A Brief Little Thing...

I know I'm working on a FanFiction right now. Actually, I'm working on two, but I put the Harry Potter one on hiatus due to the amount of work I need to do to get it up, and the hating I've gotten on it.

Okay, I know I'm in the middle of a big project, but I started re-reading the Maximum Ride series so I can be ready for the "last" one. I say last like that cos of how "School's Out... Forever" was supposed to be that last one. Besides, the series, in my view, can't end without a book entitled "Iggy".

Yeah, I'm an Iggy fan. For all those girls who love Fang cos he's dark and dangerous, I say... get as far as you can from my stories. I don't focus so much on danger as I do funny scenes and lines. If you ignore this and complain later about the lack of danger, I will just direct you here. And you will see how stupid you looked.

Some months ago, I got hooked on Marvel. Before that, I was just watching the Fantastic Four movies. Before that, I was an Archie girl. Before that... I stayed the hell away from comic books.

So, I watched the Spider-man movies, and the X-Men movies, and got hooked. Since our town's used book store started carrying comic books, I started buying some... But I can't buy any right now, cos I'm saving up for Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, and since I don't have either right now, I need fan fiction to keep me going.

Anyway, the majority of my collection is Excalibur. I have a thing with Kurt Wagner, cos he has one of the best powers in the world (teleporting) and he's like my X-Men Iggy, despite what anyone would say about any other character being funnier. All I can say is, I went into [the TV show available on Netflix streaming] X-Men: Evolution going Huh... who the hell is that?, and went out going, Oh, he was SO good!

So, just let me tell you, if you didn't already guess, this will be an X-Men: Evolution/Maximum Ride crossover. I'm not sure yet, but I think the two main characters listed will be Iggy and Kurt. (Oh, man, think of it... Iggy and Gasman getting another person to pull pranks with them) I'll start with an actual real chapter, and perhaps another, and go do my Doctor Who fanfic while I wait for requests for more. Then, after ten or so positive reviews, I'll think about doing more.

Okay, so basic facts about this story:

Genre: CROSSOVER; X-Men: Evolution, Maximum Ride

Main Characters: Iggy (Maximum Ride) and Kurt Wagner (X-Men: Evolution) [?]

Time Period: Unknown. Just when the Flock is together, and when Rouge has run away again. Oh! And when the world has discovered mutants.

...Okay, that was a bit of a run-on. Hopefully my parents will give me permission to have a blog, so I can put out run-ons that necessarily don't have anything to do with my fanfiction stuff. Let's just hope my chapters will be as long as this!

So... enjoy the story and hopefully you'll have nothing but good things to say!

-Della Lynlee

(PS if I do get a blog, it'll either be on blogspot or journal, and I'll have the same username)