Baby CCs Disclaimer: you know I'm gunna say so just skip this) if ya don't understand the baby talk figure it out.

I haven't figured out how young they are but judging by the language...

"Hey Tomoyo" Sakura said calling over her friend Tomoyo.

"Yes Sakura" baby Tomoyo said still trying to figure out how the camera worked.

"Look a new kid" Sakura pointed to a kid about their age. Messy brown hair dark brown eyes.

"he looks wonely" Sakura said sucking her thumb. She crawled over to the little boy and sat infront of him.

"Heyo" She said with her thumb still in her mouth.

"Go away" He said turning away. She just sat there staring at him.

"go and pway wit ur friend" Li copied Sakura and starting sucking his thumb.

"No I want to pway wit you" Sakura persisted.

"Hweo" Zackori popped in.

"Hi Zack" Sakura said.

"did ya know dat wen u suck your thumb to long u.."

(BANG) chiharu knocks Zackori on the head with colouring book.

"LIar!" she yelled.

"I wasn't done yet." He cried holding his head.

"BWAKA(stupid)" She jumped up on him and started pounding him on the head. Zacorki ran around the play room with Chiharu pounding his head.

"Get her off! (POUND).. ow.(POUND).ow.(POUND).ow(POUND)..ow"

Everyone (sweatdrop)

Chiharu jumped off eventually.

"Dun bwelieve him he is a stupid liar." She smiled.

"hehe Zackori funny"Sakura giggles.

"He is a bwig wair,making up stupid stories"

"O" Li'sbig eyes widen.

"Hey guys lets pway dress up" Rika another little kid said. She had fair skin and dark brown eyes and hair that was short.

"Yea, I wanna be a pwretty pwrincess" Chiharu yelled out.

"I wanna be a pirate" another kid said. They turned around to see Meilin. A girl with black hair to her shoulders(her hair grew over time)

"Are boys suppose to be pwirates" Sakura said again sucking her thumb.

"Ha I'll bwe better dan any oda boy pirate." Melin said staning up.

Li shook his head.

"Wight my sweet Li" Meilin hugged him.

"Eeekk" Li said squirming about under Meilin's grasp.

"I know let's pwetend to get married"

"What is getting married?" Tomoyo asked.

"When too pweople are in love a boy and girl they get married" Zackori popped in.

"Bwig Liar" Chiharu yelled pinching his cheeks

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