Dixie Kong and Tiny Kong were in the Fossil Canyon, both of them looking at the lake next to the temple. The other racers were there as Dixie and Tiny continued giving each other mean glances.

"I bet you can't make it in one fell swoop!" Dixie taunted as she blew a raspberry at Tiny.

Tiny slapped her butt at Dixie, growling at her. "Please! I got better swim reflexes than you!"

The two female monkeys jumped into the lake, snatching up as many yellow banana coins as possible. Dixie was getting more coins, so Tiny decided to catch her by the legs and hold her back. Dixie gasped as her eyes widened, trying to break free as she was unable to breath. Tiny let go, snatching up all the remaining coins as Dixie returned to the surface, gasping. Tiny came back up, laughing as she placed her hands on her hips, having snatched fifty six coins while Dixie only got fifty four coins.

"Ha! And you said I couldn't do it in one fell swoop!" Tiny taunted as she winked.

Dixie shook angrily as she glared at Tiny. "Ooh, that's because you held me back! I would have one if you didn't sabotage me!"

Tiny wrapped her arms around the back of her head. "Not my fault that you're easy to trick."

Dixie continued snarling as she started farting bubbles, much to the shock of the other racers, with Timber fainting.