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"Danny Phantom!" The Danny Phantom theme song ended just as I got microwave beeped, like it was timed down to the last second. "Popcorn!" One of my younger cousins yelled from the living room. I opened the door, taking out the bag of popcorn before shutting the door. "I know Clea. I'm getting to it." I grabbed two bowls out of the cabinet and poured the containments of the bag into them. Putting a handful more into the second bowl.

Making a quick detour to throw away the empty bag then continued with the two bowls towards the living room. "Munchkins, share the food." I said sitting the bowl between my two cousins.

Clea, her full name is Clearance, is nine years old. She was skinny as she was tall, coming up to my nose in height wise. Her bobbed hair and high cheekbones gave her a mature act, too bad her stuck up bossy attitude personality ruined it. I don't recall a time that she wasn't smiling unless she was having a fit. She was nearly out of elementary school, and she was still a snot nose brat.

Gabe, Gabriele, turns five in November and is Clea's younger brother. Like his sister, he was as bossy as could be. As the only boy in my generation of the family and the only one with blue eyes. He was a grandpa's boy, more than anything. And I thought that I was spoiled, not compared to my youngest cousin at least.

Normally I despised watching these two cousins, especially if I was alone with them. But every other person in my family was busy with work or fireworks tents, so I was stuck with them. The only good thing about it is that I can show the two the shows that I grew up. The good old 90's classics, something that they were seriously lacking in.

So I started with a Danny Phantom Season 1and I planned to go on from there. I was just about to sit down, when the doorbell rang. At least I didn't actually sit down, I sighed, "I'll be right back." I walked through the hall and down the stairs to the front door, leaving Danny Phantom still playing and my two cousins watching it, already hooked onto the show.

By the time I got the door unlocked and opened, I could only see a package at my doorstep and the UPS guy getting back into his truck. Did Dad order another model, again? Or did Mom decide that she needed a new scrapbooking program? I doubt that Emily actually bought those personalized batman converse.

I bended down to read the package information. Stamp onto several sides was 'Fragile' in big bold, red block letters. Though that didn't tell me much about it's contents besides that it could break easily. I carefully turned the package so I could see who sent the package. 'To Ms. Kristine Bell', I read the print on the card. So it was for me, it's probably some diabetic thingy.

So what if my dad and aunt both have the disease, no one else in my family has it. And that includes me, annoyed I looked at the sender. 'From Second Life Industries', Second Life, isn't there an online game with the same name. I almost got an account on that website, but the kid who set next to me in German last year said that the game sucked. So I never signed up for it, in the end.

The only other Second Life that I know is a video game in a light novel series, ½ Prince. It could be a prank. I thought mildly, it's something Sabrina would do, Robin and Kat too. But I don't know where they would bet the resources for a prank like this. I dragged the cardboard box back into my house, planning to open it later. It was a good thing that this package came today, so that I was the one to first see it. If Dad got this, he would open it before I ever knew that this box existed.

I shut the door with my foot behind me. Going down the stairs to the basement I turn towards my room. The basement was separated into two separated sealed rooms by a small extra room that connected to the stairwell and a screened in porch. The room had a small plasma screen, a X-Bow 360, a PS3, a WII, a cabinet for the games, containers for controllers, a blu-ray player, a mixture a movies and books, a love seat, a wooden computer desk, and a rolling chair. The hard oak flooring didn't have any scratches or stains on it. The walls were left a plain white, but had different selves with knickknacks that we've collected over the years.

Balancing the box in one hand I opened my door. My room was directly underneath the laundry room which was underneath the stairs that led from the upstairs to the entry hallway. My sister's room was underneath the garage, but she got a full bathroom directly attached to her room. Lucky but unlucky, too.

I had a silver full sized bed attached a little over halfway up my wall. A matching silver ladder hanged off the edge closest to the door. And a silver bulkier futon was underneath the first bed. On the side next to the two beds was a white shelving unit that reached the ceiling. On it was my laptop, an alarm clock, two lamps, and other miscellaneous items.

My art desk and dresser were on the other side of the room. A multi colored storage desk for my finished pieces was next to my closest doors. I had a small tv, that was duct tape that I painted an different versions of my name. Cursive, block, bubble, graffiti, and anything else that I found on the web.

