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It's been quite awhile since Casey McDonald came into this office. I wonder how she and Derek are getting along. Paul wondered in his office. Ever since Casey stopped coming into his office on a daily basis, he had a lot more free time besides the occasional bullied kid or schoolgirl with a crush.


Casey and Derek have been acting weird lately. They have not argued in a few days and I swear that when Derek called her Space Case when we were studying in Casey's room, I saw her blush when she tried to shoo Derek away by threatening to blackmail him with something that I didn't catch. I hope Casey would tell me what's going on since I'm her best friend after all. Emily wondered as she lied down on her bed having tried studying and failed.


Derek and Casey hated each other. That was one of the common things in life besides death and taxes of course. But lately, Derek has been acting very weird around Casey. Like when we were having lunch at our usual table, Derek saw that Casey and Emily were sitting alone and went to sit with them. When I went over to join them, I saw that Derek and Casey were arguing but their banter seems to be playful and a bit like flirting. Sam thought as he jogged around the park to clear his head.

Venturi-McDonald Residence

Derek and Casey

"De-rek, where did you hide my class notes? We have a test next week and I only managed an A- in the last one." Casey said as she stormed into Derek's room.

"Don't blow your top, Space Case. I hid the notes somewhere in the house. I will tell you where it is if you give me what I want." Derek said to Casey with his signature smirk which made Casey blush.

"Fine. There you happy now? Where did you hide my class notes, Derek? I'm serious, I want to ace that test on Friday." Casey said after she gave Derek a kiss.

"That felt good but all that I can tell you is that I hope that you are not afraid of the cold." Derek told Casey before making her leave his room.

Casey just stood there dumbfounded and soon set on her way to find her class notes that Derek hid somewhere.

Lizzie and Edwin

Lizzie had managed to convince Edwin to join her Tae Kwon Do class. She had introduced him to her sensei and she had been assigned to teach Edwin the basic moves since she was already close with him.

Edwin sighed in tiredness as he sat in Nora's car on the way back home. How the hell did I get roped into going to Tae Kwon Do with Lizzie. Damn her and her cute puppy dog face, anyway I guess this could be worse. Edwin thought as they reached home.

"So, you guys should go take a shower since you two stink from your sweat." Nora told the two tweens.

"Lizzie, you go take your shower first. I think I'll go catch a little bit of my Saturday cartoons." Edwin told his girlfriend/step-sister.

"Ed, I've been meaning to ask but why did you suddenly want to join Lizzie's Tae Kwon do class since you mentioned that Saturday was your day off to watch cartoons." George asked his son and Edwin face slightly paled as he was looking at the TV.

"Well Dad, I lost a bet with Lizzie so she kinda forced me into it. But after experiencing it first hand, it doesn't seem to be as bad as I thought." Edwin said before mentally patting himself on the back to think of that excuse.

"Edwin, the worst part is yet to come. Usually, it hurts like hell the day after but considering how today's training was lighter than normal, it should not hurt as much. You can go take your shower now." Lizzie told her secret boyfriend as she walked down the stairs and plopped down on the couch.

"Lizzie, I know that you had good intentions on getting Edwin to pick up Tae Kwon Do but I think you should go easy on him for the next few days. Do you remember how cranky and in pain when you first tried Tae Kwon Do?" Nora told her youngest daughter as she sat down next to her.

I'm so happy that Edwin decided to join. I really feel sorry for him when Sensei pushed him hard during training. I think I know how to make it up to him. Lizzie thought as she was watching Danny Phantom.

Casey and Derek

"So do you understand how it happened now?" Casey asked as she tried to tutor Derek in history.

"Yeah, I think that I got it now. Thanks for helping me, Casey. Do I get my reward now?" Derek asked Casey hopefully.

"This is your reward. Now, why don't you pay attention when Mrs. Mason when she explains this in class? She explains it better than I do." Casey asked Derek after she pulled apart from their brief kiss.

"I don't know, I just can't seem to focus in class as I seem to be distracted by this pretty girl in our class." Derek said while sporting his patented Derek Venturi smirk.

"Oh, who is this girl? I think I should have a word with her for trying to steal my boyfriend." Casey said while trying to hide her fake-jealousy.

"Yeah, her name is Casey McDonald and she is one of the hottest girls in the entire school as well as being one of the smartest. The best part about her is that she lives right next to me." Derek teased Casey as they both lied on Derek's bed and held each other.

"Well, I think I have a crush on this wannabe bad boy named Derek Venturi. He's incredibly hot, more sensitive than he wants people to believe and smart but extremely lazy. The best part about him is that his bedroom is literally right next across the hall from mine." Casey said and Derek just attacked her lips with a fiery kiss.

"Smerek, why are you and Casey not arguing? Daphne says that she finds it weird how the house is so quiet when the two of you are getting along." Marti said when she entered the room.

"Well Smarti, I decided that I got better things to do than just annoy Space Case. I do have time to do that occasionally though." Derek said while silently thanking God that Marti had not walked into his room a minute earlier as he may have seen him and Casey making out.

"Yeah Marti, I don't always have the time to deal with Derek's nonsense. I'm happy that he decided to do something different with his life." Casey told Marti

Marti who was suspicious of her two older siblings decided that they will tell her when they are ready too, just picked up her toy and left to go play her dolls in her room.

Edwin and Lizzie

Edwin and Lizzie were just lying on Lizzie's bed chilling out. After the virtual hell hole of a training that Edwin had gone through in the morning, he was happy that he could just lie down and hold his girlfriend.

"I have a newfound respect for you since you have to go through that every week." Edwin said while kissing Lizzie's hair.

"I'm proud of you that you made it through the first day. On my first day, I was limping my way back home after the training." Lizzie said as she beamed at her boyfriend.

"I'm glad that me joining Tae Kwon do made you happy. There is nothing more that I could want than to make you happy." Edwin said and Lizzie just kissed him despite his cheesiness.

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