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It took us one day to reach Star City, we travelled mostly in silence, and let our two pets kill the stray mobs that wondered unto our path. In the outskirts of the city we found the next member of our team. The meeting was a complete accident, Amai wanted to go to one of the pubs and I wanted to explore the city.

I got her to go with me when I asked her if she even knew where a good pub was. The answer was of course no, so she agreed to follow me just until we reached one. At that point she planed to go steal from a drunken male, so that she upgrade her Player Theft skill.

Somehow we managed to walk the full perimeter of the city without coming across one pub. Amai never ounce thought to look at the map of the city, it showed where all of the bars, shops, and inns were. I heard the yell coming from the alley, first, I still had good hearing in game, it wasn't as good as my super hearing in the real world but it was still better than most could say.

"Just leave me alone!" The female voice was familiar to me, so I decided to check it out. Leaving Amai and our two pets behind, I dashed for the source of the cry. Cornered at the end of the alley was a familiar girl. She had short light blue hair that curled around her boyish face, matching teal blue child eyes had tears in their rims, pale white chibi angel wings sprouted from her back, and she was wearing a dark blue baby doll puff dress with the matching frill accessories.

She was cornered by a group of three thugs. A small party of a wolf-man, elf, and dark-elf each of them had a matching black cloak on. In-between the girl and the small party was a guy in a brown cloak that completely covered his entire body except for the bottom of his face. His skin color was a deep shade of purple, was he a demon. I didn't know you could play a demon in Second Life…

It seemed like the cloaked man and the party of three where in a fight with the girl watching with a terrified expression on her face. I had thought that carrying my boomerang around in the newbie village would have been awkward so when I got close to the gates I unequipped the weapon and stored it in my inventory. Since then, I haven't needed to fight myself so it stayed unequipped.

Now would be the perfect time to use it, the cloaked man did look like he was losing the battle. Hurrying I equipped my special made weapon and prepare to use my Monster Throw ability to aim at the party. I only had one shot at a supersize attack, and it had to at least take out one of them. But I couldn't see what their classes where with their cloaks, only their HP and their race.

If I had had to guess though the elf was a healer, the wolf-man was a close ranged fighter, and the dark elf was another closed ranged fighter or a mid ranged fighter. Going with my gut I aimed for the elf first. A second later the elf was flung into the brick wall and then disappeared in a white light back to the rebirth point. All eyes went straight my way as I catch the wooden object. The instrument of death, if this was real life that elf would be dead right now. But it's not, this is just a game, at least to the players it is.

"Don't you know that it's rude to gang up on players?" I asked sarcastically recognizing that I that I should say something. "Aren't you the smart-ass." The wolf-man snorted, "Normally we would just let you go, but you killed Clearance." He gave off a toothy grin, that would send Kristen running. But right now I wasn't Kristen the anime geek, I was Pandot a warrior in the Central Content.

"So sorry but we're going to have to kill you." The dark elf whispered behind me. When did he get there, I thought trying to sidestep him. I felt a sharp pain in my left side, as my HP gave a drastic drop. If I wasn't used to the high realism by now, I would've dropped to the ground in pain. I threw my boomerang at him, but he parried with his weapon, a sliver trident.

He wasn't that physically strong, so I could easily push him back but with how we were holding up we would be locked into this stalemate. His only chance would be if our contact was broken and he moved quicker than I could attack him. My only chance would be if he got distracted long enough for me to land a hit. Speed versus strength that was the type of battle this was.

That was until Gaara got here, my slow pet would defiantly follow me to this alley. Register the speed based dark elf as an enemy because he was guarding against me, and attack. If I was lucky Amai and Beast would join in too. The cloaked man was fighting the wolf-man behind me. "Be careful girly, if you get sidetracked you might die." The dark-elf said in a thick accent, suddenly pushing forward.

The sudden burst of strength caused me to loose my balance and fall on my but, the fight behind me wasn't doing much better. Then the dark elf was eclipsed in a bright light, signaling his death and departure to the rebirth point. "I was wondering why you suddenly. But did you have to get your self involved in such a fight?" I could hear Amai ask from the entrance to the alley.

"Sorry, I just got caught up in the moment," I said sheepishly, shrugging as Gaara leapt on me. Two giant tears in his eyes, did he miss me that much or did Amai do something… "'Caught up in the moment'? That's no reason to be a hero, it's a waste of the money and experience we already have." She pulled me to my feet. I couldn't bring myself to look her in the eye, it took everything I had to whisper one sentence. "Amai-san, I wouldn't have died either way, so the experience points wouldn't be lost."

The death penalty, was common in most online games. The basis for it was simple, when you get killed experience points, money, and even the items in your inventory are lost. If you're killed by another player then they get these things, but if's it's by a mob they're lost. That's the basic idea of it, but I honestly thought that it was more complicated.

