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Chapter 5:

Q could hardly stay awake; the whole excitement had taken its toll on him, making him want to crash right then and there. Deciding that that might be just the idea, he dropped his head against the window and closed his eyes. The submissive was just drifting off when he felt the car stop and, a few seconds later, someone ruffle his hair, effectively bringing him back out of his almost-sleep.

"C'mon Q, let's get your stuff inside and then we can have a nap." Jam-Bond prompted him and smiled.

Only managing a small smile back, Q felt his eyelids droop again. Keep it professional, idiot!Q scolded silently, reminding himself that the agent was only doing this out of duty, no matter how nice he might seem. Besides Bond must already have a submissive.

He struggled a bit with unbuckling his belt, using it as a distraction, and let out a proud sound in the back of his throat upon succeeding. Looking up, Q blushed at the amused look the other was giving him and glanced away in embarrassment, ducking his head a bit.

"You don't have to shy away from me." He heard the agent say, an underlying sadness evident in his voice as he gently stroked over the submissive's cheek, for what seemed the millionth time. Not that Q minded, really.

Frowning, he looked back at Bond and blinked in shock at the barely concealed hurt in his eyes. Carefully, Q lifted his hand and returned the favour by also stroking over James's cheek.

"Why do you care?" He couldn't help asking softly. "Why did you volunteer to take me in?" Won't your submissive mind? He wanted to add, but bit his tongue to keep from asking a stupid question, one he could answer for himself.

"Why wouldn't I? You're obviously very submissive and need someone to take care of you." Bond answered, a little surprised.

Q nodded, a bit disappointed, but expecting it. So Iam just another burden you decided to take upon yourself. And couldn't prevent the quiet "That's all?" that slipped out in a whisper when the agent turned to get out. Even though he knew that in fact, yes that was all. Dropping his head and turning around, he missed Bond stiffening.

Once out, he tried to wake himself up a bit by stretching and taking a big gulp of cold air. Q looked around, curious to see where he was going to live for the next few weeks or so. He was positively stunned at the sight before him; the building was huge, the entrance doors were made out of glass and looked more like they belonged at a five star hotel rather than an apartment complex, and the whole thing just looked expensive!

Is Bond reallythatrich? Q only heard rumours, and hardly believed them, but thinking of all the cars the other man possessed…

Q jerked a bit when he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned around in alarm. He sighed a breath of relief at the sight of Jam-goddamn it Q, it's Bond! -quirking an eyebrow at him.

"Sorry." He mumbled, eyeing the suitcase in the agent's grip. "Um, you don't have to carry that for me…" Weakly he tried to reach for it, only to get his hands batted away and receive a stern look as a warning.

Sighing in defeat, Q followed Bond into the building, which, by the look of it, had it's own receptionist and security cameras. Q felt slightly overwhelmed and extremely impressed.

Bond stalked up to the receptionist's desk and put the car keys and 50 pounds down. "Could you get someone to park the Aston Martin outside please? I'm having someone over and need to get him settled in." He asked politely and got a flirty smile with a nod in return.

Q ignored the jealousy churning in his stomach and instead focused on the golden and polished floor. It was shiny.

"Let's go." Bond snapped him out of his thoughts about shiny things and beckoned him to the elevator.

Once inside, the agent pressed the button for the 21st floor and gave him a silent smile, which, Q noted for the first time, made his eyes crinkle in an adoring way. Q had to stop himself from cooing at the other, prying for a bit of attention and care. Instead he bit his lip, hard, and ignored his instincts, like he did so often with the older man. He still felt the exhaustion tugging at the edge of his mind and decided to focus on that instead for the moment.

The doors opened with a soft sound and Bond led him to a door adorned with the number 48, which he quickly unlocked.

They stepped inside, the older dominant letting him go first and then closed the door behind him, putting down the suitcase once he too was inside. Standing and feeling a bit awkward, Q twisted his hands. "Um, where should I put my coat?" He spoke just to say anything, to not feel so out of place.

