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One last note: This first chapter is before the third movie starts. Just keep that in mind.


Prologue: A Foreboding Vacation

"Come on, Bernard! It won't be that bad!"

Fiona, the red haired Spring Sprite, tugged on Bernard's sleeve, desperately trying to pull him towards the sled. The beret-wearing head elf pulled back the other direction just as desperately, glaring at the girl on the other end of his arm.

"Oh, yes it will! Do you think Curtis will seriously be able to handle the North Pole on his own?"

Behind him, a shorter elf holding a clipboard pushed his glasses up his nose and gave Bernard an offended look. "Hey, I'm getting better! Might I remind you, I was able to run the whole factory by myself with only a little supervision last year, while you were off getting Fiona and Angelica back from the Boogie Man!"

Bernard and Fiona both shuddered, remembering when the dreaded Boogie Man had captured Fiona the year before. Boogie Men had the ability to sap other magical creatures' power, and one named Terrance had put Angelica, the sweet childlike Spirit of Christmas, on the run, attempting to harness the massive amount of power the Seasonal girl had. When Fiona and Bernard found Angelica and rescued her, Terrance had instead set his sights on capturing Fiona. Fiona was the sprite of Spring, and therefore had a lot of power herself. It had taken a lot of mishaps, escapades, and two epic fights to defeat the Boogie Man and seal him in a light stone specially made to trap the energy Boogie Men had inside. Everything had turned out alright in the end, and as a plus Bernard and Fiona had realized how much they liked each other and had gotten together. For all the elves, it was about time- Bernard and Fiona had been edging that direction for centuries.

Fiona snapped out of the memories first. "And... and I'll make sure Scott watches Curtis to keep him from messing anything up!" Curtis glared, but Bernard half-smirked. Fiona and Bernard both new Curtis had a knack for being a bit flustered and rushed and... well, making a general mess of things.

Bernard quickly stopped himself from completing the grin that was forming on his lips. "That's not good enough. I need to be here to oversee things!"

Fiona stopped tugging and put her hands on her hips. "Oh, come on, Bernard. Don't tell me you're doubting Santa Claus. The Santa Claus. What happened to Scott being the best Santa you've ever had?" Scott Calvin was the most recent Santa who had come to the North Pole. He had accidentally surprised the last Santa off of his roof around ten years back, causing that Santa to fade away and Scott to become the next in line. This "Santa Clause" was sealed when Scott put on Santa's suit. All the elves said he was the best Santa so far- the nicest, most creative, and, surprisingly, the most heroic.

"Well, he is, but..." Bernard trailed off, trying to think of something to say. Now it was Curtis's turn to smirk. Bernard glared at him, then continued, "How do you even know I'll like Australia?"

Fiona smiled and dashed to the sled, coming back with a large map. "Here!" She yelled, shoving the map in Bernard's face. "Look! Australia's got tons of places to visit. There are jungles and beaches and forests and plains and, not to mention, it's gorgeous and not snowy this time of year. When was the last time you were out of the snow?" Bernard opened his mouth, and Fiona interrupted. "Besides last year."

Bernard huffed. "Why exactly doesn't that count?"

"Because... I don't know... we were being chased by the Boogie Man!" Fiona huffed back at the elf. "I don't really count that as relaxing, Bernard."

"We ice skated..." Bernard defended.

"Right before I almost froze to death," Fiona countered. "Come on Bernard! Everything will be fine!"

Bernard hesitated. He looked back and forth between Fiona, who was giving him the Puppy Dog look, to Curtis, who was giving him that annoying guilt-building Please Trust Me look, to the sled, stacked with a magically filled bag which Fiona had taken the time to pack without asking Bernard for permission first. He glanced over at the door to the sled chamber, trying to think of a way out of the situation.

Fiona's Puppy Dog look turned more intense. "Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaase, Bernard!" she squealed. "Please don't try to find a way to get back to your Obsessive Compulsive duties, for once?"

Bernard frowned deeply. "Obsessive Compulsive? Really?"

Curtis looked confused as well. "Can elves even get that?"

Fiona sighed exasperatedly. "I don't know! All I know is that Bernard works too hard!"

"I do not."

"Do too."

"Do not."

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Fiona, I do not!"

