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Haruhi breathed in a deep breath as she looked upon the dress before her. The yellow bright as the gold of the sun. And the puffed sleeves making a ridiculous addition.

"Why don't I get to wear my uniform anymore?" She turned to ask to Shima. The old woman shrugged and only stared at her with a blank expression.

"Miss Fujioka, you are a female, are you not?" She asked rhetorically. "This is the uniform that female students of Ouran Academy shall wear. The Chairman demanded that he wouldn't have his son's fiancée attending school disguised as a boy any longer."

"I am no one's fiancé! I've only just recently turned seventeen." Haruhi argued. "He had no objection to when I dressed as a boy before."

"Clever girl, you are right that he did not. It is more so, the President's decision, that anyone who will become a part of her family, shall dress respectfully."

"You mean Tamaki's grandmother." Haruhi recalled the cold aura the woman had when she came to the host club.

"Yes, Mrs. Suoh is one to stick to tradition. And if I may add, it would be better for you to not fight her, before she breaks you apart just as she's done to Master Tamaki's mother."

Haruhi only turned her head away to look out the window. Wondering what deep dark pain Tamaki had pushed down, of what memories he had being separated from his mother.

"Very well, of all the things expected of me at the moment, this shouldn't be that large of an issue."

"Thank you Haruhi, if I may call you." She turned to the two maids in the corner with a stoic expression. "Go on and change her."

"I NEVER AGREED TO BEING DRESSED!" Haruhi yelled to no avail as her night gown was removed.

Tamaki looked in the mirror to adjust his tie before flashing a charming smile to his reflection. His amethyst eyes didn't hold the same happiness, considering he was going to school. And not only was he going to be going to school, finally seeing Haruhi in a girl's uniform throughout the day. But he would be going to school with Kyoya. His rival.

Does Kyoya even want Haruhi? He wondered. Of all the chances he gave to me to win her over, could he like her like Hikaru does?

It dawned on him that he would have to tell the rest of the host club the announcement of his engagement. And the thoughts of their reactions clouded his mind. Rivals were all around him to steal Haruhi's hand. Leading to another thought if the others were to send marriage contracts to Ranka.

"What am I going to do with my dysfunctional family?" He asked his reflection.

"I would like to know the same." Another voice replied. He shot his head up to the head of the stair case to see Haruhi standing at the top. Her short locks were clipped along the side with a beret, while her delicate hands clenched her school bag. She looked exactly as he imagined it to be ever since the day he saw her in the bright yellow dress. It wasn't as appealing as any of the other dresses she had worn for other occasions, but still provided a lovely feminine touch that would make more rivals than those in the host club. The thought made him frown slightly.

"Tamaki-senpai." She snapped him away from his thoughts. "Are you alright."

"I'm perfect Haruhi!" He smiled brightly, taking her hand in his. "You look stunning in that dress."

She stiffened a moment and looked away with slight embarrassment.

"Are you ready to go to school?" He blinked at her changed topic and brushed aside his bangs in a manner that would make his other female classmates swoon to. But instead, the girl before him, that was arranged to marry him, didn't see it as a flirtatious gesture.

"Allow me," He replied, and held open the door for her. As she walked out with a raised brow and noticed the car with a disappointed look.

"Do we really need to drive there in this?" She muttered, as he looked over to the car with a confused expression.

"There's nothing wrong with it is there?" She turned away muttering 'rich bastards'. Tamaki smiled weakly and entered the car after her. As they were in silence, until he looked over to her lap, where her hands were clenching her school bag tightly to the point her knuckles were turning white.

"Haruhi?" He asked and received her attention. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine Senpai, what gave you the idea that I wasn't?" He looked down to her hands as she shook them loosely, to cause her bag to fall onto the floor.

"Are you nervous?" He asked, bending over and picking up the bag. The handle was worn from the years of wear, and already the bottom was threatening to fall out with the weight of the books.

"Well," She hesitated taking the bag from him with a heavy sigh. "I suppose, just for the fact that others will find me in this dress a little shocking."

"Why would they? You look so cute in it; I don't think anyone will argue." She turned away from him, pushing away the flirtatious comment.

