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"Sakua I'm ere" Sakura looked down from the laundry trolly "Come down quick, those will be ere soon" Tomoyo spoke softly in an urgent voice. Sakura climbed down carefully. "Wat to do?" baby Sakura asked searching about frantically. "First of w'all we have to get w'out of ere" Li said. "ow?" "follow me" Li lead the way. All the time he was calm whilst Tomoyo and Sakura were panicking. He lead them to the exit door and to the parking garage. "hey wook wi got us outside" Sakura cheered happily "My name is Li not wi" Li grumbled. Sakura and Tomoyo giggled. But their giggles were cut short when they heard vicious foot steps pounding down the steps. They knew it was the bad guys who had kidnapped them earlier. "Quickwy over ere" Li walked as fast as he could. (their babies they can't run fast) "wook over there" Li pointed out a S.U.V (car truck whatever it is) one of the doors had been open. "Hop in dere" Li said fumbling to climb inside. Sakura and Tomoyo followed him. "There they are!" they heard both guys shout. "They'll get us again" Sakura sobbed. "Welp me co-wose da door" Li said. Baby Li, Sakura and Tomoyo pulled the door with all their might. It was no problem for the three of them. Li quickly locked the door. Both guys struggled to open the door but it was locked. One of the guys ran across to open the driver's door. It was unlocked. "Quwick hide in the back." Sakura shouted and she and Tomoyo fumbled over the back seat to the trunk.. The guy poked his head in the car. "Haha I go you now!" he yelled. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!!!!" A woman screamed. Apparently it was her car they had crawled into. "Get out before I called the police!" she continued beating the man with her bag. Wi crawled into the back before she could see. She gave them a snort then went into her car. "Be wery quiet" tomoyo whispered. But there wasn't any need for that because as they drove away she put on the radio almost full balst. "Sakura peeped out of the back through the glass door. The two guys were running frantically towards them calling out to the woman to stop. Sakura giggled and smiled and did another cute buh-bye gesture with her hand and watched as the guys disappeared from sight.

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