My Version of Footloose

Chapter 1

Ren's POV

As I was sitting in church, I saw the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She had a mix of brown and blonde hair, tan skin, electrifying blue eyes, and naturally pink lips. There's something about her. Like she looks mature and grown but also innocent. After church, I meet the reverend and his wife says to me,

"I want you to meet my daughter Ariel. She'll be one of your classmates at Bomont High School."

Oh great. The reverend's daughter. Yippee... The girl comes and I'm surprised that it was the girl I saw. Ariel. Beautiful name. God I hope she doesn't have a boyfriend.

Ariel's POV

I look at the boy my mom introduces me to. Wow. He's really handsome. He has brown hair and brown eyes that shine. Act cool, Ariel! Oh no! I can't feel this way! My boyfriend Chuck is going to beat me if he thinks I like him.

"Hi, I'm Ren.", he says.

"Hey, I'm Ariel.", I say back smiling. I remember that I have to see Chuck at the race track. Hate that redneck. I used to be into race car drivers, but Chuck is mean to me and beats me. I never found the courage to stand up to him. I have to see him as much as I don't want to. My friend Rusty doesn't know he beats me. Nobody knows.

"Hey mom?", I say as I look to my mom.

"Yes?",she replies.

"Can I go to Rusty's and work on a project for school?", I lie.

"Well, if it's for school.", my dad says.

"Thanks dad!", I kiss him goodbye and walk with Rusty. I can't help it. I wave Ren goodbye with a smile.

Ren's POV

Wow. She is quite the looker. I kinda wish I was the one she kissed instead of her dad. I wonder if she was lying about the project she said she was gonna do. Something was off about her though, which made her more mysterious. There was a bruise on her wrist. It looked like an old bruise. Her parents don't beat her. Do they? If someone is beating her, I have to find out. As I work on my car, I think about it. No one should ever lay their hands on a woman. That was one of the many things I learned from my mom before she died.