"And what are we going to tell the others? They'll want an explanation to what happened."

"You're right, that's the first thing they'll want." Tamaki nodded and placed his thumb under his own chin to think. "Though for once, I would like to avoid the truth as long as we can."

"That's unlike you." He chuckled before turning to her with a bright smile on his face, though his eyes didn't hold the glow she was used to seeing in him.

"Isn't it? I feel a little terrible about it. But," He paused a moment and diverted his gaze. "I want to keep it a secret, just to keep you with me a little longer."

"Senpai-" She whispered before the car came to a stop. Tamaki smiled weakly before exiting the car as her side opened. A hand extended out to her, that she took and assumed it as the driver when she looked up and met onyx colored eyes. "Kyoya-senpai!"

"Good morning to you both." He replied and gripped her hand tightly in his. "I thought to be a faster gentleman than the Prince this morning."

Haruhi turned around to glance back at Tamaki who had a frightened yet upset face.

"I don't think a big gesture is needed Kyoya-senpai." She replied and leaned forward to whisper into his ear. "Please keep what happened the other day a secret."

Tamaki turned away in shame, noticing Haruhi whisper into Kyoya's ear and walked over to place a hand on Haruhi's shoulder.

"If you don't mind us, we'll be going now."

"We are going to the same destination Tamaki, we can all walk together." Kyoya replied coolly and offered his hand towards the direction. "Shall we?"

Tamaki's eyes glared coldly as he took Haruhi's bag to carry in one hand along with his, while taking her free hand in his. Haruhi glanced around to the two oddly and walked alongside them, considering they both kept tight grips on her hands. Other students watched her and whispered at the sight, as Haruhi couldn't help but heat up with embarrassment.

I can't tell if I'm more embarrassed wearing this ridiculous dress. Or if I'm walking in school, hand-in-hand with my two senpai's.

"Haru-chan is that you?!" A familiar voice called out. Haruhi tensed and halted to a stop before turning back to see a familiar blonde running towards her. She was able to pull her hands free, just in time to catch her upperclassman that clung his arms around her neck in a vice grip.


"Haru-chan! We were so worried about you! We called Tama-chan, Kyo-chan, and Ranka-san all weekend but they wouldn't answer!" He turned his head to the other two with a teary eyes expression of hurt before back to Haruhi. "And Ranka-san was so worried."

"What?! Dad?!" She asked when he turned his attention to her clothes.

"Since when did you want to wear the girl's uniform Haru-chan?" She felt a vein pop of her head in aggravation over a stupid yellow dress when Mori lifted his cousin out of her arms.

"Did Dad tell you two anything?" She asked to them both. Mori shook his head.

"He was too busy asking us how to get to Tamaki or Kyoya's house." He replied coolly.

"You both are probably wondering what that was about." She muttered.

"Oh Haru-chan! Are you hurt at all?!"

"I'm fine Hunny-senpai, I'm just more so a little tense." She emphasized, looking back to the other two.

"Do you remember what happened? Do you want one of us to be your bodyguards now?" He asked looking up to Mori and back to her.

"No…thank you Hunny-senpai. I'll be fine. I promise" She nodded. Hunny smiled back to her but shifted his gaze over to the other two, his eyes losing the warmth and sweetness similar to the sugary products he ate, and turned colder than any ice.

"Let's go Takashi!" He smiled to his cousin as they walked past them into the school. Haruhi turned back to the two with a suspicious look and a raised brow.

"You two have been awfully quiet." She replied. Kyoya adjusted his glasses to where the sunlight reflected off the glass in a bright glare to hide his eyes and with a sly smirk he turned away.

"I think you should be more worried if you and keep your secret than id I can." He replied and walked away without another glance back.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Haruhi asked to Tamaki who watched Kyoya with his lips in a thin line.

"He probably believes that Hunny-senpai and Mori-senpai are already drawing conclusions, they're just going to wait for an appropriate time and ask." Tamaki explained and turned to her with a smile. "Do you want me to walk you to class?"

"No I'll be fine." She replied and walked ahead. "Those two may not try and attack for you not calling them back. But the other two certainly will."