Bond glanced up at him while taking his shoes off and smiled a bit. "Just put it on the hangers on the wall behind you." He answered and set his shoes next to the door.

Doing so, Q also took off his shoes and set them next to the agents', noting with surprise that their shoes were the only pairs present.

Perhaps his submissive is out…? Q thought with a little hope rising in his chest, he wasn't really keen on meeting his long-time crush's partner.

Looking up from staring at the two sets of shoes, Q noticed that Bond had moved further into the apartment and decided to follow him.

Stepping into the living room, Q's eyes immediately sought out the couch and almost went to throw himself onto the soft looking cushions with how tired he felt. But deciding he didn't want to offend the other man by using without asking, he softly called "Bond?" into the apartment.

A head peeked out of the door opposite from him and the other hummed a soft "Yes?" in response, looking at him in question.

"Um," fidgeting a bit, Q raised his head to meet the agent's gentle gaze. "I-I'm really tired, could I-I mean, sleep a bit somewhere?" He ended in an almost-squeak but didn't look away from the other.

Smiling proudly, Bond stepped into the doorway and beckoned Q to him. "Sure, this is the bedroom by the way, there's a bathroom attached if you need it, I'll give you a full tour when you've stopped looking like you're going to pass out any second, Ok?" He winked and stepped into the room, letting Q come in too, and went back to unpacking Q's suitcase into what looked like an only half-full wardrobe.

Seeing the double bed, the submissive could feel his eyes widen and look at the dominant in shock.

"Um, I uh, here?" he asked incredulously, taking turns to look from the bed, which looked entirely too comfortable and soft, to Bond, who in turn looked entirely out of place by wearing a sharp suit whilst sitting on the carpet floor unpacking a suitcase.

The other looked up and smiled. "Yes, I only have one bed unfortunately, the sheets are quite clean, if you're wondering, and I can sleep on the couch if you don't want to share." He answered as if it wasn't a big deal, as if he wasn't just inviting Q to share his bed.

Q took a deep breath to calm himself and asked the dreaded question, because really, he really didn't feel like more drama. "But what about, your-your submissive?" Q mumbled with a hint of sadness.

Bond shot up from the floor and came over to where he was standing. Q felt cold fear grip him and shrank back a bit, raising hands over face to protect himself, whimpering.

"Q. Q!" Bond gently took a wrist in each of his hands and pulled Q into his chest. "You think I have a submissive?" he breathed into Q's ear.

Q blinked at the position he suddenly found himself in and nodded, trying with all his might not to sink into the other man too much, or bury his face in the crook of Bond's neck.

"I don't." the other answered simply, letting his hands move up Q's arms until he reached thin shoulders and gently pushed him back, so that their eyes could meet. "I don't." Bond repeated, stroking calming circles onto the submissive's shoulders.

Q looked at him with wide eyes, feeling the last of his energy drain away. "You don't," he said numbly, more to himself than anyone, slumping forward in exhaustion.

Bond gently led him to the bed and sat him down. "You should really sleep, I can nap on the couch in the meantime." The dominant suggested, softly taking off the submissive's cardigan and then moving to his shirt.

Grasping Bond's hands, he looked up in desperation. "Don't leave me." Q pleaded, finally listening to what his instincts were practically screaming at him.

"Ok," the dominant answered softly, carefully taking hold of the wrists again. "But get into your pyjamas, ok?"

Q nodded tiredly and got a peck onto his forehead as reward. "I'll change in the bathroom." The agent nodded towards the room opposite the wardrobe and made his way through the door, leaving it open just a few centimetres.

Stumbling a bit, Q swiftly undressed and slipped into mint green and raspberry striped pyjama trousers and let himself fall onto the bed, only just awake enough to pull the covers up to blanket himself.

Already half asleep, Q felt someone slip in under the covers next to him and put a strong arm around him, effectively pulling the submissive towards the other body.

Warm… was all he thought before he was completely gone.

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