Chapter 6

Ren's POV

I'm studying in the school library when the dude that told me to go to the race track comes up to me again.

"Dude. Chuck is mad as hell. I mean you blew up the man's bus!", he says. I just ignore him. He looks and smells like trouble. I go over to a shelf to grab another book and he follows me.

"Dude? Do you get high? Cuz I do. Every damn day. Do you wanna blow one?", he says laughing. I'm getting annoyed.

"What makes you think I'm anything like you?", I say. He's just not getting the hint. He comes over to me and stuffs weed in my jacket pocket.

"Dude! I don't want this!", I say angrily. But he urges me to take it.

"Hey!", yells the librarian and runs after me. The dude takes off and I run into the bathroom and flush the weed. I'm then sent to the principal's office.

"I won't tolerate it Ren. Not one little bit. Just tell me the truth. Was it Rich's joint?", he says.

"No. On the gymnastics team, we got checked for drugs all the time! If we did, we would get kicked off! That wasn't my joint and I'm not even friends with that prick!", I yell. The librarian shouts at me but the principal calms him down.

"Look. I knew you mother Ren. You have her spirit. When she moved up north, she ran into some...unexpected trouble."

"When you say unexpected trouble, you mean me right?", I say angrily.

"Listen to me. Suspend me, expel me, I don't care but never ever tell me about my mother again!", I yell and storm out the office. I walk towards my car and I see Ariel. She's talking with Rusty and she has a busted lip and a black eye. Chuck! That bastard! I jump into my car and put on music as loud as I can. I drive to an empty cotton mill house and I park inside. My anger starts pulsing through me as I remember the principal and I pretend to yell at him. He doesn't know shit about my mom and the pain she went through. I also recount Chuck hitting Ariel and that she can't do shit about it and I throw a piece of wood and the window and shatters. I start dancing even though I'm fully aware of how illegal it is here. I start dancing with music pounding out my car.

Ariel's POV

When I came into my house last night, nobody was there so I started watching tv. There was a knock on the door and I opened it and Chuck was there.

"Where were you?!", he yells.

"What are you talking about?, I say.

"You were supposed to come to the race but you didn't!", he yells and grabs me and pushes me against the wall and hits me in the eye and I fall to the ground crying. He starts kicking me in the stomach and face. After a while, he leaves. I cry in the floor until I fall asleep. I wake up in my bed. My parents must have carried me. They said they wanted to talk me when I get home from school. But I don't go home. I follow Ren to wherever he was going. He's inside an old abandoned cotton mill and I see glass shatter. I go inside and he looks mad and he's dancing while his car is playing music. I watch for a minute when the song is done and he stops.

"Whoo!", I shout and he looks at me surprised.

"What are you doing here?", he asks.

"You may be private in the city but this is Bomont and there are eyes everywhere.", I reply slyly.

"So what was all that?", I ask.

"Letting off some steam. I'm sure you've got your own wicked ways.", he says. I raise an eyebrow.

"You think I'm a slut?", I ask curiously.

"I think you could any guy you want just by talking to him.", he says. I'm surprised. He thinks I'm hot. I chuckle.

"You wanna see something?", I ask. He agrees and we drive where I tell him. We arrive at a tran track and there's and empty train car. Inside there's graffiti and words written on the walls.

"Come on!", I yell and he follows me inside. He sits on the couch.

"What is this place?", he asks.

"We call it The Yearbook. It's where we write poems, quotes, lyrics, all sorts of stuff. We also listen to music we're not supposed to and just hangout. And do...other stuff.", I explain. He smiles when I sit down on the couch next to him while I put music I like.

Ren's POV

I watch her as her face glows off the candles. She looks really beautiful even if she has a busted lip and black eye.

"When did Chuck first started beating you?", I ask.

"He saw me talking to one of his racing buddies and he thought I was cheating on him. He just got so mad. He acts like he owns me but he doesn't.", she says. I'm starting to think that Chuck is obsessed with her and wants complete and utter control over her.

"Can you try to break up with him.", I ask.

"He would hurt me and the people I love. I don't know if I can risk that.", she says. Her eyes start twinkling like she's about to cry.

"You know that picture in school of the kids that died in the car crash?", she asks. I nod yes.

"My brother was in that accident. His name was Bobby. He was my idol. He was driving them home and he went head on into a truck. Dad's been protective over me ever since. More than he should. That's why he passed that law. I became rebellious ever since. I wasn't always so wild.", she tells me. Man. She is so strong having to deal with Chuck and the death of her brother whom she loved. Part of herself died with Bobby. She starts crying and I hug her. We stay that way for awhile until she looks at me and we hear a train coming. She gets up runs out the car.

"What are you doing?!", I yell after her. She's standing in the middle of the track.

"Sometimes when the train comes people come here and make out like crazy...or we play chicken.", she says standing on the tracks waiting for train.

"Ariel stop! You're gonna hurt yourself!", I yell. The train comes zooming towards her as she closes her eyes waiting for impact, but I jump and grab her before the train hits her. The train passes. I'm on top of her and we are breathing heavily.

Ariel's POV

I'm at first glad that Ren saved me. But now I'm angry at him. I get and start walking.

"Why did you stop me?!", I yell.

"Why?! Why did I stop you from killing yourself?!", I yell.

"Yes why?!", she yells.

I grab her waist, pull her to me and kiss her with a passion I didn't know that existed in me.

Ariel's POV

When he kissed me, fireworks went off in my head. I kissed back, with more passion than I even dare. He kisses me with an urgency. Like he's been waiting for years to kiss me. I wrap my arms around his neck and run my fingers through his run as I kiss him. It was wrong because because I was with Chuck which made me love it even more. We finally look at each other gasping.

"It's late.", he says. "I should take you home." He takes my hand leads me to his car and we silently ride home until we get to my house.

"Thank you Ren.", I say as I get out the car.

"Wait!", he says while grabbing my hand.

"I want to see you again.", he says.

"You will. I promise.", I reply and we kiss. I go back into my house and sigh as I lean against the door.

"Young lady, where have you been?", asks my dad on the staircase.

"I'm just late. I'm sorry I with Rusty.", I lie.

"How do you explain your black eye and bruised wrist?", he asks.

"This guy tried to take me so we kinda scraped a little. It's nothing.", I lie.

"Even though I'm glad you're okay, you're still in trouble for being late.", he says and I groan. "This rebellious behavior seems to have startled when Ren McCormack came to town." I march upstairs to my room.

"Trust me dad. Ren is the least of your troubles.", I say and close the door.