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"I keep telling you," Mels insisted, arms folded as she rolled her eyes at the incompetence of the head teacher "the Doctor is real!"

Mr Parsons sighed.

"We've been through this before, Miss Zucker," he announced with an air of calmness that he certainly did not feel "and as we've told your friend Miss Pond, please stop these silly stories!"

Mels glared at the head teacher.

"Go on, Mels," Mr Parsons told her, nodding towards the door "and this is your final warning. No more Doctor stories!"

Mels spun on her heel and stormed out of the office, barely noticing a rather annoyed Amelia waiting outside the office with her arms folded. Amelia hurried to catch up with her friend as Mels headed out to the playground.

"How did it go?" Rory asked as they found him sat under the tree.

The trio had adopted that spot as their own, ever since Rory had fallen out of that very same tree just over a year ago. Mels glared at her friend and flopped onto the grass, sprawled out on her back. Amelia rolled her eyes and sat beside their friend.

"How do you think?" Amelia asked Rory, annoyed.

Rory sighed.

"Again, Mels?" he asked.

Mels didn't reply.

"Mr Parsons said that this was her final warning." Amelia explained to Rory "Next time it could be detention," Amelia raised her voice so she was sure that Mels would hear "or worse."

Mels remained glaring up at the sky.

"Mels, you do realise that if the Carters find out about this, they might stop fostering you?" Rory pointed out quietly.

There was still no reply, but both Rory and Amelia knew that Mels understood the repercussions of her actions very well. Mels had been in trouble numerous times at school since arriving in Leadworth just over seven months ago, many of the problems being caused by how she had latched onto Amelia's stories of the Raggedy Doctor and had seemingly become coming up with her own wild stories. However, the Carters certainly didn't appreciate Mels 'inventing' these stories, which had even led to an argument with Amelia's Aunt Sharon- on one of the rare occasions she could actually be tracked down- as they complained that 'Amelia Pond is corrupting our foster daughter'. The Carters had been called into school no less than seven times since the beginning of term five weeks ago. Both Rory and Amelia were sure that the Carters would approach breaking point soon, and they really didn't want to see their friend being whisked away to another foster family in a different village; Mels needed them there to keep her out of trouble.

"I just don't understand!" Mels shouted suddenly, attracting the attention of some nearby year threes, who quickly scampered away from the trio of year fours "The Doctor is real! How do they think we're still alive?"

"Mels," Amelia sighed "it…It doesn't matter if some stupid teachers don't believe us. We know he's real. And Brian believes us too, and that's all that matters!"

"It's alright for you," Mels grumbled, arms folded again "you never have to listen to the adults complaining about it."

Amelia and Rory decided not to dignify that with an answer. It was at that moment that Rory realised that Mels hadn't bothered putting her jumper on and there was a rather brisk autumnal breeze.

"Put your jumper on, Mels," Rory told his friend "else you'll be moaning when you catch a cold."

"What if I don't want to put it on?" Mels answered quickly, glancing over at her friends.

"Then we don't want to hear you complaining when you come down with a cold." Amelia replied calmly.

Mels rolled her eyes and muttered something under her breath about how she liked the cold, but she sat up and tugged her jumper from around her waist, slipping it on.

"There you go, Mum, Dad," Mels told her friends, glaring at them before flopping back into the grass.

"Oi!" Amelia protested loudly, causing Rory to jump "We are not your parents!"

"Whatever you say," Mels told them, smirking.

"We're not!" Amelia protested "Stop it, Mels! Tell her, Rory, tell her! We're not your parents! Besides, you're older than us by…by nearly four months! And me and Rory…Like that…No! Just…No!"

Mels giggled at that, while Rory looked slightly hurt.

"Well, there's no need to sound so disgusted about it!" Rory muttered.

"But it is disgusting!" Amelia protested.

Rory blushed, not realising he could be heard.

"I mean, we'd…We'd have to share a bed!" Amelia pointed out, pulling a face "And we'd see each other naked!"

Rory's face fell at that, and he too pulled a face, screwing his nose up at the thought of having to do…married things with his best friend. Mels laughed at her friends.

"You'll have to do it eventually, you know," Mels told her friends, still smirking.

"Nuh uh!" Amelia insisted "I'm never getting married! And I'm certainly not sharing a bed with a man and…And his tentacles!"

This only made Mels laugh louder as it was Rory who this time let out a protesting "Oi!"

"And," Amelia continued "whoever said me and Rory would be married?"

"Yeah!" Rory chipped in, attempting to look as disgusted as Amelia sounded, and failing miserably.

Mels just shook her head.

"You will be," she vowed to her friends, standing up as the head teacher rang the bell to signal the end of break time.

As Rory and Amelia stood up too, they decided to ignore Mels' last comment. Together, they began heading back towards the school to line up.

"Just remember, Mels," Amelia reminded their friend as they joined the end of the line "Mr Parsons said that was your final warning."

"Yeah, just try and keep quiet, ok?" Rory added.

Mels rolled her eyes.

"You two worry too much," she told them, smiling "I'll be fine."