Austin Tucker is a leader of a hard core gang. He recently hooked up with the sister of his rival gang's leader. Big mistake. The rival leader, Stan, decides to get revenge and not in the traditional way.

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Austin's POV:

This was it. The perfect way to get under Stan's skin. I'm going to sleep with his younger sister. Yesterday while I was spying on him, I witnessed a touching scene between him and his sister. His sister is even halfway decent, pretty face but chubby body. Bonus! I would bang her even if she had one eye, just to irritate Stan. And it would be worth it.

"Here she comes," I said quietly to my second in command, as I saw the girl's wide set frame stepping into the café we were in.

Putting on a façade, he shook my hand politely and walked away, meeting with the rest of my gang around the corner. Time to put on the famous Austin Tucker charm.

"Hello," I said smoothly as she passed me.

Startled, she looked up and blinked. "H-hi…" She stuttered uneasily. Clearly she wasn't used to guys as attractive as me coming to talk to her. Maybe they would if she put on some make up, lost some weight and put on some perfume, or at least deodorant. Before, I said she was half decent. Looking at her up close, I realized I was horribly wrong. Oh well, it'll be worth it when Stan hears about this.

"May a buy you a coffee?"

"M-me?" She said, surprised.

"Yes. It would be an honor to have coffee with such a pretty young lady." Sometimes, I even amaze myself with how charming, and a great liar, I am.

"Sure," she said, still slightly uneasy but noticeably soothed by my lie.

By the time we finished coffee, I had a date with her tonight. I'm taking her to a club, and end the party back at my place.

"It's going down tonight!" I said excitedly, picturing Stan's reaction.

"Was there ever any doubt?" a guy named Sam joked.

"Of course not, I just like letting everyone know how awesome I am with the ladies. Sam you could use some pointers," I replied, causing everyone to laugh, except Sam who was tomato red.

"After tonight, expect a nuclear reaction from Stan. We have just thrown the biggest insult to him and his gang. The fact that his sister slept with me, his rival, will kill him!" I said laughing. Soon everyone else joined in. Tonight was going to be a night to remember.

Stan's sister, Amy, was slightly tipsy and totally grinding on me. "Want to go back to my place?" I leaned down and whispered in her ear seductively.

"Sure!" she said eagerly.

I lead her to the car and drove her to my upscale apartment. As soon as we got through the door, she grabbed me and started making out with me. Damn, this girl is strong! I led her to by bedroom, without breaking the kiss.