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This Drabble is a Collaboration between MinaBR and AnImaginary Mann - the former writing as Edward, the later as Bella.

Two Updates a day until the Epilogue.

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AN2: Chapter by MinaBR.

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight. No copywright infringement intended.

As I watch the snow falling outside, I cling to the illusion of warmth this cosy coffee house provides. However, the inescapable truth is that there is no reprieve from the coldness enveloping my heart. I'm a man doomed to wallow in sorrow and dream of a do over, for my happy ending came long ago in the form of a love that should have overcome any obstacle, endured any proof... and it would have, had it not been for me. The recklessness of youth prevented me from seeing the extent of my idiocy, the repercussions of my thoughtless actions.

There is the old hopelessness carving a hole within my chest, the familiar guilty for altering the course of destiny and the pain of knowing that she has forgotten me. There is also a new feeling lurking in the fringes, a spectrum of will, an almost urge to reclaim the life that should have been mine. Yes, it should have been mine... but I made the choice and she stuck by it, now both of us have to live with the consequences of immature behaviour and poor decisions.

The howling wind sings a lament for my lost love, the one for whom my heart still bleeds.

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