The tv sat on top of my desk that I used as a partition for my room. My desktop, monitor, scanner, and the rest of my computer stuff were neatly organized inside of my doubled sided desk. I had a light brown shaded carpet that covered my entire floor. My white walls were covered with varies anime and video game posters, and my bigger pieces.

I set the box next to my futon and went to my art desk to get a pair of scissors. I planed on opening the package before my parents got home. I cut the tape holding the flaps easily. Inside my mysterious package was a small square Styrofoam that was a little larger than my head. A clear plastic bag held several paper books, manuals I guessed. I saw other Styrofoam containers, but ignored them going straight for the books. The first thing that you should do ever do is read the fine print it always has the answers.

I ripped the bag apart and inspected its contents. The biggest book really was a manual 'Second Life Guidebook and Instructions', a small letter was crammed inside it, another booklet, and a health and safety guide. Tearing through the letter first, it read:

Congratulations, you have been chosen to when a free Second Life system with all of it components as part of our American Expansion Promo. Along with the Second Life headset, we've included a limited edition console so you can keep up with your messages anywhere at anytime. Also the language translation software lets you converse freely with anyone, despite their nationality.

Yeah, Yeah, I get it. Really a great honor. Insert description of the Second Life game here. Either my friends pulled out all of the stops in this prank or this is a dream, because there is no way that the Second Life, from a Korean novel, system exists in reality. Well, I could be crazy, but now days who isn't.

I continued reading the letter it revealed that if I logged on within a week I would receive a special super rare limited edition item. Other special offers would only I would be able to get because I was testing the English translation of the game, only several weeks after the Korean launch.

I grabbed the guidebook, and then I left my room turning off the lights and shutting the door behind me. It wouldn't take much to figure out if it was a prank or not, but for now I had a job to do. Who knows what the munchkins would get up to if I stayed in my bedroom indefinitely. But that won't stop me from going through the manual first.

By the time I got back to the living room fifteen minutes had passed. "Who was at the door?" Clea asked reaching for a handful of popcorn from the bowl next to her. "It was just a prank, nothing to worry about." Clea was curled up on the black leather coach with a bowl of popcorn in her lap. Gabe was leaning off my chair, eating out of the second bowl. "You were supposed to share the first bowl." I deadpanned sitting in the chair opposite of Gabe.

"If you wanted it, you shouldn't of left it," Gabe answered not looking away from the screen as Danny defeated the enemy ghost. Shrugging it off I opened the manual and began reading it. "Lazy Person what are you reading?" If I wasn't really good at hiding my emotions, my eyebrows would've twitched at my cousins nickname for me.

I didn't even know why Clea calls me that, but ever since my sixteenth birthday that has been her nickname for me. Emily was really mad when her Easter gift card to us was signed to 'Aunt Juliette, Uncle Robert, Em, Harry, and Lazy Person', but she is the best actor in the family for a reason. But I haven't heard her call me by my real name in over a year.

"A print out for an online game that I'm thinking of playing. I want to read the rules before I make my final decision first though." I answered flipping the page. "Then why not read it online?" My cousin was too curious for her own good some of the time. "Because I'm more comfortable with reading it on paper." Just the table of contents, I thought flipping the page again, " And no you can't get an account. You have to be older than fourteen to register legally, without parenteral consent."

This was the truth, written in the manual, at least whoever made this did their homework. "Mommy will allow it!" She spoke with such definitely, but I knew better. "No she won't, you have to buy membership to get an official account. I'm paying with money from work, so unless you want to give up on your IPod fund…" She seemed to get the point after that because she stopped bugging me about it.

"Kristy, next episode!" Gabe demanded throwing the remote at me. I cached it with ease. "Don't throw, you could hurt somebody! Understand?" My voice was stern and cold, I really didn't like kids, and that was one of the two sides that I showed Gabe. The other being my childish, geeky side, which was the only reason why he didn't hate me.

"Sorry, Kristy!" He said loudly, "Next episode!" God, he was demanding and annoying, was I really like him ounce. I find that really hard to believe. I clicked the next episode in the series and went back to the manual. After the munchkins left, I would go through the rest of the Second Life package and when I go to bed I would try out the 'headset', to see if it was the real deal or if it was just a prank of reality.

But if it really was just a prank my friends would have hell to pay.

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