"Guys!" Curtis yelled. Fiona and Bernard both looked at him. Curtis was gasping a little bit, overwhelmed with the argument. He looked at the surprised faces aimed at him and straightened himself up, trying to look important. "Let's see what Santa thinks."

Bernard relaxed a bit. "For once you have a good suggestion, Curtis." He looked over at Fiona, who wore a look of surprise. "What?"

Fiona blinked. Bernard face-palmed. "Don't tell me. You forgot to ask Santa about the vacation."

The Spring Sprite blushed and used one hand to rub the back of her neck. "Um... oops."

"You're impossible, you know that?" Bernard started for the door. Curtis quickly followed.

Fiona stood still for a moment, looking embarrassed and a bit miffed. Then she ran after the two elves, shouting, "Hey, I was having enough trouble thinking of a way to convince you to go with me! I had no time to think about asking anyone's permission! Wait for me!" She ran through the ornately carved red-and-gold sled chamber door and out into the similarly decorated elvish hallway.

About an hour or so later, Bernard, Curtis, and Fiona were sitting outside of the kitchen in comfortable looking Christmas style velvet chairs. They all looked very bored. Bernard impatiently drummed on his leg. Curtis flipped through multiple pages on his clipboard, then pulled out a silver pocket-watch that had a snowflake imprinted on it's shiny exterior. He checked the time, grimaced, then went back to flipping pages. Bernard kept giving him annoyed glances as he flipped. Fiona didn't pay attention to either of them, too busy playing with her braided red hair and looping vines and leaves from her dress around her finger.

Normally, Fiona wore something simple over the holidays, like a green sweater and black sweatpants, but due to her vacation plans she had decided to keep her usual outfit of a deep forest green dress made of leaves. It had vines and flowers twisted through it, and twine around the belt, with little berries poking between the twine strands. The dress had leaves up to the top of her chest, where vines completely took over and twisted around her arms and up her neck, tapering into delicate curlicues at the tips of her sleeves and collar. It ended at the bottom edge of her knees, where twisted and braided vines went down her legs and connected to green, leafy flats with wooden soles. She wore bracelets, earrings, and a necklace made of flowers, berries, and twine that matched her belt.

Bernard was wearing his usual red-and-gold striped shirt, with intricate designs in the golden stripes. He had a gold jingle bell necklace on, along with a gold belt. His pants were golden-brown, and so was his tasseled satchel, which had a flower and green bits of sphere-tipped ribbon on the front. He wore black boots with brown leather tops and black laces, and, of course, his trademark beret with a gold button clipped on.

Curtis wore a creamy white pinstripe button-down shirt, with gold striped suspenders attached to red-and-black striped pants, along with black boots. He appeared to be fond of stripes. He also wore a polka-dot red neck scarf and gold rimmed glasses. He kept frantically flipping through his clipboard until Bernard finally reached over and took the clipboard away from him. Curtis glared and sighed.

"How much longer are they going to be in there again?" he asked.

Bernard rolled his eyes, obviously having answered this several times already. "Santa said that the Council of Legendary Figures was only going to have their meeting for at most, an hour and a half. They should be out any minute now."

"I hope so," Fiona commented. "I'm really itching for some cocoa right about now." At the moment she had her back turned to the door, and she was fiddling with some of the vines on her ankle, trying to make them look right. Consequently, she was sent launching out of her chair screaming and in a flurry of leaves when the door slammed open, right into the back of her seat. Bernard immediately got up and helped her off the ground.

"You okay?" he brushed away some of the leaves that had fallen into her eyes.

"Perfectly fine," Fiona answered, giving Bernard a sweet smile. A bit of mischief still glinted in her eyes. "Now I can tell Scott to make you come with me."

Bernard groaned, but smiled. "Or I could tell him to make you settle down."

Fiona gasped and put her hands on her face in mock-horror. "Me? Settle down? What is this world coming to?!"

Scott, who had been staring from the doorway, quickly came over to the couple. "Fiona, I am so sorry!" he exclaimed. "I didn't see you there. Are you alright?"

Curtis dashed out from behind him. "I believe she already answered that." He took a purposeful stance in front of Scott and adjusted his glasses. "And now, sir, if your business is taken care of, we have some other very important business to attend to." He flashed a meaningful look behind him.

