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This a AU, obviously. So if you don't like AU's (I used to hate them, now love them) then don't read. I don't like haters… or bugs.

So enjoy! :D

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A Phantom Story


I run through the empty road of the dark hole in front of me. This new town was freakish to me. It was always dark, always so quiet. My footsteps don't even make a sound. My old town was better. It was friendly, bright, and happy. Even though I'm Goth, it was still a great place to be.

I miss my parents. They went on without me. Left me here with my abusive Aunt and Uncle. They don't care about me, they just drink and smoke. The things I wouldn't do in a million of years. Everyone acts strange around here, too. My friend Valerie, she seems she's hiding something. Like a secret. What could the secret be? Well, not that I'm curious or anything. She can tell me anything when she's ready.

Valerie is a good friend. She stood up for me when Paulina -the most popular girl in school- made fun of me. Paulina said these sobriquets that I heard people say behind my backs through my other years of high school. Like "loser", "Goth Freak", "Freak", "Weirdo", "Slut", "Big Mouth", and other ridiculous things.

And just by the memories, it still hurts me. When my parents… lets just say vanished, people were even meaner. I know I said the town was friendly and all, but the kids were cruel. They called me "Homeless", "Nobody", "Weak", "Cry Baby". Those kids I tell you, they're going straight to hell. I still can't believe they said those cruel sobriquets to me. But I wouldn't change anything for the world. Because my past, only made my future stronger. Back then I was only a weak, defenseless girl. But now, I'm an independent, strong, and healthy woman. No words can bring me down.

As I run through the dark night, my heart pounding, and my legs aching, I see a green glow. It shines above the darkness. I could see the white snow hair and glowing green eyes. I stop short. My eyes never leaving the sight. It catches my eye, and I gasp. It puts up a finger, telling me to be silent. I obey. It comes closer, closer, and closer until it's finally an inch away from me. I freeze. I don't even breathe. I just stare at it. What is it doing? Who is it? A ghost?

It then because intangible. I can tell I have a confused look on my face. Then I can feel cold lips on my ear. I then start to panic. What is going on? What is this spirit doing?

And then I hear it. I hear his voice. He's whispering. Whispering a word I must obey.


Confused? Don't worry, it will be explained soon.

This idea was killing me to write. I'm sorry, I thought it was a good plot. I thought if I didn't write it and forgot about it, I would regret it.

Sorry its short too. But hey, it's the prologue. Its supposed to be short. Next chapter will be longer. And that's another promise (:

So what's gonna happen? What is Sam running from? Who is this ghost, and why is he telling her to run? Find out in Chapter 2 :D