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A Phantom Story

Chapter 4

Fenton Works? What is Fenton Works? I look around me to find people running out of the school, like us. Teachers, students, janitors, principals, and just random people. I see that boy with the glasses walking in the other direction where we are heading. Why was he doing that? Does he know how much danger he could be in?

Then I see that mysterious blue eyed boy walk out of the school. He looked around like he was trying to find someone or something. He then ran back inside. Why? What were with these mysterious two boys?

I jerked my hand away from Valerie's. She looked at me in confusion, but all I gave her was a pleading stare. She narrowed her eyes in frustration, and I sighed.

"I need to go help that boy," I confirmed as I pointed to the African American boy who was walking in the other direction.

"Tucker?" she asked. I nodded. "Why?"

"Because he could get hurt by these… ghosts. Aren't you worried?" I asked. She shook her head. I gave her a confused look. "Why?"

"He'll be alright. He's going home. He always goes home. Well, since Danny and him had that fight…" Valerie trailed off.

"Why? What happened? What was the fight about?" I asked while crossing my arms over my chest. Why wasn't she telling me? I'm her friend, I have the right to know!

"I can't tell you," she sighed. I narrowed my eyes.

"Why not?" I questioned loudly.

"Its complicated, okay!?" she snapped. I fell silent. She took a deep breath and continued, "Its complicated. Danny and Tucker are my friends. I keep their secrets between us. I keep their secrets from you. Okay?" I nodded.

"I still want to help Tucker. Even though I barely know him, I'm still worried. I'm going to help him no matter what." I admitted. I then ran away before Valerie could protest. My conscience told me this was wrong, this was not right. But I ignored it. I was going to help a friend.

I saw Tucker walking down the lonely street. How could a street be so… quiet? Where was everyone? At Fenton Works? Probably. Tucker looked so lonely, too. His hands in his green pants pockets, his head hanging down, and not one peep coming from his mouth. What happened between him and his friend? Was it something that bad?

I ran closer to him. But before I could touch his shoulder, something attacked him. It flew me away from the sidewalk and into the dark alley. It tackled he to the ground. I opened my eyes to find a ghost looking a zombie from the series of "The Walking Dead" or "Zombieland". It scowled at me, and I just stood still, paralyzed. What was this thing? A zombie… or a ghost?

It opened its mouth wide. And that's when I screamed bloody murder. But what was the point of screaming? Who would possibly save me? Valerie? Nope, she's at Fenton Works. Aunt Susan and Uncle Fred? Doubt it. They're too bust drinking and smoking to notice. Tucker? Yeah right.

I closed my eyes tightly together, preparing for the pain that was going to come. But instead, it didn't. All I heard was a shot and something banging into the wall. I opened my eyes to see the creature gone. I turned my head to my left to see a ghost boy. He had snowy white hair, and glowing green eyes. He was wearing a black and white jumpsuit with a D and a P inside logo. His face was stern and captured the creature inside a container that looked like it was used for soup. He looked at me, and that's when my heart stopped. What was he going to do to me?

He floated closer to me and my instinct told me to run. But I couldn't. All I could do is stare at the ghost. I was paralyzed. I saw his mouth begin to move. Was he going to say something? What was he going to say?

"What are you doing here? Why aren't you at Fenton Works?" He asked sternly. I opened my mouth, but no words came out. They all stuttered out.

"I… uh… I was just… um…" I stuttered. I then took a deep breath and looked at him. "Thanks." He looked at me in confusion. He looked like he never even heard that word before.

"Thanks for what?" he asked.

"Thanks for saving me. I would've died back there if it wasn't for you. So thanks," I replied. A small smile formed on his face.

"Your welcome." I took a deep breath and held out a hand.

"Sam Manson." I introduced. He hesitated at the sudden action, but finally gave in and shook my hand.

"Phantom. Danny Phantom. Town's kind of hero." he introduced. I smiled.

"I heard of you. You're always on the news, but I never get to watch it since I never watch the news." I admitted. "But what do you mean, 'kind of hero'?" Phantom sighed, and scratched the back of his neck.

"I protect the town, but no one appreciates my work. They think of me as a threat. Mostly the Fentons." he answered.

"Why? Why do they think that? Don't they know you're saving their lives?" I asked. Phantom shrugged.

"I guess not. Why are you speaking to me anyway? Usually people try to shoot me, or get freaked out and run away," Phantom confirmed. I shrugged.

"You're no threat to me." I answered, truthfully. This ghost boy didn't seem so evil at all. He seemed so friendly, caring, and lovable. Why couldn't other people see that? Phantom formed a smile on his face.

"You're different from the other girls, Sam." he informed. I blushed.

"Thank you. I learned from a friend that different was unique." I informed as well. I smiled at the memory of Rebecca telling me that. Oh, how I missed that girl.

"Want me to fly you home?" he asked. I raised an eyebrow.

