Artyom tried to force his mouth to open but the man gripped his lower jaw closed until Artyom swallowed. Fear and panic drowned his mind as Artyom was released from the man's hold.

"See? It doesn't hurt ya and the taste...well we can't have it all can we? This is survival kid and I won't allow you to waste away in front of me." The man...Artyom couldn't remember who it could be but he left Artyom alone in the bunker. Artyom had no strength at all to move from where he was dropped. He groaned as the piece of necromorph made his stomach churn and cramp, his stomach hadn't been used for a couple of days and as his digestive system activates it causes severe pain to radiate through out his entire body.

"Artyom...are you ok sweetie?" A gentle hand rests on his shoulders and using what little energy he had, he stared at the new person. Fiery red hair blinded his vision as the woman checks his face. "Good, he didn't hit you again. What did he do to you Artie?" The woman questioned him but his brain couldn't think...didn't want to think at all. So Artyom merely closed his eyes as his vision began to darken. he could faintly hear the woman calling his name, calling his name.