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A Phantom Story

Chapter 6

"So… you're a ghost hunter you say, right?" I asked.

We were currently in the park, blabbering on and on about what we did in life, and what has happened today. But when I talked about Danny, Phantom would always stiffen. When I talked about how he and Paulina kissed on the sidewalk, he would stiffen also. But I just waved it off. It probably was because it sounded like I was talking about him. After all, Danny is Phantom's first name.

He looked at me and smiled. He nodded while smiling even wider, and sighed. It took a good twenty seconds for him to answer my question.

"Yeah… I am. Ever since I became a ghost, I promised myself that I would fight off evil. I would never turn to the dark side." Phantom replied and looked at me with a goofy grin.

"Even if they have cookies?" I asked, teasingly. He laughed and shook his head.

"It depends on what kind," he admitted.

"How about melted chocolate chip?" I suggested. His eyes widened, so I continued. "And when you break them, the chocolate smears all over the end of each half of the cookie and bits of chocolate curls underneath your fingertips and when you eat them, chocolate-" I was cut off by Phantom.

"Okay, okay, I get it. Yes I would, now can you stop? You're killing me here of the urge to eat one," Phantom pleaded. I laughed and nudged him. He then nudged me back. I then glare at him and he returns it.

"Oh, are you challenging me now, Phantom?" I asked, playfully. He rose an eyebrow and crossed his arms.

"Well, what if I am?" he questioned while smirking. I narrowed my eyes in a playful way.

"This," I hissed, and in a blink of an eye, I had tackled Phantom to the ground. We started rolling through the park -literally-, but soon came to a stop where unfortunately for me, Phantom ended on top of me which was a sign that I lost.

"Beat ya'." Phantom breathed. Our faces were an inch apart.

"Oh really?" I asked in a low voice.

"Really." he stated. I struggled to get out of his grasp, but Phantom's hands were to strong to bare. Guess that ghost hunting thing really is a good exercise for him.

We were lost in each other's eyes. We barely even knew we were. His glowing green eyes glowed beneath the darkness around us, which made them very intriguing to watch. I guess Phantom got caught in my trap of my amethyst eyes, am I correct? Its not everyday you see the color of my eyes. Purple or violet eyes are rare. My mother used to say that if my purple eyes are rare, then I'm rare.

I really didn't understand what my mother had said. But when I got older, I began to understand. If my purple eyes are rare, then I'm rare. That means I'm different and hard to find. Could my mother possibly have been right? Because believe me, no one would want to date a freak like me. But on the other hand, Phantom's a freak by being a ghost. So does that make us equal?

I haven't even realized it, but our faces had become closer. We were so in deep in thought that we haven't noticed our actions. But none of us stopped. We couldn't. All that we could think of -or I could think of- is each other. But is this relationship going a little bit too fast? I mean, we only have met like two days ago, but none of us stopped. We just kept moving forward.

But we jumped as we heard a car passing through. Phantom turned intangible immediately at I just sat up from the ground. It was then that the car disappeared into the dark hole of the street and both of us appeared sitting across from each other. It was silent for a while. Great, now we have an awkward friendship? Way to go, Manson.

Phantom scratched the back of his neck and I rubbed my arm nervously while blushing. The silence was an uncomfortable silence, which I don't like at all. One of us will have to speak soon, but what about? When should we speak? What should we say?

"Sorry," a voice interrupted my thoughts. I jumped and realized it was Phantom's. I looked at him and gave him a confused face.

"Sorry for what?" I asked, even though I already know the answer.

"For… what just happened moments ago…" he answered, timidly. I gulped and sighed.

"Its cool. The past is the past. There is nothing we can do to change it," I assured. He smiled and I returned it.

"You're right," he stated. "So, what were we talking about?"

Later on that night, Phantom and I ended on my roof, looking up at the stars. We were sitting there, talking on and on and on non-stop. The awkwardness we had in the park went away quickly, and we continued where we left off. Surprisingly, Phantom remembers what has happened in his life and talked a little bit about it. He didn't tell me his last name, though. I don't know why, but probably wasn't ready to tell me. He told be he had one sibling who was older and was a sister, had two friends, and had two parents, not divorced. And that's all he ever told me.

He only told me of his adventures of fighting ghosts. They were really interesting to listen to, I have to say. Its like my dad telling me fairy tales of dragons and queens and kings and princes and princesses. I still remember the last story he read to me… and that was when I was eight.

The most interesting story is when he mentioned that he had to fight his evil future self named, Dark Dan. He said that the ghost tried to kill his friends and family -who were alive and under his watch- but in the end, he finally had defeated him with his new power called, The Ghostly Wail. He was actually too late at first, but a ghost called, Clockwork; The Master of Time, came to him and gave him a second chance.

I have no idea why, but Phantom is always interested of what I have to say. When I start with my day, he always looks at me in the eye that gives me a sign that he's listening very carefully. I always wonder if its because he's interested in another person's life. Well, probably he is. Because trust me, if I was him, I would.

We started talking about the stars and tried to connect them to see what it would make. We pointed out results, and we would both laugh at our outcomes. I got to say, tonight was a pretty fun night. We had lots of fun talking about the past, present, and even the future. I wonder if we'll ever to this again. Oh, I hope so.