"Fly me home?" I repeated, questionably. "Do you even know where I live?" He smiled at me.

"Only if you tell me," he answered. He then held out a hand. "So is that a yes or no?" I smiled at him and took his hand. He grinned and pulled me close. He then lifted us up in the air.

I looked at the things beneath me. The view was beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. It was just so a mesmerizing sight. It was then that my thoughts were crushed by a voice calling my name.

"Sam?" Phantom called. I shook my head and looked at him. He raised an eyebrow. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." I replied. "Its just the view is beautiful."

"Yeah… that's one reason I love flying, the view." he admitted. I smiled, and he smiled back. "So where do you live?" I was about to answer when I saw "my" house up the street.

"There!" I shouted and pointed to it. He followed the direction of my finger and flew to the house. The breeze flew in our faces, making me relax. The breeze was a good feeling. It was relaxing.

We then finally got there, and Phantom phased us through my window. He placed me on my bed and stood there. He scratched the back of his neck nervously.

"Um… goodbye?" he asked more than saying. I got up from the bed ad walked towards him.

"Will I ever see you again?" I asked him. He hesitated, but then formed a smile on his face.

"I'm sure you will." he replied. And with that, he was gone, leaving me alone in my cold, dark room.

"Sam? Sam? Saaam? SAM!" Valerie shouted, and I jumped. We were in the cafeteria, eating lunch. Valerie gave me a questionable look.

"What?" I asked.

"You okay? You seem kind of spacey," she noted.

"I'm fine. I'm just… tired." I half lied. Well, I was tired. All night I been thinking about Phantom. Will I ever see him again? I sure dang hope so.

"What happened to you yesterday after you ran away? Did you talk to Tucker?" she asked. I tensed. Should I tell her? What if she doesn't believe me and thinks I'm crazy? I shook my head. I'm not going to tell her… yet. Phantom probably doesn't want her to know either.

"Yep," I replied, taking a bite of my salad.

"What did he say?" she asked. Wow this girl asks many questions.

"He wouldn't listen to me," I lied. I took one last bite of my salad before throwing it in the trash. I then opened my soda.

"Oh, that's bad." Valerie confirmed.

"Yeah…" I trailed off. Just then the bell rang and everyone headed off to class. Valerie and I went our separate ways and I made my way to my history class.

The teacher introduced herself as Mrs. Kurs and told me to sit next to Mr. Fenton. I looked at the direction of her finger and saw she was pointing to the boy with jet black hair and crystal blue eyes. I then took a seat next to him. He looked at me with no emotion.

"What are you doing here?" he whispered. I crossed my arms.

"I now sit by you. Is that a problem?" I asked.

"Well… um… kind of?" he asked more than saying. I raised an eyebrow.

"Okay then…" I trailed off. "I'm Sam."

"Danny," he introduced. I wide eyed.

"Do you know a guy named Tucker or a girl named Valerie?" I asked.

"Yeah, why?" he asked.

"I know Valerie. She's my new friend." I informed.

"Super." he said sarcastically. Just then Mrs. Kurs told us to settle down and started teaching. While doing that, Danny and I kept glancing at each other back and forth. Could this possibly be a sign of a new friendship?

After school I walked into my new home. It made a chill up my spine realizing that this was my home now. My home back in California is owned to somebody else now. Somebody that isn't me.

My Aunt and Uncle were standing there, having two bottles of beer in both of their hands. They give me a nefarious stare, and crossed their arms. Did I do something wrong?

"Um… hi there," I greeted. They narrow their eyes.

"Where… have you been… little lady?" Uncle Fred asked while swaying a little. Wow, drunk much?

"Um, school?" I replied.

"That does it, go to your room! No dinner for you!" Aunt Susan snapped as she pointed at the staircase that made its way to my room. I raised an eyebrow.

"What did I do?" I asked. Aunt Susan slammed the empty bottle to the ground that made me jump.

"WHAT DID I SAY? GO TO YOUR ROOM!" she screamed in demand. I widen my eyes and ran up the stairs before she could actually hurt me. I closed my door shut and locked it. I carefully opened my backpack and got out my homework and a pencil.

Just then I saw a note on my dresser. I walked to it and grabbed it. I opened it, and it read:

Dear Sam,

If you still want to see me again, meet me at the park at 7:00 PM tonight. Its alright if you don't want to see me again, I just want to let you know that I'll be there… waiting. If you don't come, then I know. If you do come, then great! Well, I hope I see you there.


I smiled. Tonight at 7:00 PM. Yes, Phantom. I'll be there. I promise. I slip the note in my pocket and did my homework in silence. I couldn't wait until the clock turned 7:00. I just couldn't wait.

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Mrs. Kurs was my last year's teacher. She was a sub for my pregnant teacher. SHE WAS SO MEAN! When she left, we all celebrated xD

So what will happen? Will Sam meet Phantom? Find out in Chapter 5! :D