This is going to be a very fluffy story, the plot will be their growing relationship and probably nothing else. Q will be ooc, he needs to be for the idea that I have in mind. Bond may also be a bit ooc, but I'll try to keep him as in-character as possible.

Warnings: D/s relationship, slash, neglect, ooc-ness

Pairing: 00Q or Bond/Q

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Take Care Of Me:

Chapter 1:

Q groaned as he woke up. He could hear the soft sound of rain falling against the window next to his bed. Blearily he looked out into the gray and sighed. He didn't really want to get up and go to work, the last few days were as gray and boring as the constant rain outside. No missions, no near death situations and no adrenaline surging through him when he argued with 007 about following his orders in said, and currently non existent, near death situations.

Sighing again, Q sleepily climbed out of bed and got ready. Stumbling on the way to the bathroom, Q caught himself and frowned. His room was a mess, as expected really; he was a submissive without a dominant and living alone. Stupid, people would say, but really, Q had no one he could share his apartment with, his parents' were dead and he didn't really have any friends, let alone a dominant partner.

Sighing for the third time in about five minutes, he carried on into the bathroom, where he proceeded to get ready for work.

It had been kind of a shock to Q when he found out he was submissive, though he supposed he had suspected it, it was quite obvious in his behaviour, clingy, affectionate, almost always dependant on someone and the urge for physical affection…you get the drill. Oh not a bad shock, just…well, a shock. When he got used to the idea that he would need someone in his life that would take care of him, he actually didn't find it so bad. His father's thoughts were different though.

Q grimaced into the mirror at the thought of his father, a very successful business man, who wanted a son to play soccer with and who could accompany him to games, discuss the outcomes and strategies, someone manly. Instead he got a gangly kid, who drank Earl Grey ("real men drink coffee, son."), was a loner, a computer geek and to top it all, a submissive.

Spitting the toothpaste into the sink, Q shook himself a bit, wondering why he was thinking about his not too great childhood. He hated thinking about it, how his father would look at him and tell him what a disappointment he was, his mother always having that slightly panicked look in her eyes when he was in the room, as if he was contagious and the weekly appointments with doctors she would drag him to, to find a cure for his disease.

Scowling a bit, at the failed attempt to shut his brain up, Q took off his green and blue striped pyjama bottoms and stepped into the shower.

No, it wasn't a happy childhood; his only friends were from the Internet and a few teachers. So to rid himself of the disgusted and disappointed looks at home he requested his own apartment with 15, something his father arranged immediately with a sigh of relief. He even paid the rent. Q was happy to be rid of his parents, he learned to cook with a little help of his Internet friends and found a hobby in hacking. Just online games at first, then accounts and finally government secured data just for kicks. He was good and never caught, well until he tried MI6 and got his job there.

Smiling a bit as he remembered the agents at his door and M stepping in his living room, looking as serious as ever and her job offer. It was the first really good thing that happened in his life.

Q heavily leaned against the turquoise tiles that lined his bathroom walls and sank down drawing his knees to his chest.

He had hoped to find a dominant at MI6, not necessarily as a lover, but at least a friend. That hope died when all he got was rejection, they found him too geeky, too shy, too ugly, too dependent, the list goes on and on. It was one rejection after another, breaking him bit by bit and leaving him lonelier than before.

Q buried his face in his knees, letting a few silent tears fall from his eyes. He cried until the water grew cold and he forced himself up and out of the shower. A quick glance in the mirror showed him a pale face and red-rimmed eyes, giving a soft half amused snort he turned to get dressed. How attractive, he thought sarcastically.

Quickly making himself a cup of Earl Grey and gulping it down, he grabbed his laptop and was out the door. Cursing he turned back when he remembered that he forgot his umbrella. Seeing as he was late already he just grabbed the first one of his five umbrellas he could grab and rushed out the door.

Opening it once he was outside he smiled a bit when he noticed that it was his favourite. It was sky blue with little white clouds on it and a violet pattern on the edge. He had seen it once in a little shop that was about to go out of business and immediately fell in love with it.