"Yes, yes we do," Scott replied, but he wasn't talking about Bernard and Fiona. He didn't even notice the look Curtis was making. In fact, he looked very stressed. He wasn't wearing his red cap, his normally fluffy white beard was frizzed, and his red suit was rumpled. He had bags under his eyes. Curtis, Bernard, and Fiona noticed this and started to look concerned- it got worse for Bernard and Curtis when Jack Frost walked out of the kitchen behind Scott, grinning.

Jack Frost was the Winter Sprite. As such, he was very frozen, cold, and mischievous. He had pale skin, ice blue eyes, and white hair that stuck up in spikes and was, according to him, freeze dried. He wore a dark blue pinstripe suit, with a gray and light blue pinstripe vest underneath and a white shirt underneath that. All over the suit were spots and scrapes of ice attached. His smile was very cold and, to Bernard and Curtis, foreboding. However, it was only familiar to Fiona, who was good friends with Jack and not affected by the suspicious look in his eyes. She actually knew him well enough that she should have noticed it. She had a habit of giving him the benefit of the doubt, though. This was especially since the year before, he had helped Bernard to save her from the Boogie Man. He had a heart somewhere in that frozen chest, but right now he wasn't showing it.

"Why, hello, my dear Fiona." Jack's smile was only slightly less cold for Fiona. It froze over again when he turned to the other two elves. "Bernard," he greeted coldly. "... other elf."

"It's Curtis," Curtis huffed.

"Yes, yes, whatever," Jack rolled his eyes. "I suppose I'll have to know that if I'm going to be staying here, won't I?"

The elves' eyes practically popped out of their heads. "What?!" Bernard sputtered. "But, you did last year! You can't do it this year!" He turned to Santa, all thoughts about a vacation forgotten. "Santa, I absolutely refuse to let him stay!"

Scott sighed. He knew this was going to happen. "You don't really have a choice, Bernard. It was a Council decision. Sort of community service for Jack to keep him from getting kicked out of the Council for all his trouble he's been causing. He has to help out with the elves."

"And what delightful little things they are!" Jack exclaimed, giving Bernard and Curtis an even colder smile.

Fiona grinned and hopped up to Jack. "Oh, that's great! Now you can keep out of trouble, and Curtis will have extra help for when Bernard and I go on vacation!"

Scott and Jack turned to stare at Fiona. "What vacation?" Scott asked.

Fiona blushed. "Well, um, you see..."

Bernard pushed in front of her. "Fiona's got it in her head that I'm going to go on vacation with her to Australia this year. It's out of the question, but she won't listen to me! Tell her that I can't go, especially with him staying here again this year!" He cocked his head towards Jack, who only smirked at the comment. Santa nodded and sighed again. He turned to Fiona with an exhausted expression.

"Yet another item to add of my list of things to deal with. I'm sorry, Fiona, but I'm really stressed out right now."

Jack put on mock-sympathy and reached out to pat Santa's shoulder, who swatted his hand away. "Oh, I know. You're wife is pregnant and all that other stuff..."

Fiona looked shocked. "She's pregnant?!" the sprite exclaimed. "Why didn't I hear about this?"

Scott uncomfortably winced. "Well, you're the Spring Sprite. You're usually busy."

"I have a cell phone!" Fiona yelled, taking the small phone out of one of the leaf-pockets in her dress and waving it in Scott's face. "You could have called me! I would have been here in an instant. Spring's not all year round, you know!"

"Yes, well..." Scott glanced at Jack and tried to smile. "I'm sorry about that. But, with my wife about to go into labor during busy season, it looks like I'm going to need some extra help." He appeared to be a little bit less flustered, as if he had finally decided how to say what was on his mind. "However, by way of the Council, I do have extra help."

"Me!" Jack exclaimed, striking a pose. He had figured out where this was going.

Bernard had, too. "Um, Santa, you're heading a different direction here..."

Scott nodded, his smile looking a bit more genuine. "With Jack around, that will take care of the assistance Fiona would have given. And, now that I think about it-" He turned around and pointed at Curtis. "You need some training experience for when you eventually become Head Elf, don't you?"

Curtis nodded rapidly. "Yep! It'll look good on my Elf Resume!"

Fiona grinned, and Bernard scowled. "Just wait a minute!" he protested.

"Right!" Scott said loudly, still talking to Curtis. "And if you don't to the duties of the Head Elf, how will you know how to in the future?"