"Your not so invincible as to be granted a reprieve from death, just because it hasn't happen to yet doesn't mean that it won't!" She hissed at me, silently I thought that she had some personal matter with death but did not mention these. "That wasn't what I meant, even I could tell that in that situation I was sure to die. But I knew, that you were going to follow me. I knew…"

The fire seemed to be sucked out of her at my words, she was supersized by me, it was something unexpected. I was that is, to her I was a strange and foreign thing and she didn't know what to think or feel because of it. This was fine with me, it wasn't the first time someone thought of me like that, and it wouldn't be the last. You see my brain worked at a really strange pace. Sometimes things click easily but then I forget them in a hour or so. Other times I can work for days to remember something, and then never forget it.

That was why I loved anime and video games so much, even if I ever forgot something it was easy to just restart. Just live everyday like it's your last, doing the things you enjoy and love. It sounds cliché but I honestly believed it. "You did it again," She murmured. Acting like I didn't hear her I turned to the wolf-man, the little girl, and the cloaked man.

Jut as I gave them my attention, the wolf-man HP reached zero, and he shot off to the rebirth point. The little girl was holding a giant hammer twice her size, it was unbelievable that she actually had the strength to lift it above her head. "Daemon! Are you okay?" She yelled out as she ran to the cloaked man. Again I had the feeling that I knew this girl, but that shouldn't be possible. The only people I've seen are the American players who came to Tikinol's cave after me and- It couldn't be, could it?

"I'm fine Snowdrop, it's nothing a few health potions won't fix." He had a high but even voice there was a certain mysteries feel to it. "You can deal with your health later. If we don't get out of here, those guys can just come back again." Amai said as we approached them, Gaara and Beast trialing behind us. The two of them turned to look at us. Snowdrop's face twisted in reconnection when we made eye contact, "Pandot!"

She didn't even bother to act like she didn't know me, I thought that's like saying that I was right in thinking that. "Ah, yeah it's been a while, but last time you didn't tell me your name." She didn't seemed surprise by my reaction no it was like she expected it. "Sorry about that!" she laughed it off, "Whose your friend?" Both Daemon and Amai were giving us strange looks. "This Amai, an elf thief. What about yours?"

"This is Daemon," She leaned in closer to me, "Don't tell anyone but he's a demi-god~." She said it lie she knew a major secret that we didn't.

"A demi-god?" I haven't heard of that class before, and I read through the entire instructional book.

"Wha… So you're really a demi-god. That one in a million shot, the strongest race in Second Life," Amai practically shouted.

"Amai what are you talking about? Demi-gods being the strongest race?" Confused I turned so I could see all three of them at the same time. "You don't know?" Amai asked, Snowdrop giggled and Daemon sighed, "You really are uniformed aren't you?" Just what exactly does that mean, for your information I've read the entire manual and handbook cover to cover. "You know about the English patch that happened several weeks ago, right?"

"When a hundred headsets were randomly disrupted to other nations, right?" I knew about it because a letter came with my helmet explain that I was one of the one hundred lucky people. "At the same time, a special was hosted on the Second Life website. If you created your account at the right time, you could chose to play as a demi-god. But the offer was only given to a select few, no one knows the exact number."

His informative way of speaking, ruined the mysteries feel about him. It didn't even matter that I could only see the bottom part of his face, if only he stayed silent. "But everyone knows that a demi-god is the strongest race in Second Life, just knowing one is a big deal!" Snowdrop interrupted Daemon's explanation, rather happily.

"Unlike normal races are suited for class, wolf-man as a warrior or a celestial as a mage, although it's unusual to see someone in a class that doesn't fit their race it's not unheard of, it's still pretty rare. Demi-gods, like humans, can be well suited for any class, but they gain more experience per kill than any other race. There's even a rumor that if you party with a demi-god, you can level up quicker!"

"It's no wonder your wearing a cloak, if someone recognized you…" Amai trailed off, I was supersized that she hadn't tried to get Daemon to join us yet. It felt out of character for her to be acting so… Normal. "You still haven't told us your class, you know." I changed the subject, any longer on the currant topic would turn awkward. Daemon didn't answer me, and I thought that this was an even worse topic. "Daemon's a shaman!" Snowdrop answered, bumping up and down. Don't ask how that's possible, it just is.

"A shaman? Does that mean that you know a lot of buffs?" I asked Daemon who just nodded in my direction. "That's nothing compared to the skills of a thief. Everyone knows that thieves are the best class to have!" Amia said proudly.

If I haven't gone through Shaman King, I would have no idea what a shaman was. "Can we continue this conversation somewhere else, I'm sure we'd all like a change of scenery." Amai linked arms with me, dragging me towards the alley entrance. "Ah, Amai! I can walk on my one." Frantically waving my free arm I yelled at her. Behind us Snowdrop started pulling Daemon too, following us. "Do either know where a good bar is? We've walked around the entire city and haven't found any."

The two of them shared a look, "Why didn't you just check the map?" Daemon said bluntly. Amai froze her grip on my arm tightening, "Pandot? What does he mean 'check the map'?" Oh, Kami-sama, she's going to kill me.

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