I looked at my phone and wide eyed at the time. It was almost midnight and I had school the next day! And tomorrow was a Thursday. Well, better than a Friday, am I right?

I looked at Phantom and he understood. He stood up and I did too. We faced each other with faces of disappointment that we had to say goodbye.

"So… you should probably get to bed," Phantom suggested.

"Yeah…" I trailed on, sleepily as I yawned. Phantom looked at me with concern in his eyes.

"Do you need me to carry you to your room?" he asked. I chuckled slightly, but shook my head.

"Nah, I'm fine. I got it." I protested.

"Are you sure? It is a long way down…"

"I'm fine, Phantom. Honest," I replied. He sighed in defeat and scratched the back of his neck.

"So… see you tomorrow?" he asked, hopefully.

"See you tomorrow," I stated the question. He smiled and I smiled back. It was then that he disappeared in the dark night, making my heart sore from missing him already.

"Miss Manson," a voice called in a demanding voice. I shot my head up from my desk, and looked up to see Mr. Lancer staring into my soul. "I will not allow you to sleep in my class."

"Sorry Mr. Lancer, it won't happen again," I promised. He narrowed his eyes at me before turning his attention back to the black board, his back facing the class.

"What's up with you today?" Valerie whispered to me. I turned my head to Valerie and gave her a shrug.

"I was up all night last night," I replied.

"Why?" she asked.

"Homework," I lied. She bought it.

"I understand."

The rest of the class was boring as usual, same old, same old. It was then that the bell rang and everyone rushed out of the classroom and into the hallways. Valerie and I were just traveling the school to get to our next class when somebody had to come up to us: Paulina.

"Hey losers," she "insulted".

"Hey shallow witch," I shot back. Paulina looked offended.

"Did you just call me shallow!?" Paulina shouted. "I'm not shallow!"

"Oh really?" I asked. "Well, I think you should look for yourself. Hey, there's a bathroom over there! You should go in there, look in the mirror and see how shallow you look! Or better yet, I should step in a puddle of you. Know why? Because you're the only puddle I wouldn't get my feet wet in." Paulina's eyes narrowed tight as she clutched her fists.

"Stop trying to act cool, you Goth freak!" she exclaimed.

"Oh, so its me now who's trying to act cool? Reverse that, sweetie. Its actually you who is trying to act all cool and pretty, but in reality, isn't." I insulted. Her preppy friends and her gasped.

"Actually you got it wrong, freak! Its you who acts like she owns this place the second she's walking in here and can talk to me like that!" Paulina shot back.

"Paulina, you just described yourself." I corrected. Everyone cheered around me. Oh, did I mention that a crowd formed around us? Well, it did. And the crowd was most likely on my side except for the A-List.

"Come on, girls," Paulina huffed. "We need to get to class." And with that, they left, leaving me here to win once again. Valerie and I then walked off like nothing had happened moments ago.

Lunch has finally had came and me and Valerie could not stop talking about what had happened this morning with Paulina. Valerie kept telling me how great I was as a fighter, and I chuckled at her compliments. I mean, it wasn't that big of a deal. I mean, anyone could stand up to face Paulina, right? Why was everyone so scared?

That question was bothering me the whole lunch period. I mean, Paulina wasn't a big, muscular guy who can beat up anyone in a second. She was a shallow girl who cares about nothing but herself, who asks guys out and then rip their heart out by cheating on them the next day, who bullies, and is popular for her looks. So what is there to be scared of?

"Val," I started. She looked up at me. "Why are people so scared of confronting to Paulina?" She sighed and let go of her fork and looked straight at me in the eye.

"Because she's Paulina. She judges. She has this list that holds people who are on the popular list, and who are on the loser list. Everyone is so obsessed over this stupid list that they would do anything to get on Paulina's good side, just because to get on the popular list. And right now, I'm thinking you're on the loser list, followed by me and Tucker and some other kids." Valerie explained. I sighed.

"Wow, she is one shallow witch." I muttered.

"You can say that again," Valerie mumbled.

After lunch, I went to my next class that I had with Mrs. Kurs. That teacher is really starting to get on my nerves. But anyway, I walked into the classroom and find my seat next to Danny and sit. Danny looks at me under his jet black hair bangs and I could tell he didn't get much sleep last night, either. Oh well, that's what you get when you date the queen bee in the high school.

Danny didn't seem to talk to me that much today. When Mrs. Kurs decided to pair us up to work together on a worksheet, he decided to do it by himself. I shrugged it off and did it independently also. Its not like I needed his help, anyway. I can do things my own way. I'm unique.

Danny never glanced at me, either. He would just stare at his work like nobody's business. I'm guessing that he's mad that I told Paulina off, am I correct? I sighed and turned to him as Mrs. Kurs gave us permission to talk the rest of the period.

"Hey," I started. Danny lifted his head from his textbook and looked at me with a dull expression.

"What?" he asked, harshly.

"Are you just ignoring me cause I owned Paulina twice in a row?" I asked. He didn't answer. "Is that a yes?"

"Kind of, but that's not the reason." he replied.

"Then what is the real reason?" I questioned.

"I don't want to talk about it," he protested. So I decided to suggest.

"Did Paulina cheat on you?" I asked. Danny wide eyed at me which made me confuse.

It was then that I looked behind me at the window and saw something that made me froze.

I saw a ghostly beast dashing towards the school, directly towards me.

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