Hey people, you may not know me as I usually write Jalex fan fiction on the Wizards Of Waverly Place side of the fan fiction spectrum and occasionally Creddie fanfics on the iCarly side. But, I find Dasey and Lizwin too cute to ignore so I'll try writing this fan fiction which should be a few chapters long. I do not own Life with Derek or any of its characters.

Edwin and Lizzie were riding home from school in Casey and Derek's car. "Derek, remember to top up the tank before we get home." Casey reminded Derek. "Of course, Casey. How could I forget that? Thanks for reminding me, dear sister." Derek said sarcastically. Casey was smiling at how civil Derek was acting even though he was being sarcastic. Edwin and Lizzie looked at each other when they saw this and shrugged to show that they knew nothing about this.

When they reached home, it was snowing out so Edwin and Lizzie cuddled together on the short walk back to the house. Casey and Derek however, acted very strange by their standards. Casey has been shivering due to her forgetting to bring a jacket from home. "Here Casey, take my jacket. Don't try to give it back as we both know that you need it more than I do." Derek said while wrapping his jacket around Casey. "Ok fine, but only if you share it with me." Casey told Derek before sharing the jacket with him.

"Edwin, Lizzie! How was school?" Marti asked enthusiastically. "School was great Marti, me and Michelle got partnered up for a project and I finished all of my homework during free period. We can go play something together if you want." Edwin told Marti. "Me and Jamie got partnered up for the project and my friends helped me with my homework during free period. How about me and Edwin take you to the park, Marti?" Lizzie told her younger-step-sister. With all of this happening, neither Edwin nor Lizzie noticed Casey and Derek walk into the house closely huddled together under Derek's jacket.

"Smerek! Why are you and Casey so close together?" Marti asked her big brother who was hugging her tightly. "Smarti, me and Casey are so close together because we had a bet to see who can last longer around the other without pulling away. "What? I thought we were..." Casey drifted off but she soon realized what Derek was doing and agreed to what Derek said. After that, Derek just dragged Casey up the stairs and into his room. "Is it just me or are those two being very close lately?" Lizzie asked her partner- in crime. "I think that after we get back from the park. We should bring out the super sleuth kit again as this is another mystery we have to solve." Edwin proclaimed to his step-sister and fellow tween. "I'll go check my Casey and Derek file to see if such a circumstance has ever happened." Lizzie told Edwin before she headed up into her room.

Casey was surprised when she entered Derek's room, it wasn't as messy as she expected and that made her less tense about entering Derek's room. "Why did you just drag me up here, Derek?" Asked Casey bluntly. Derek just rolled his eyes at this. "Besides the fact that I just saved you from having to explain yourself to the tweens and Marti why were you so close to me without complaining? Well, I may have noticed something something weird brewing in the household." Derek told his sister non-chalantly. "Ok, fine I thank you for that. But, what is brewing?" Casey asked her brother. "I think Edwin has gotten a crush on Lizzie, as they have been spending a lot of time together." Derek admitted to Casey's shocked expressions.

Edwin and Lizzie decided to just take a long walk to the park but they had to walk slower so Marti can keep up. "So, what did you find out from the Casey and Derek files?" Edwin asked his partner-in crime. "Well, I found out that this was the very first time that we have seen him and Casey get along for so long." Lizzie reported to Edwin. "I think I know why Smerek and Casey are acting like that! Marti exclaimed to her 2 siblings. "What do you think it is then Marti?" Edwin asked nicely. "I think Smerek and Casey are in love. Marti said simply. Both Edwin and Lizzie's eyebrows were raised at this idea as it sounded preposterous. The two tweens then decided to leave this issue to lie for awhile and will continue their discussions later.

"Edwin having a crush on Lizzie? What could possibly make you say that?" Asked Casey loudly. "Relax Casey, it was just an assumption. Judging from the amount of time they spend together and the way they act around each other, I'd say Lizzie also has some feelings for Edwin." Derek said while eating an apple. "You have a good point there, but they have always been close. What could make you think that things have changed between them?" Asked Casey curiously. "A few days ago, I went downstairs in the middle of the night to grab a snack and then I saw Lizzie and Edwin curled up on the couch with a blanket covering them." Derek told Casey. "Aww, that's so cute, I bet they fell asleep watching TV. Were they holding each other in their sleep?" Casey asked Derek with a lot of interest. Derek just nodded.

"So how was everybody's day at school today?" Nora asked her children over the dinner table. She heard Edwin and Lizzie tell how they got partnered up with Michelle and Jamie respectively for a school project. Marti then told everyone how she and Dimi just played in the sandbox at recess. Derek was talking about how he was going to jam with his band over the weekend. Casey said that she and Emily have been studying together. "Not that I want to ruin this but I find it kinda odd that Casey, you and Derek have not argued or insulted each other through this entire meal." George told Casey. "Me and Derek just decided that we wouldn't want to argue anymore and just try to get along." Casey told Nora and George. "Yeah, even I find that annoying Casey can only amuse me so much." Derek admitted to the disbelieving faces of his parents.

After dinner, Casey dragged Derek to her room to discuss the situation regarding their siblings. "So, are you sure that Edwin and Lizzie like each other?" Casey asked Derek. "I don't have concrete proof but all the signs point to that." Derek admitted. "Ok, but I think the first step is to find out if they do have feelings for each other before we do anything." Casey stated to which Derek just agreed.

Lizzie was lying on her bed wondering why has her older sister started to get along with Derek all of a sudden since she has always complained about hop annoying or obnoxious Derek is. As she was thinking, a note was slipped under her door. She walked over and read it. Games closet now. She knew who it was and quickly made her way to the games closet. "Lizzie, I think Derek is starting to like Casey." Edwin told his female counterpart. "I think they both have started to have feelings for each other."Lizzie said. The two of them then decided to do some snooping tomorrow after school as Derek has hockey practice and Casey is studying in the library.

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