Dixie Kong and Tiny Kong were now at the Crescent Island, one of the most popular race courses in the entire game. Pipsy and the o0ther racers watched as Dixie and Tiny were stabbing each other with fencing swords on the pirate ship, trying to knock each other off the boat.

"I got a tighter grip on the technical side!" Dixie exclaimed as she pointed at Tiny. "You might as well just give up now!"

Tiny scoffed as she rolled her eyes. "You wish, airhead!" She began twirling around, striking Dixie in the head, causing Dixie to fall on her butt. Dixie attempted to get back up, but she was stabbed by Tiny, causing her to fall off the pirate ship and into the salty seawater below.

The other racers applauded while Pipsy sighed, folding her yellow arms together as Tiny pumped her fists in excitement, with Dixie emerging out of the water, growling in annoyance.