Monkey Contest

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Apparently, this game has a section dedicated to it on Fanfiction Net. It's also 1s years old. I don't sincerely care about it, so... here ya go. Enjoy.

Things weren't going quite well on Timber's Island. Dixie Kong and Tiny Kong were arguing with each other as the other racers simply watched on, glancing back and forth between the female monkeys.

"You're just a hollow shell of my glory!" Dixie insulted as she tossed her hands into the air. "There's no way you can replicate my success!"

Tiny growled as she pushed Dixie back. "At least I actually have my own moveset created from the ground up!" She stuck her tongue out at Dixie. "Besides, at least I actually got redesigned! You're still stuck in the nineties!"

Dixie stomped her right foot twice as she shook with rage. "Ooh, that's it! No more monkeying around!" She screamed angrily as she jumped on Tiny, pulling back her yellow hair. Tiny screamed as she tried getting Dixie off of her.

Pipsy rubbed the back of her head as she cleared her throat. "Err, excuse me, but..." She glanced at the other racers as she focused back on Dixie and Tiny. "If you two are so infuriated with each other, why don't you race?"

Dixie and Tiny glared at Pipsy for several awkward seconds, with Pipsy sighing as she shook her head.

Tiptup stepped up, trying to explain Pipsy's plight. "What I think Pipsy may be getting at is having a contest..."

Dixie smiled as she folded her arms. "A contest, huh? I like that."

Tiny nodded in agreement as she placed her hands on her hips. "Yeah! We can see who's really the better girl monkey between the two of us!"

Bumper folded his arms as he shook his head. "Oh boy, I got a bad feeling about this..."

Krunch chuckled as he ribbed Bumper, standing to his right. "Hey, as long as we get some hot female on female action, things will be fine!" He laughed, despite receiving glares from Dixie and Tiny.

And so it was decided. Dixie Kong and Tiny Kong would have a contest of several different matches between each other to see who was the best female on the entire island, disregarding Pipsy. Which one will win? Whoever does, the rest is mainly unaffected.