Almost running to the nearest tube station and trying not to get wet, Q almost slipped and fell down the stairs at the entrance of the station. Catching himself, he let out a shuddering breath before carefully making his way down to the trains. Running again when he saw his train was about to leave, he distinctly hoped he would make it, or he would be seriously late.

Q breathed a sigh of relief when a hand stopped the doors from closing and he could slip in. Looking up to thank the man, he blinked in shock when he came face to face with 007. Still in shock, Q just kept on staring at the older man.

Bond chuckled a bit and patted him on the head. "You're welcome." Before catching him when the train stopped in at the next station and he stumbled face first into the agent.

Blushing furiously, Q steadied himself by grabbing one of Bond's upper arms. "S-sorry." He stuttered a bit and looked up to read the agent's face, who had a little smirk playing around his lips.

"No problem" He gave a little stroke to Q's hip, where he had caught him and released him.

Q had to bite his lip to stop himself from particularly purring from the attention he was receiving.

Righting himself again and grabbing one of the free slings that were dangling from above he gave Bond a curios look. He actually takes the tube? I thought he had at least one car…

"Something wrong?" The agent smiled at him.

Trying to keep himself from blushing, the quartermaster cursed himself for getting caught staring.

"No, no everything's fine." He replied as calmly as he could and righted his glasses with his little finger.

Shrugging Bond let it go and the rest of the ride was spent in a slightly awkward silence. When it was time to get off, Q had to struggle a bit to get past the mass of people. Despite being a little late, it was still rush hour and most people apparently weren't morning persons, judging by their grumpiness.

Still struggling through the masses, Q suddenly felt a hand grab his arm and guide him through the station and to the exit.

Stopping outside, Q absently noted that it stopped raining, Bond turned to face him. "Alright?" He asked lightly.

Looking at the floor in embarrassment, Q nodded and gave the agent a quiet "Thank you."

Lifting his chin with two fingers, 007 frowned at him. "Why are you embarrassed?"

Looking away, Q shrugged and was promptly wrenched back by a light but firm grip on his chin.

"Look at me." Bond ordered softly. "You're not really used to this are you?" He asked again, this time with a hint of a sigh.

Q shook his head and frowned. "007, I have to get back to work…" He said, but it came out softer and with much more insecurity than he had intended.

"Hmm, I think they can wait a bit longer." The agent responded, without letting go of his chin. "Now could you explain to me why you're not used to a dominant helping you?" Bond's voice was still soft and light but had an underlying edge to it.

Q had known for a while that Bond was a dominant. It was obvious in the way he carried himself and shifted his attention when a submissive would walk by, looking if they needed help or attention.

Besides a submissive always knows if someone is dominant or submissive.

Q had always looked at Bond, always wanted his attention, but resisted the urge to flirt with him or get his attention and instead tried to keep it strictly professional between the two of them.

But Bond was making it extremely hard for him.

"Here?" He asked slightly fearful, eyeing the passerby's then going back to look at Bond pleadingly.

The agent looked around as if just now realising that they were in fact very public. Letting go of his quartermaster's chin, he gave it a soft stroke. "I'm sorry, I didn't want to make you uncomfortable." He apologized softly. "How about after work?" Bond suggested.

Looking at the agent with doubt, Q hesitated but nodded. "Ok, but not my place, s' a mess." He mumbled.

Smiling, 007 gently touched the small of his back and started walking towards MI6.

"Ok, I'll come pick you up then." He stated, in a voice that implied that he was pleased with Q.

Q flushed with happiness at the thought that he had pleased a dominant, and not just any dominant, no he pleased Bond.

Sending the agent a shy smile, he looked back ahead, seeing the building of MI6 come into view.

Spending the rest of the walk drunk with happiness and excited anticipation for their evening, Q almost didn't notice when they arrived.

Stopping just outside of the entrance, Bond took his hand and kissed it softly. "See you tonight." He winked and stroked Q's cheek, before disappearing into the building.

Trying to suppress the happy squeal that bubbled in his chest, he bit his lip and also made his way into Q-branch.

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