"That's true, how?" Fiona asked, playing along. Curtis eagerly nodded some more.

"Plus Jack will need someone to watch him who doesn't throw a fit every time he sees him!" Curtis added. Bernard glared.

"And therefore," Scott spun around to face Bernard again. "I suggest we make Curtis honorary Head Elf and Winter Sprite Watcher this Christmas!"

"What?! Come on!" Bernard yelled.

"All in favor?" Scott asked. He, Jack, Fiona, and Curtis all raised their hands. "All opposed?"

"NO!" Bernard screamed, entirely loosing composure.

"Four to one, the action is carried." Scott's smile turned to a wise little smirk. "And based on that reaction, I'd say Bernard needed a little break time, isn't that right, Head Elf?" He winked at Curtis, who once again nodded like a bobble-head. "So, Fiona, you may go on your vacation. See that Bernard relaxes."

Fiona saluted. "Aye, aye, sir!" She turned and grabbed the hand of Bernard- who was sputtering angrily- and pulled him back towards the sled chamber.

Scott turned to the last two figures still there. "Come on Curtis, Jack. We have work to do!" He marched down the hallway in the opposite direction that Fiona and Bernard had gone down. Curtis followed after him, swinging his arms like a soldier, and Jack mimicked him behind. Just before they turned the corner, the Winter Sprite looked over his shoulder at the back of the protesting elf's retreating head.

Good. He thought. Now that the Elf Miser is gone, maybe I can have a little fun around here...

Bernard groaned dejectedly, sitting in the sled, waiting for Fiona to ready their departure. "I just know something bad's going to happen..." he mumbled.

Fiona gave him a sideways glance while she fiddled with the tangled up reindeer reins. The reins were some extra ones used only for when the normal ones broke, but since the normal ones hadn't broken in over a millennium, being made by the best Craft Elves the North Pole had, she figured the extra's wouldn't be missed. The sled they were in was extra, too, used for vacations like the one she was going on now.

"You're paranoid. What could possibly go wrong?"

"Don't say that!" Bernard snapped. "Haven't you ever heard the phrase, 'famous last words?' With Jack staying here, I don't know what will happen."

Fiona rolled her eyes and put the mostly untangled reins in her lap. "Aw, chill Bernard," she said, smiling at her corny pun. Bernard groaned again. "Jack's not that bad," she continued. "He did help save me last year, remember? He's nice when he wants to be."

"But what about when he doesn't want to be?" Bernard asked. "What about when he wants to be cold and menacing and, well, evil?"

"Bernard H. Elf!" Fiona smacked Bernard in the head, knocking his beret off. "Jack is many things, not in the least mischievous, but he is not evil!"

"So you say." The elf crossed his arms and stared straight ahead, ready for the conversation, and the vacation, to be over. "Are you done with those reins yet?"

The sprite frowned a little bit at the sudden subject change. "Almost. I'm just having trouble with this one knot." She held up the reins, showing Bernard the large, confusing looking bundle of fiber that had gathered itself up in the center of the mess. Bernard took it and, like magic, undid the knot. Fiona smiled and took the reins back. "See! That's why I like you. Now, let me just hook this up to Chad, and we'll be on our way."

"Chad?" Bernard's eyes widened. "Why are we taking him? He's still training to fly!"

"He's gotten better!" Fiona replied, hopping off the sled and heading for the stables. "This'll give him experience." She peered into one of the stalls and smiled. "Hi, sweety!" A long string of warbling, high pitched gibberish flew out of the stall in reply. Fiona smiled and opened the gate, gently leading out a hyperactive, happily rambling young reindeer.

She led him to the front of the sled and attempted to hook the reins up to him. The animal, ecstatic about being taken out, jumped up and down and side to side, squealing with delight and making Fiona's task utterly impossible. Finally, she had to get Bernard to come down and help hold Chad down white she reined him. It took a full twenty minutes, but they did it.

When they were at last sitting back up on the sled seats, Fiona took the reins and smiled at Bernard. "Ready to go?" He reluctantly nodded. She nodded back, and yelled, "Go!", causing Chad to scream and race like a maniac for the exit. Bernard held tight to the sides of the sled to keep from falling off.

"I've got a bad feeling about this..." he whispered under his breath. "And I'm not talking about Chad..."

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