A/N: First of all, I'd like to thank everyone out there who reviewed this. AIADI just wouldn't be itself without all of you. In fact, I believe the worst review I've received to-date is "it was okay" and hey, that was on the first (and very cruddy) chapter! YAY!

Before we go, I'd like to provide short and to-the-point character bios. So you don't get too confused, you know?

I actually wrote this little note after I finished the very last chapter. This is for anyone who still reads the fic.


S-ILAK/SHADOW: [Tsunami Shadow] I know it's confusing. Shadow changes her name several times throughout the fic. Don't get confuzzled! Currently she's Tsunami Shadow. Look her up if you will! We've done a joint fic together! (Evil and Nonsensical Insanity) Like me, she's a hopelessly insane Brock and Tracey hater. Oh yeah, and she… REALLY… likes root beer.

TCL: [The Crimson Lugia] (it's ME!) TCL is the stupid, cookie-loving maniac. Everyone loves TCL… at least that's what she thinks. (but they should probably lock her up anyway, just to be safe)

Lccorp2: [Lccorp2 the Were-Umbreon] Lc hates Ash's guts. He's also the twisted mind behind Eskimo Jolteon. A sadistic, Eevee-lution-writing guy… who I suspect has something going with Dawn the Espeon.

PV: [PyroVulpix] Pyro's the lazy, cheese-nip loving Vulpix who's easily ignored. Unfortunately (for him), he's usually the victim of TCL's somewhat-gratuitous rants. A somewhat-regular character who's just waking up most of the time.

C9Y/YUI: [Corrector9Yui] Morty's her beau. The two are inseparable throughout most chapters. Has something against Koga and Bruno, but to Lance, she's his last hint of sanity in his poor, messed-up world.

FP/FLOWER: [Flower Powerer] Flower doesn't appear often, and when she does, it's not very long. Her Typhlosion, Ty, is a real… well, uh… pain sometimes. Flower was also the (before it was removed from the site) author of the Interactive Pokemon Game Show, a spoof of which is made in chapter 34.

Dawn: [Dawn the Espeon] Dawn is the rudely-introduced Disclaimer guest in pretty much every single one of Eskimo Jolteon's disclaimers. For AIADI, Dawn is only used once- and it's involuntarily. As usual.

Esther: [Princess Esther of Hyrule] She and Giovanni? Hookin' it up! YAY! I guess. I never really liked 'Vanni, but for her sake (and my physical health…) I'll do my best not to insult him.

Dclick: [Dclick] Yes, I know the first "C" is capatilized. What do you know, my stupid computer won't let me do it. Anyway, Dclick is one of my partner-in-Creatures! Yep! We go WAY back… to the good ol' days. Anyway, DC is a typical Ash fan with her character Haze… And… geez, that description really needed some more thought.

Sonicrazy: [Sonicrazy91] Sonicrazy is a blue Celebi who hardly ever gets any lines. TCL likes bossing him around. He gets hyper at brief intervals throughout the fic.

Mewchu11: [Mewchu11] Ee! I'm so sorry for not including you more! Anyway, Mewchu11, from what I understand, has 10 previous… clone self… thingies… Mewchus 1-10. Look at Chapter 41 for an example on how they talk…

WILL: The smart one. Next to Karen, of course. Not all of Will's ideas are all that bright. He's kind of cowardly at times, fleeing from imminent danger (by teleporting off to another land for his own enjoyment). He takes advantage of being TCL's favorite, although he isn't really NICE sometimes.

KOGA: Koga's in-between. Mostly, he's just in there to "fill in the gaps". Plus, whatever would the elite do without his constant squeaking? As good as poor Koga's intentions are, he often ends up annoying people.

BRUNO: Bruno's IQ drops with the chapter, as one of my reviewers pointed out. He's tough, but he's also whimpy. He's sane, but he's also CRAZY. He's smelly, but he's also… smelly.

KAREN: Like Will, Karen takes advantage of TCL's favoritism… She can be nice, but normally, everyone else annoys her too much. She's kind of EVIL. It's not her fault. She lives a crazy life.

LANCE: Poor Lance is often picked on by the author, although the author herself doesn't dislike him at all. Besides Koga and Bruno, Lance is usually the misfortunate victim.

Guest appearances are also made by various characters, such as the Digi-destined, chars from Jimmy Neutron, Rocket Power, Hey Arnold, etc. Even Gilligan's Island! WTH?!?! But whatever happens, the world of Pokemon is always ALIVE and KICKIN', as well as very, very INSANE. Spontaneity is food for the soul… Or something like that.

Oh yeah- and when I make references to past chapters, it refers to the chapter directly after it, since this is now counted as the "first chapter".