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And happy 2014! Last time I updated it was last year.

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Okay let's move on to the story, shall we?


I do not own Danny Phantom.

A Phantom Story

Chapter 19

I looked with horrified, widened eyes as I saw the army of ghosts flying at us with full time speed, eager to destroy and rip us apart. I swallowed the lump in my throat and looked at Danny. His hands started glowing neon green and his eyes narrowed, glowing a darker green. He then stood in front of me protectively as the ghosts came closer. I crossed my arms. I could take care of myself. I didn't need a liar to protect me.

Just then Vlad appeared in front of the army. I could tell Danny tensed at this, shocked that Vlad was there. I then realized something: Where was Aunt Susan?

There was no time to think of that because the second the ghosts were close enough, Danny flew towards them and gave the first punch to Vlad. Vlad, who was caught off guard (surprisingly since he was ready to punch him) fell to the ground. While Danny was busy with Vlad, one of the ghosts in the army decided to fly towards me. I stood there, paralyzed. What the hell do I do? Punch, kick, run away from it?

I surprised myself when I stood in a fighting position, with my fists in front of my face and my legs spread apart. The ghost noticed my sudden of position and realized I was "ready" to fight. It smirked and it's hands glowed. My eyes widened. Oh no.

The ghost's hand rose up and aimed it at me. I closed my eyes tight and shielded myself with my arms, even though the pain would still come. As I waited for the blast, I realized that I didn't end up being the one getting hurt. Unfortunately, when I open my eyes, I see Toby floating in front of me, his back facing me, his hands glowing, and the ghost on the ground. I smiled. I knew he would come back.

Toby then turned around and glared at me. "Sam get to safety! Its dangerous here!" I shook my head.

"No, I'm not leaving you alone with these ghosts, Toby!" I yelled at him. It was his time to shake his head. He then picked me up and flew me back in Fenton Works. My eyes widened as I remembered Aunt Susan was still in there. I looked at Toby with pleading eyes for him to put me down, but he ignored.

As he landed in the living room, he put me down. It was then he saw Aunt Susan, who was just gaining consciousness. She looked at Toby and her eyes narrowed at him. She flew towards him and put her hand on his neck, choking him.

"WHO ARE YOU!?" She screamed at him. His eyes widened in fear.

"Mom, its me! Toby! Your son!" he yelled. Aunt Susan's hand loosened and she walked backwards. She looked at the floor in thought and indecision in what to believe.

Toby stiffened as her eyes met his again. Her face that was full of anger became shocked, confused, and little bit of happiness. She began to walked towards him. Once she was close to him, she touched his cold cheek, tears forming in her eyes, but she quickly blinked them away.

"Is… is it really you… Toby?" she asked, her voice shaky.

"Yes, mom. Its me, I promise."

"Oh my baby boy!" she cried as she grabbed him into a huge embrace. I then stood there, awkwardly, as they reunited. I then heard screams from outside and ran out there without thinking. I saw Danny surrounded by all those ghosts, getting beaten. Even though I hated him right now, didn't mean I want him to die.

"DANNY!" I screamed. Instead of running away from the danger, I ran towards it. I believed I could take down these ghosts. I was strong, right?

As I ran closer, there was a huge blast that knocked most of the ghosts down. I looked where the blast had come from and found someone in a red jumpsuit, on a silver flying board, with what seemed like a ectogun in her/his hand. The person then took her mask off.

"Sam, what are you doing here!? Run!" she yelled.

"Valerie?" I said in shock. It was then the ghosts got back up and floated towards her, blasting her out of the sky. "Valerie!" I ran towards where she landed. She quickly got up, her hand on her stomach where the ghost shot her.

"I'm fine," she said. I nodded. "Get to safety."

"You fight ghosts?" I asked, ignoring what she said.

"Yes, now go!" she yelled. She then flew away to help Danny. I followed her, the opposite of what she told me, to help her. As I was running, I saw Tucker coming my way. When did Tucker get here? Once he was close, he handed me two things that looked like a bracelet and a can of soup.

"What are these?" I asked.

"The bracelet is the Fenton Wrist Ray and the thermos is the Fenton Thermos. They'll help. For the Fenton Wrist Ray, just press the top button and it'll blast ecto energy. And for the Fenton Thermos, do the same thing, but it'll catch the ghosts. Got it?" Tucker instructed. I nodded. "Good. Be safe." He then ran towards the ghosts, helping Danny and Valerie. I looked at the Wrist Ray and smiled. I put it on and tested it by blasting a ghost. It worked and my smile grew. I could get used to this.

I tried the Fenton Thermos and a blue wisp came out and captured the ghost I blasted. I grinned. One down, about twenty to go.

Toby had tagged along again, accepting that I was playing in this game. Aunt Susan had apparently changed sides, saying she would rather be on her son's side than against him. So, she was fighting with us, which helped a lot. Danny was up and fighting again, since there were less ghosts to fight because of our help. Tucker and Valerie were still standing, fighting by each other's side.

After getting hurt by blasts and punches by ghosts and blasting and hitting them back, the army of ghosts were gone and it was just Vlad floating there, with scars and bruises on his face. Our team gathered around Vlad, our weapons out, ready to defeat him for good.

"Give up, Vlad. You're surrounded. With one blast, you're down." Danny threatened, gritting his teeth.

"I wouldn't count on it, Daniel. You know I'll be back. And then, I'll finally destroy you."

"You wish. You say that every time I defeat you, and you'll say that again the next time I defeat you, and the next until you finally give up." Before Vlad could reply, he grabbed out his Fenton Thermos and sucked Vlad in it. Everyone cheered as Danny sealed it shut. It was then I felt dizzy.

"Sam, are you okay?" Toby asked, who was standing next to me. He put a hand on my shoulder. It made me feel a little nauseous.

"Yeah… I'm fine," I said, but spoke too soon as I fell to the ground.

The last thing I heard was Danny and Toby yelling my name before blackness was all I saw.


Again, I am soooo sorry I haven't updated in forever. Hopefully I can get back on track again.

Well, I hope you liked it! If my writing is a little crappy, just know I haven't been writing in a month, so…

But anyway, will Sam be okay? Will Sam forgive Danny? Find out in the next chapter!