall of mossy rocks into the pond. I set my green and yellow workout bag down on the stones edging the pool. Consequently, I started my kata, punching and kicking. The stone pillars that I had moved to my practice area for this purpose cracked under the force of my monstrous strength as I hit them. I felt glee in the wanton destruction I apparently wasn't allowed to wreak on the Baka of our team. I though sulkily, why won't Sarutobi-sensei let me beat some REAL sense into that idiot?

How dare he peep on the girl's bath at the hot springs! As my fury grew, so did my strength, leading to most of the stone crushed to powder and bloody knuckles for me. Damn that idiot and all his capricious, perverted ways.

I had turned 17 yesterday and what had the Baka given me? A strawberry patterned bra and underwear set! The nerve! I was embarrassed and angry, so I had hit the idiot till he had bruises he'd remember until he was thirty. Sarutobi-sensei had to pull me off of the jerk. Orochimaru had gotten me a far more appropriate gift: a rare set of medical scrolls. I had been so delighted I had hugged him (albeit when nobody else was looking, for Oro's benefit). Jiraiya had spotted the hug through his swelling black eye, and sulked for hours afterwards. I couldn't restrain a gleeful smile at the thought. Sensei and the rest had given me similar, more appropriate presents and so the rest of the party had gone well. Peacefully, anyway, until Jiraiya had started trying to come on to one of my friend's older, 20 year old sisters.

Then, I had slammed Jiraiya across Konoha. The Baka deserved it, I thought with satisfaction as I smashed the last stone pillar.

Sweaty and tired after my rough workout, I sat down on the pond's edge. No one was near, so, after I had checked the bushes surrounding the pool for perverts (believe me, when you have a pervert like Jiraiya on your team you'd understand my caution here), I stripped naked. Relieved, I slipped into the cool water. Washing off the sweat in a businesslike manner, I washed off with a washcloth from my workout bag. When I was done washing myself, I ducked under the waterfall to get my hair wet. This was my preferred method of washing my long blonde hair, as the waterfall got all of my hair without any dirt or water foliage like the shallows area seemed to have.

I felt, to my surprise, something fall on my head from above as I washed my hair. Yelling in shock, I scrambled out from under the waterfall with the thing still tangled in my hair. Angrily, I disentangled it and promptly threw it into the water. I saw, now that it was untangled, a toad. Like the kind Jiraiya summoned.

"AAAGH! If he sent you to spy on me, Froggy, he is SO DEAD," I bellowed angrily, stomping my foot.

When the frog or toad didn't respond, I took a step closer. It was covered in what I had first taken for warts, but now realized were bumps and bruises. Poor thing looks like it had been run over by a horde of rabid fan girls, I thought. I gingerly picked it up, laying it on a damp rock while I hurriedly put my clothes back on. Either Granddad or one of the Inuzukas would know how to help the poor frog. Jiraiya probably would know more about toads, but after the stunt he'd pulled on my BIRTHDAY I wasn't about to go to him for help with this creature. Carefully, I picked it up again. It wasn't nearly as slimy as I'd thought toads or frogs would be I mused as I headed back.

What do you think? This is my first fic with the Sannin being young and all together. How did I do with Tsunade and Jiraiya's POV? I have a feeling that Orochimaru (if only to show up Jiraiya) would give Tsunade such a present (obligation because he's a teammate). This is slightly AU in that Jiraiya likes Tsunade BEFORE Dan comes along. This story wil likely ignore Dan alltogether, or only have breif mention of him. I hate the pairing DanXTsunade :P They just don't work together. JiraiyaXTsunade FOREVER!

I posted this because I'm having some slight troubles with on of my other stories, Adventures in the Afterlife. Just to let you know :) AAnd that's all there is.