Tamaki tensed though she walked out of his reach to stop her. But to only hope for her resistant to giving them the truth.

Haruhi breathed deeply, as she walked down the hall. She could hear the whisperings of classmates or of those who often sat with her in the Host Club. She noticed the door of the classroom in view; the door closed for her to look inside but feared for if a surprise would come to her unexpected guard. She drew the door open as two figures lunged to her.

"Ha-ru-hi!" They wailed in two similar voices as she was tackled against the wall.

"We've been so worried about you."

"Where have you been?"

"Who kidnapped you?"

"Are you hurt at all?!"

"Have you been with Tamaki?"


"Did you escape simply by your looks?"

"You're smart?"

"Maybe the mean glare you always give Tono?"

"Have you really just been safe and on vacation?"

"Did you win the lottery?"

"But most importantly!" They yelled in unison and noticed her uniform. "Where did you get that dress?"

I'll burn this dress once I get home. She thought darkly before looking to them.

"One question at a time." She sighed, and attempted to wiggle free from their grips. "And why is the dress the most noticeable thing today?"

"Well I mean think about it Haruhi." Kaoru replied.

"It's just way too weird to see you in it." Hikaru added.

"Not that it isn't cute on you or anything." They both said in unison.

"But we don't have time for this, we want to know." Hikaru said while pushing her down into a chair. "Where were you and what happened?"

"Look there was a misunderstanding in what happened; whoever it was who took me mistook me for someone else. A rich girl who looked like me."

"Right." Hikaru said slowly before he and his brother leaned in close along her face. Their hands holding her arms in place on the chair.

"We know what it is to be lied to Haruhi."

"We learned it at a very young age."

"We did it at a very young age."

"And we've done it ever since."

"So we know when a lie is being strung." They said in unison.

"I don't believe it! Haruhi-chan is wearing a girl's uniform." One of her classmates replied, a girl who was a guest often to her.

"Haruhi-chan you're acting so girly today!" Another exclaimed. "Wearing the girl's uniform, and when you were walking hand and hand with Tamaki and Kyoya-senpai!"

The two squealed with their eyes clouded with stars.

"I'm so jealous!"

The twins were silent as they turned back to Haruhi with a burning fire in their eyes of jealousy, or being out-witted.

They walked side by side down the long hall of Ouran. Hikaru gripping her right wrist while Kaoru on her left.

"It is time to hear the truth Haruhi." Hikaru seethed, his jealousy flowing from the brim of his emotions before classes even began. All the time he had been forced to sit in agony of not knowing what the three members of the host club had done.

"Tono!" He shouted, swinging open the door and releasing Haruhi. The blonde looked up with small freight and concern in his eyes as he looked from the twins to Haruhi.

"What is it?"

"Why exactly did we hear you and Kyoya-senpai coming into school holding hands with Haruhi!?" He demanded.

Tamaki looked around for a subject to take the heated attention he was receiving.

Haruhi groaned and ran a hand through her hair out of irritation before she turned back to look at the others. Hunny and Mori looking up from their sweets and books to watch the drama unfold. While Kyoya, sat down in front of a laptop, with a smirk on his face as he typed furiously. His eyes caught up to her as he smirked devilishly, to where she could tell who had started this fire.

"Enough!" She shouted to the two bickering as they looked over to her. Kyoya removed his glasses, his eyes squinting and looking even more threatening and dangerous, while lighted with an expression of excitement. "You're right Hikaru; you all do need to hear the truth. But I want a promise first. That you four will either help to unravel these affairs, or to stay away from them."

"What is it that happened? Between you three," Kaoru began looking to them. "That seems to threaten everyone's happiness and well-being?"

"My father doesn't seem to read what we receive in the mail…and blindly signed me off for marriage. To two families." She looked over to the two upperclassmen and Tamaki turned away with embarrassment while Kyoya adjusted his glasses again.

"So serious Haruhi, beneficially if we were to marry." He smirked; Tamaki looked up with a burning passion reflecting through his eyes.

"As if I would surrender her to you."

"Wait…." Hikaru reeled for a moment turning to the brunette. "You're engaged to Tono and Kyoya!"

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