follow you down to the red oak tree

as the air moves thick through the hollow reeds

You're lost. You know it, of course you do, you're the world's only consulting detective, but John? He's lost about being lost. You know there's something you were supposed to tell him. But he seems incapable of listening. He preoccupied with... pulling you. By the wrist. It probably hurts. Hard to tell. You're not feeling much at the moment. Although you should be cold. It's December. John looks cold.

If you weren't lost, you would be hiking. You're traipsing. Or rather, John is traipsing and you're stumbling along behind him, being pulled relentlessly. If you weren't lost you would be hiking, not traipsing/stumbling. Big difference.

will you wait for me there until someone comes

to carry me, carry me down

You try to get John's attention. But he's not listening. Oh. Perhaps it's because he's talking to you, but you haven't heard a word he's said.

"SHERLOCK! Are you listening to me?"

"Yes John. I am now."

John looks astonished.

"We're lost."

You nod. John doesn't seem too pleased by this reaction.

"Sherlock! It's your fault we're in this mess."

"What mess?" you ask.

John only stares at you blankly, and you look away, embarrassed. You should know what he's talking about. But you don't.

see I have not, I have not grown cold

I have stole from men who have stole from those

with their arms so thin and their skin so old

but you were young, you were young, you were young

Why on earth are you outside in the winter anyway? A case perhaps. Likely. Why is John pulling you? Does he think you're a child who will get lost if he lets go? Hardly the case.

You are a fully grown man, although many people insist you don't act it all the time, and you're the only consulting detective in the world. (You invented the job) You can take care of yourself.

Or could if you knew what the hell you were supposed to be doing.

and somebody laughs like it's all just for hell

as though we could not be saved from the depths of the well

You have no clue where you are. Or how you got here. Why?

Do you need to be rescued? John seems rather unsettled. That would seem to indicate something is wrong. Perhaps it has something to do with being lost. Yes. That must be it.

But you try to think, and think, and nothing comes.

but the cloth that I make is a cloth you can sell

to pay for the gossamer seeds

Why is your brain not working? Are you in shock? SHOCK. Need a blanket. Blankets fix everything. It's entirely frustrating to think and think and have nothing appear. You feel broken. Does John know about this? Best not to bother him right now though.

names get carved in the red oak tree

of the ones who stay and the ones who leave

You notice that John has stopped pulling you. Stopped doing much of anything really. Odd. He was all gung ho a moment ago, and is now...

Oh. Passed out. Why?

You check. No blood.

Why is your face wet? It's cold. Freezing. Wet. Odd. How did that even happen? You want to curl up in a ball with John and forget what's happening, but it's too cold.

Must move on.

I will wait for you there with these cindered bones

so follow me, follow me down

Oh. John was unconscious. They were alone. In some forest. In winter. Bad. Very bad. And although you have no clue where you are or what you're supposed to be doing, you heave John over your shoulder and hike off in the direction that he was headed. Hiking. Because you're not lost.

follow me, follow me down

follow me, follow me down

follow me, follow me down

I'm coming John. I'm coming.