So I watched a DannyxValerie edited video today, and then I looked at the person's description… I started ranting on and on to myself that the person was wrong, BUT I can understand WHY the person likes the pairing. Honestly, I'd rather run into a brick wall than worshipping the pairing. I… just can't stand it. They say mean stuff about Sam like in the person's own words "Sam's like a cleaning lady, picking up every piece that Danny messes up." Or, "Sam can't kick-ass. Valerie is the only- scratch that- THE only one who can."


That person just needs to look deeper into Sam. She maybe Goth, she maybe be sometimes gloomy, she maybe a little bossy, but Sam Manson can kick-butt you DxS haters. (Even though DxS haters are probably not here xD) She loves Danny NO MATTER WHAT!

Now Valerie…

I can understand why some of you may be DxV lovers. I love those hate/love relationships too. For instance, JimmyxCindy from Jimmy Neutron. Love that couple. But anyway as I was saying, yes, if Sam didn't exist, then Valerie would be my favorite character, and DannyxValerie would be my OTP. But… just reading someone's opinion about Danny and Sam being not meant to be, makes me feel offended, jealous, hurt. I love DxS to death and hearing people talk crap about it? Just… it offends me…

Sorry, I had to get that out of my chest xD

Now back to the story! :D

I do not own Danny Phantom.

A Phantom Story

Chapter 2

I woke up with a start, again, to hear the pilot speaking. I couldn't make out the words he was saying, but it must be about us landing now or soon. I then look down at my lap, seeing my black iPod still out in front of me, and I could still feel the sound of music running through my eardrums.I carefully pull the purple earplugs out of my ears, turn my iPod off, and place them in my pocket from my black jeans. I turned to my Aunt and Uncle, finding them still asleep. I sighed. I looked out the window.

Then I remembered something. Alex. I didn't even say goodbye to him! We been best friends since second grade. I even had a tiny crush on him, but it was stupid. It was nothing serious. But Rebecca always teased about us being "in love" and didn't even know it because we're both clueless. Pssh, please, me clueless? Yeah, right. But still. Alex and I are close and what kind of friend am I not even saying goodbye? A really horrible person.

I look away from my window and take out my phone while the pilot tells us we're landing. My Aunt and Uncle suddenly awakened, and looked in my direction. I smiled at them, and they smiled back. Aunt Susan's looked broken, but I didn't judge it. I looked at my phone and saw I had one miss call and one miss text message. All from Alex.

"Hey Sam. Its me, Alex. I just wanted to say goodbye before you leave, but I guess you're on the plane, aren't you? Well, I'll say goodbye when you give me a call back. I'll miss you Sammy. Ha, ha. I just called you by your nickname that you hate! Wait… please don't kill me. But anyway, give me a call as soon as you can. I-" The message then ended which made me confuse. What was he going to say? Miss, I couldn't have wished for a better best friend like you, like, love? I shook my head at the last thought. Don't over think it, I thought while rolling my eyes.

It was then that the plane came to a stop. The waitresses, waiters, security guards, and of course, the pilot told us to exit the plane. And so we did. So when we finally got out of the airport, I turned around to face my Aunt and Uncle.

"So… how long is the ride?" I asked.

"Only thirty minutes," My Uncle replied. I winced. One hour in a limo, almost fifteen hours in a plane, now thirty minutes in a car? If you add it all up, then that's… sixteen hours and thirty minutes to get to one place! I groaned as Aunt Susan and Uncle Fred lead me to their car.

Their car smelled like smoke. It smelled like beer. The seats were ripped up, stains of beer were on the carpet floor, and while they were driving, they pulled out a cigarette, lit it up, and soon the whole car was smoky and smelled disgusting. Great, I have to live with these guys for the next two years until I go off to college and buy a house! What fun.

I pulled out my phone and called Alex. My Aunt and Uncle were too busy fighting to notice. Oh, did I mention they fight a lot? In case I hadn't, they do. Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little. It depends.

I heard the phone picking up. Alex's voice then went through my ears.




"The one and only." I teased with a sigh.

"W-we missed you Sam. And Rebecca told me what you told her…" he trailed off.


"And I don't care. Just because you're in another state, doesn't mean you have to push us away! We're family! We stick together no matter what!" he yelled.

"I know, I know. But how is it possible to communicate? You know we're just going to forget each other and move on with our lives! Why not just end it now since I'm not there anymore?" I asked harshly. The last words broke my heart. 'Not there anymore' I'm not there anymore… and I'm never going back.

Alex stayed silent for a moment. I could hear him swallow hard and take a deep breath. But finally, he spoke.

"Sam… there is a way. We could talk on Facebook, video chat, on our phones! Sam, how could I ever forget about you? You mean so much to me! You were actually my first friend until you introduced me to Rebecca. Sam, how could I forget all the adventures we been through? This is not the end, Samantha. Its only the beginning." Alex claimed. Just then the line went dead before I could protest. I sighed, and put my phone back in my pocket. I then leaned my elbow on the seat handle, and leaned my head against my hand. I looked at the world in front of me. This is Amity Park. The town that I am going to live in.

I was surprised by the time we pulled in the drive way. I been to their house before, but never imagined I would be actually living in it. The last time I was here was at Toby's funeral. My parents knew how stressed my Aunt and Uncle were and threatened me not to go with them. But here I am, living with them. I just broke a promise to my parents who are gone forever. Isn't that a decent thing to do?

I went to the trunk and got out my purple suitcase. I rolled it on the concrete drive way and towards the door. It was like in slow motion when I entered the Mansion. Surprisingly, it was clean. The house was beautiful. A big flat screen TV sat against the wall to my right, followed by a big large comfy couch, then to my left was a huge dining room table with beautiful brown chairs all around it, and as I walked in the kitchen, I was already mesmerized by the sight. The walls were painted a crystal blue, the counters were sparkling brown, the stove was midnight black along with the microwave. The floor was white as milk and shined beneath the lights up on the ceiling. Just then my Aunt and Uncle came in the room.

"Nice isn't it?" My Aunt asked. I nodded. "Come on, lets show you your room."


We then marched upstairs and down the likely never-ending hall. It was then that they showed me a room that was a dark purple with a black covered bed, and had red carpeting. I could feel my jaw drop to the ground. It… I loved it.

"This was Toby's room," Uncle Fred finally spoke. "We decorated it just for you." I turned to them with tears of joy in my eyes. I then hugged them.

"Thank you," I thanked.

"Your welcome, sweetheart." Uncle Fred replied.

"Now, you get settled while I make dinner, okay?" Aunt Susan ordered. I nodded and soon they left the room.

As I was unpacking, I felt a shiver up my spine. I ignored it and thought it was the wind so I continued to unpack. But then, I felt like I was being watched. So I turned around to see nothing. I simply shrugged and thought that it was just the fact that I'm in a new place.

But as I turned back around, I saw two pair of glowing green eyes. I hesitated. It took me ten seconds for me to register what was going on. But before I could scream, a hand covered my mouth. But before I could have a good look what it was, it vanished. I stood there in shock. What was it? My imagination? A monster?

A ghost?

Stopping it there! WHAT? I'm tired DX

A microwave cooks a microwave that cooks your potato, that gets cooked by a microwave that gets cooked by a microwave! I did not make that up. My friend did… he even talked in an Italian accent… o.O

So what will happen? Who is that green eyed thing? Why did it show up? Will Alex, Rebecca, and Sam's friendship last? Find out in Chapter 3! :D